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10 steps to start a small, profitable project that ensures its success

Many reasons lead some to small projects, perhaps the most important of which is the existence of an idea for a profitable business, the establishment of a flexible business for the person, the desire for professional and financial independence, and other reasons that motivate us to invest in small projects.



But startups are not always successful, as statistics say that about two-thirds of small startups cannot continue for more than two years only, and about half of them cannot continue after their fifth year. This makes starting a project a risk, with uncertain results, and a sufficient study of the idea must be done before any project.

Steps to implement a profitable small project

Therefore, you will know here a set of steps that must be taken into consideration in turn when thinking about investing in a profitable small project, in order to avoid risk and ensure the success of the project you start with and achieve the results you aspire to.

1 – Search

Since you are thinking of starting a profitable small project, you are most likely determined to have a field and idea for a project, and here it is necessary to do some research and study of the idea that you decided to work on, the project must provide a need or service required by the market or satisfy the desire of the consumer or Solve a problem.

Look for similar projects in the market and see the mechanism of their work, the quality of their customers and the extent of success that they have been able to achieve, to know the eligibility of your project for success and how the competition will be with those projects similar to yours.

2 – The plan

Any project, no matter how small or large, needs a work plan, which is a blueprint for the project work stages from the establishment stage through the project development stages and the expansion of work until achieving the goals specified in the plan. The plan can be large, detailed and comprehensive and cover all stages of the work that will be proceeded according to it, or it can be brief covering the stages of project work, the timetable for each stage, and the goals that we seek to achieve in each stage of work.

3 – Budget

Budget management is one of the main matters on which the success and failure of the project depends, so you need, before starting any profitable small project, to plan the budget well and specify all the expenses and expenditures that you may need during the first stage of marketing expenditures and securing raw materials if any, a place of work and salaries for employees If it takes the matter and other things that the project needs so that you know what will be required of you in terms of expenses and how you will save it at start-up and in the stage where there is no profit return from the project.

4 – Mechanism of action

What is meant here is the structure of the project that you will work on and how it will be, will you work on it alone or will there be a team with you, can you finance the project on your own or need a partner with you, do you have all the expertise and skills necessary for the project or do you need others with experience in the field of project work. These matters determine the shape of your project and the way it will work, which are things that need to be taken into account and defined from the preparation and preparation stage.


5 – Name of the project

Many people may not give importance to the topic of choosing the name of the project, and some choose the name randomly without taking into account if the name is appropriate or not, the name of the project is one of the necessary matters that directly affect the success or failure of the work, so it is necessary to choose a suitable name that remains in the minds of clients and customers. Directly or indirectly, for the field of work of the project and the services it provides, and do not forget that the name must be exclusive and specific to your project, as you may need to register it in the official records of the city or region in which the project will work in order to be officially registered.

6 – Documentation

It is necessary that you document the private project and officially register it with the relevant authorities in the city in which you reside and in which you will start your project, this matter contributes to protecting your business and the brand that is going to be established, and although this may cost some additional expenses, but this is better than To work informally, which may lead to losses later, as well as the possibility of legal prosecutions as a result.

7 – Accounting

We mentioned the need to manage the project budget in the right way, which is one of the things that directly affect the extent of the project’s success, and to manage the budget efficiently, a clear financial accounting system must be followed, which you can either do yourself if you have the necessary experience for that or you can Hire an accountant if the project situation allows it.

How to start implementing a profitable small project?

8 – Logistics

Here, you must prepare all the project supplies from the workplace if it requires an office, shop or warehouse, depending on the nature of the project’s work, any raw materials that the work may need and the mechanism for permanently securing them, and any other logistics such as equipment, a place to display goods, operating supplies, etc. Of things.

9 – Team work

Since you are working on a profitable small project this step is not required of everyone, those who will work on their project on their own can skip this matter. If your project requires the availability of a team, now is the time for that. Think about what skills you need and are looking for in the people you employ, and what are the nature of the tasks and responsibilities that will be required of them. If you need individuals that you hire temporarily to carry out some tasks, you can use freelance individuals according to the freelance system and use freelance platforms to find those with the skills you need.

10 – Promotion

Promotion and marketing is the process that begins with the start of work on the project and continues and develops with the progress of the project, and the aim of it is to spread the name of the project and the services and commercial activities it provides, and to inform the public and customers of this in an effort to build a brand that has its audience and customers, thus achieving sales and reaping profits. From here, you can learn more about marketing for various projects and commercial activities.

In the event that you are still searching for an idea for a profitable small project, you can learn many ideas from this article, and here are small projects with little capital for those looking for projects that do not require a lot of resources. Finally, don’t forget to share the article with others via the share buttons shown below.



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