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20 of the best books on engagement and marriage for the bride and groom



Preparing for marriage is not only about decoration, or looking for the bride’s dress and the groom’s suit, or buying wedding rings, whether they are of gold, white gold or silver. In fact, there is also an intellectual and emotional preparation and harmony between a young man and a girl, and in it books are among the best ways to increase knowledge and are suitable for everyone.



Books about courtship and marriage feed the soul with good stories and advice, in addition to that readers can collect beautiful phrases about love that they can use in their life and meeting. Here we suggest a list of books for the bride and groom, and to read together.

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What are the best books on engagement and marriage for a bride to read?

From the interesting books on courtship and marriage, we mention the following:

1 – Like Laura Esquivel chocolate water

A tale spread around the world, which was included in the list of the 100 best Spanish language novels of the twentieth century by the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, has made it to the cinema.

It is a novel with a wonderful style, in which passion, enthusiasm and intensity are reflected, as in this story the qualities appear in the love of the protagonist, Tita, as well as the events that took place in the kitchen.

 2- tenderness by David Foenkinos

A story about daily miracles , and out of tragedy and pain, can surface and loss, though terrifying, can be the beginning of something unexpected and wonderful. And this is exactly what happens to the protagonist, Natalie, who, after losing her love, believes that nothing good will ever happen to her, but she is wrong. Some critics have classified this book as having a bright reading, a narrative style and a search for happiness, which, despite everything, succeeds in having a good sense of humor and standing in the face of adversity.

3 – Japanese lover Isabel Allende

This novel by the Chilean writer, in which the life of love and heartbreak is depicted, and the life of the girl Alma, who maintains an intense relationship that makes her and her lover die together, because of her intense love for him.

4- Family accommodation with full tension of Miss Puri

This book is distinguished by its beautiful style, on how Miss Bure lived. The starting point is to organize a surprise marriage with the help of the whole family. And not just choosing wedding centerpieces or thinking about whether to decorate a rustic wedding, it is the conflicts she finds herself with. They are the main problems in dealing with the family. As the book is full of humor, it is an excellent introduction to organizing marriage.

5 – The Times of Promises J. Courtney Sullivan

A book that tells a story where four marriages meet in this novel, which mix love, betrayal and commitment. And the diamond ring is the one that unites these four couples in different stages of their love life, and although they differ a lot from each other, they all have something that makes you feel special.

6 – Agustina Guerrero’s Checkered Diary

An intimate novel that depicts everything we are sometimes ashamed of. Fears, shame, and what bother us or what makes us laugh and cry are depicted in humor. As it is the small details that make this wonderful novel, which captures what happens to many in thirty things.

7 – Yes, I want Editorial Planeta

The ideas for this book are edited by Planeta, and the ones you need to organize marriage are here. She talks about how to decorate or have wedding ribbons or not, surprises for the guests or how to design invitations, as some sections in this book will give the bride a lot of inspiration.

The best books on courtship and marriage for the groom

8 – The Woman of My Life by Carla Gilvinpin

Friendship is the beginning of a love triangle where misunderstanding, love, betrayal and hope are mixed together. As this book is an exploration of male feelings. And in it, a woman has three friends who admire just as much, and the three must learn to deal with their feelings towards her.

9 – That was the happiness of Eduardo Saatchi

The story presented by the Argentine, a delicate and simple story that enters the heart, the summary of which takes the life of Lucas a complete turn when a 14-year-old girl knocks on his door and tells him that her mother has passed away and that she is his daughter whom he had no idea about. Little by little, confidence, heartbreak, shame, and healing are revealed. It is a beautiful story.

10 – Tokyo Blues Haruki Murakami

The novel that became a bestseller is this Japanese book that can be defined as somewhat nostalgic. Love, sex, and loss are linked in this story that follows Toru Watanabe, his young memories, and great sweethearts. All with Murakami’s unexpected and supernatural stellar component.

11 – The evil girl hurts Mario Vargas Llosa

This is his first emotional novel, according to the statements of the Peruvian writer. The story follows two lovers of 40 years and their tortuous, complex, and intense love lives. The protagonist, Ricardo Somocorcio, promises several times to forget this young love, but it never works and the bad girl, always managed to break his heart.

12 – The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald DIEGO MENA PHOTOGRAPHY

The novel, written in 1925 AD, which is considered Fitzgerald’s masterpiece, explores the excesses, decadence and intensity in which the crazy twentieth century is reflected, and is considered the great American novel, and it is a classic novel worth reading. The Great Gatsby does everything in its power to win back the love of a young man he stopped seeing because of war.

13 – The women of Adriano Hector Aguilar Kamen

The Mexican writer presents the complexity of love in all its forms, and in this novel, Gusto Adriano narrates his story and narrates the relationships he forged with five women. On the verge of death, he connects his love life with a student writing it, who ends up discovering himself emotionally as the book progresses. And part of what the reader experiences, too.

14 – We are at night for you Harouf

This book depicts the warm, inspiring and thought-provoking lives of two elderly people who have been neighbors for many years, after which they decide to live a common life one day regardless of what other people say. The book offers an eye-catching look at love in old age, as it was featured in a movie starring Jane Fonda.

15 – No more mom dishes by Carlos Roman, Adria Bivari and Marc Castelfi

This book is a result of the Authors’ Blog, and contains a complete guide to getting started in the kitchen and cooking with authenticity. It contains recipes for entries, funds, meats, vegetables, legumes, fish, pasta, soups and stews, and explains everything easily and precisely. You should get this book before you get married.

16 – Bunke’s strange conjunction between science and sex by Mary Roach

A New York Times bestseller, Tristan Widmark, ambassador for Canadian sex game We – Vibe, says he answers questions you never even knew existed.

17 – Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel García Márquez

It is a book inspired by the love relationship between the author’s parents, in which the author talks about true love, perseverance and patience. It can be said that it is indeed a classic of Latin American literature and it is a story full of romance where you can get good ideas for dedicating short love phrases on marriage day. The book’s story shows the love between Fermina Daza and Florentino Ariza that has not been without its complications over the years.

18- How to save your premarital marriage by Paolo and Karen Lakota

In this book, there are the most intimate questions that many ask before marriage. In addition, the independence of the marriage is contemplated and ideas and advice are offered to successfully start the couple’s life.

19 – The Five Love Languages ​​of Gary Chapman

The author of the book suggests that love has been the same throughout our history as a couple, except that sometimes, due to life’s circumstances, what changes is the priority that love is placed in. The languages ​​Chapman speaks refer to: words of affirmation, quality time, gift-giving, physical touch. A guide to taking the time to get to know each other.

20 – The Secret Language of Successful Spouses of Bill and Pam Farrell

Actions, situations, and words that spouses share and that determine how they work. If this language is discovered, the most likely thing is that the couple will grow up together.


20 books to read before marriage




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