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Al-Arabi magazine’s doors and publications

Al-Arabi Magazine, a monthly illustrated Kuwaiti Arab cultural magazine, is headquartered in Kuwait, with many offices in Damascus, Cairo and Beirut. It was and still is one of the most important Arab dreams to maintain communication between the people of the Arab world. The magazine carried on its pages the Arabic vocabulary and the ideas, landmarks and culture of the Arabs. Since the issuance of its first issue in 1958 AD.


The magazine mainly focuses on culture, literature, art, politics, society and economy in the Arab world. Seeking to present the ideology of Arab unity. The magazine encourages public participation, as well as the benefit of photography and freelance work.

History and Profile

The State of Kuwait established Al-Arabi magazine out of its desire to create a magazine focusing on Arabic literature. The financial support for this magazine came from the Kuwaiti Ministry of Information, which is the main regulatory body for the media in the country. Ahmed Zaki was its first editor-in-chief. The issues covered by the magazine were important and different and include all aspects of life in the international and Arab community, as many articles were published with the contribution of poets, authors and artists, such as Nizar Qabbani, Abbas Al-Akkad, Abdul Hadi Al-Tazi, Saeed Al-Afghani, Youssef Idris, Ihssan Abbas, Dalal Al-Mutairi and Salah Abdel-Sabour. However, the magazine was suspended from August 1990 AD to February 1991 AD, for a period of seven months due to the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait.

Magazine doors

The magazine has not stopped updating since its publication, as it has presented many chapters and topics, according to scientific development, the magazine also presented new chapters and these sections:   

Intellectual section:

The magazine’s editor-in-chief has written articles on this chapter, entitled Hadith of the Month.

Literature section:

There are many sub-articles under this section, such as:

  • Poet of the Number: In each issue, a profile of a poet is dealt with by Kuwaiti poet Saadia Mufreh, in addition to a selection of his poetry.
  • Literary papers: in which matters in literature and poetry are covered in a corner of the magazine.
  • Stories on Air: It includes a project of short stories to polish and encourage creativity and new ideas, in cooperation with the BBC Arabic.

File number:

In this chapter, one topic is written by more than one writer, and then those topics are compiled in the issue file.


This paragraph includes many world issues in general and Arab world issues in particular.


Through these surveys, many cities around the world are visited to learn about their landmarks and the activities of their residents. In its early years, the magazine used to visit Arab cities, but after that it became more comprehensive to become Arab and Islamic, and then global cities, and Dr. Ahmed Bahaa El-Din was receiving the editor in chief of the magazine.

Art door:

In this section, some artworks of major artists are reviewed and what is intended by them is discussed.

Number plate:

You take a distinct panel of panels and explain their details.

Arab House:

This chapter includes topics related to the Arab family and its various problems. But in 2011 AD, this chapter became a supplement that was distributed free of charge monthly.

The doors of the fixed Arab magazine


  • Arab beauty.
  • Dear reader.
  • Electronic culture.
  • They said.
  • Dear Arab.
  • Until we meet.
  • Language is life.
  • Man and the environment.
  • Dialogue forum.
  • Cultural competition.
  • Photography competition.
  • Cultural Notebook.

Editors-chiefs of Al-Arabi magazine

  • The Egyptian Doctor Ahmed Zaki between the period 1958-1975 AD.
  • The Egyptian Dr. Ahmed Bahaa El-Din between the period 1976 – 1982 AD.
  • Kuwaiti Dr. Muhammad Ghanim Al-Rumaihi between the period 1982 – 1999 AD.
  • Kuwaiti Dr. Suleiman Ibrahim Al-Askari, from 1999 to 2013.
  • Kuwaiti Doctor Adel Salem Al-Abd Al-Jader between 2013-2014.

What about the Arab magazine site?

In 2013 AD, Al-Arabi magazine had a new design on the Internet, and this design allows all readers in the world to access the magazine through any browser, and one of the most important features of Al-Arabi magazine’s new website is the ease and simplicity of use, as readers can browse the magazine’s issues since 1992 AD, until Latest issue in the magazine. In addition to the other publications of the magazine, such as the magazines Al-Arabi Al-Saghir and Al-Arabi Alami, with the supplement Al-Bayt Al-Arabi.

Al-Arabi magazine enriches culture and knowledge

 Among the matters that are interested in the field of culture and knowledge are:

  • Literature: it is a magazine concerned with the different arts of literature, such as stories, poetry, etc.
  • Arts: She has done many researches on various arts in the Arab field such as, music, theater, cinema, painting and radio.
  • Social problems: it is a type to treat some partial social problems in the Arab community.
  • Illustrated topics: include everything related to the Arab world in all its parts, including pastures, plains, mountains, valleys, wealth and minerals … and everything that the reader would like to know.
  • Science: It includes articles of interest to the world today, such as atoms, satellites, rockets, outer space and cosmic bodies, in addition to what science has achieved in terms of inventions and discoveries in various fields of science.
  • Book Criticism: Commentary and criticism every month for authored books.
  • Economics: At least one economic article is published.
  • Publishing Photographic Paintings: Illustrated from Arab Life

One of the publications of Al-Arabi magazine

Other publications of Al-Arabi include:

Arab Book

It is a quarterly series published by Al-Arabi magazine in 1984 AD, and it is considered an independent book that contains the most important contributions of great writers, which were previously published on the pages of the magazine. And it was republished extensively in Al-Arabi magazine, where these contributions are republished due to their importance and the urge to re-read them and focus on presenting them in a new and more diverse context. As it brings together one number and many topics, and one issue for the visions of a group of writers.

Little Arab Magazine

Al-Araby Al-Saghir magazine has been aiming , for more than twenty-five years, to provide information for the entertainment of children, boys and young people, because of the importance of this age stage in the mental and intellectual formation of the Arab personality. The magazine is completely edited by Arabic pens. In February 1986, the first issue of Al-Arabi Al-Saghir magazine was published independently, after it was a small supplement in Al-Arabi magazine. And it became issued with forty-seven pages, in addition to its own monthly supplement.

Al Arabi Al Sagheer magazine addresses the imagination of the young Arab child and facilitates him access to international literature. It provides him with interest in addition to fun and fun, and helps children enter the world of the Internet. As there are pages in the magazine on the global information network, where they can communicate with it and participate in the magazine.

It distributed more than 130,000 copies after it issued Al-Arabi Al-Saghir magazine as a small independent booklet consisting of twenty-five pages. The magazine received great interest by scholars, as many academic studies were conducted on it to obtain masters in Arab and foreign universities. In addition to cutting out parts of some texts and adding them to the curricula of Arab schools for the primary education stage.

Scientific Arab

It became an independent journal after being developed from the scientific supplement, expanding from 32 pages to 64 pages. It consists of several scientific sections, namely:

  • Now and tomorrow: It provides a continuous scientific material for discussion, and after that it establishes a scientific and future vision of the phenomena and problems that are related to it.
  • Interlocking circles: It provides the latest scientific discoveries made by humanity. Especially technology and the Internet, as well as astronomy and medicine. To be viewed by the Arab reader.
  • Question space: It is one of the pages devoted to answering questions posed by a non-specialist reader, for which he is looking for an answer, and the areas of these questions may vary, and the answer must be appropriate and satisfy the curiosity of the reader.
  • And between us science: It is a dialogue with a specialist in a scientific field, to talk about his scientific vision and achievements.
  • New Books: Offers newly released scientific books or books of scholarly interest.
  • Other various chapters: This is in addition to a number of recent scientific news from translated discoveries and research, presented in a smooth and understandable Arabic language.

Al-Arabi Science magazine publishes translated and authored stories in science fiction literature. And it invites its writers to contribute to it.

The most important annual seminars for Al-Arabi magazine

  • In 2011 AD, the Arab symposium was the Arabs heading east.
  • In 2010, the Al-Arabi symposium includes Arab culture in light of modern communication media.
  • In 2009, the Arabi symposium discusses the issues of contemporary Arab creativity.
  • In 2008, the symposium of Al-Arabi magazine and its Arabic language, Half a Century of Knowledge and Enlightenment, in partnership with UNESCO.
  • In 2006, a symposium on cultural magazines and their role in cultural reform.
  • In 2005 AD, a symposium on scientific culture and Arab future prospects.
  • In 2004 AD, the symposium of dialogue of the East and Moroccans.
  • In 2003 AD, the West in Arab Eyes symposium.
  • In 2001 AD, a symposium on Arab culture and the horizons of electronic publishing.



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