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3-step powder editing method ensures a natural look


When it comes to makeup, contouring is one of the most important basics, but what if I choose to use powdery ones? What to do How to apply powder contour, and what are the steps to ensure perfect contours?


Fortunately, the way to apply contouring powder is considered the easiest and it guarantees great results in the end, i.e. sculpting the contours without making the contour appear clearly so do not hesitate to rely on it, and leave it to the next steps.

How to apply contour powder

The method for applying contouring powder is summarized in the following three steps, which guarantee you a perfect makeup.

1 – Preparing the skin for make-up

Preparing the skin for make-up

cleaning the skin

This is done by relying on the appropriate lotion for the nature of the skin, so you just have to put a little of it on the palm of your hand with a little water and rub the face with it and then clean it, and dry the skin with a clean, soft towel in a gentle way.

Moisturizing the skin

The skin is moisturized by applying a few drops of a suitable moisturizing cream with a massage and waiting 5 to 10 minutes before moving on to the next step.


The primer guarantees many benefits as it works to prepare the skin for the reception of make-up by hiding all the problems that you suffer from and making the makeup look more beautiful, then apply a little of it to the skin and extend it by your hand and wait 5 minutes until the skin absorbs it and you get the benefits.

Sun protection cream

You can skip this step if your foundation or primer contains sun protection factor, but you can not ignore the matter, all you have to do is apply a little protection cream half an hour before exposure to the sun.

Foundation cream

You should choose a foundation with the same color as your skin and suitable for its nature (rich in oils for dry skin and free from greasy) and apply it and apply it either with a beauty blender or with a brush.

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2 – How to apply powder contour

How to apply contour powder

How to apply powder or any type of contour depends entirely on your features, i.e. its goal is to show its beauty and hide what you want to hide from it.

How to apply dark powder contour

The dark contour works to hide the area in which it was applied and therefore you should choose a color darker than your skin tone (darker than the color of the foundation cream) by a degree or two and apply it as follows:

  • The top of the forehead in case your forehead is too wide.
  • The sides of the jaw to give a prominent border to the jawbone.
  • Below the cheekbone to sculpt the cheeks and accentuate the bone.
  • At the hairline to sculpt the face and narrow the space around the features.
  • On the sides of the nose, we draw two longitudinal lines to reduce it.
  • Down the nose to raise it.
  • On the nose bone to hide it.

How to apply contour light powder

A light contour works to highlight the places of its application, so you have to make sure to choose a color lighter than your skin tone (lighter than the color of the foundation cream) by a degree or two and apply it as follows:

  • The center of the chin to lift it up.
  • The center of the cheeks and the top of the jawbone.
  • The center of the forehead.
  • On the neck bone to accentuate it.
  • When you tear the eye to hide signs of fatigue and fatigue

Merge contour and hide borders

This is done either by relying on the large brush or the beauty blender, which is the most important step and without it destroys all makeup, it is necessary to do this by moving the brush in a circular motion or the sponge in the manner of patting (patting), and making sure to hide the entire contour border and give a natural look to makeup.

3 – Complete the makeup application

Complete the makeup application

It is the last step in applying powder contouring, so you should:

  • Put a little pink or bright red blush to give the skin radiance and vitality.
  • Apply mascara, eye liner and eye make-up to match the occasion and clothing.
  • Choose lipstick in a suitable color and apply it after selecting it with a highlighter in the same color.

This is how the method of applying contouring powder ended, and there is nothing left but to tell you the most important secret, which is that there is no rule for applying contouring, so you only have to follow what suits your features and what makes them more beautiful.

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