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Alternative medicine therapy. It’s all about alternative medicine and herbal medicine.

Alternative medicine is one of the types of treatment that do not belong to modern traditional medicine, such as herbal medicine and hypnosis .. And many more, and we will talk about most of its types in our article, God willing.


Relying on historical cultural traditions rather than a scientific basis, the combination of complementary and alternative medicine is being done despite the opposition of alternative medicine practitioners.

What is alternative medicine

By definition: (a practice of treatment by means that do not fall within the scope of traditional medicine), the term (alternative medicine) has been combined with the term (complementary medicine), where the (American Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine CAM) was created. ), Where the doctor (Richard Dawkins) confirms that “there is a medicine that works and a medicine does not work, and there is no alternative medicine.”

The two terms have been combined for the overlap between them when using complementary and alternative medicine techniques. However, alternative medicine researchers reject and oppose the combination of these two terms, and they emphasize the methodological difference between them.

The practice of alternative medicine may include the same practices that complementary medicine includes from Spiritual Beliefs, popular knowledge, or modern approaches such as visualization of healing.

The statistical studies conducted in the year (1998) that reviewed the prevalence of alternative medicine (CAM) in (13) thirteen countries indicated that (31%) of cancer patients used alternative medicine in treatment, and that complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) differs From one country to another, as in the United States of America (USA), in Germany (Germany) and Austria (Austria), health insurance covers half of the costs of complementary and alternative treatment (CAM).

Examples of complementary and alternative medicine treatments include:

Herbal Remedies, Yoga, Chinese needles, Homeopathy, Hypnotherapy, and below we will talk about each example separately and in some detail:

Herbal Remedies:

Natural herbal treatment

A wave of calls for a return to nature in medicine and food, even in lifestyle, is sweeping the world recently, and alternative therapy or herbal medicine is at the top of this list of those claims, as the curative and healing ability of these herbs has been known since ancient times, and that ability is still visible to this day .

Although herbal remedies are safe, some of them have disadvantages and damages that may arise from them, such as drinking Cheryl Tea, which can eliminate aches and pains as it is an antioxidant, but it may result in kidney failure.

Also, some medicines may interact with these herbs and cause harm to the body, such as eating ginger (Ginger) with raw garlic (Garlic), which are useful in treating severe headaches, but they lead to blood thinning and prevent clotting, which exposes the person to continuous bleeding.

Although we find that these herbs are medicinal medicines and drugs of plant origin, and in them there are abundant amounts of active substances that can interact with other therapeutic drugs for the treatment of diabetes or high blood pressure, so great care must be taken when consuming these herbs, so you must Their dosages are calculated, and this is something that the pharmacist will advise us, because pharmacology is one of the basic sciences in their studies.

As for perfumers, they are ignorant of these interactions and these side effects of these herbs, which in some cases may be destructive and fatal.


Yohimbine is an African tree of origin as it grows in the forests of central and southern Africa, where it is found in the jungles and forests of Nigeria (Nigeria), Cameroon and the Congo (Congo), and the height of this tree reaches (30 m) thirty meters.

 It is used in folk medicine because it contains the stimulant yohimbine, which is considered a stimulant and a sexual stimulant for men, because it is used in folk medicine as a treatment for erectile dysfunction in men, but taking a large dose of it leads to a persistent erection in the organ for several hours, which raises concern This treatment is used.

Chamomile herb:

Removing flowers has been used for thousands of years to treat many diseases such as calming the stomach and helping to sleep, and this has been a lot of research and studies after the German Food Organization approved its use on the skin to fight swelling and eliminate bacteria and used as a tea or As a dietary supplement to get rid of stomach cramps, its uses include:

  • Eliminate colds, infections of the trachea and airways and high body temperature.
  • Helps heal slow-healing wounds, and abscesses.
  • It is used to treat gingivitis by rinsing the mouth.
  • Helps relieve symptoms of skin conditions such as (Eczema, Psoriasis, Skin rashes, and Waterpox disease).
  • It contributes to maintaining the freshness of the skin and reducing the manifestations of aging because it contains many antioxidants, whether it is consumed as a drink as tea or as a dish on the skin.
  • And he can get rid of blackness under the eyes by placing chamomile bags under the eyes, after soaking them.
  • It contributes to maintaining the level of sugar in the blood, and because it contains flavonoids, it works to protect the heart from vascular diseases and lowers high blood pressure.
  • It gives hair a wonderful shine if you use a chamomile infusion to wash the hair, and it also helps eliminate dandruff from the hair.
Mustard seeds (cress):

Mustard (cress) is a herbal plant that can be used or used as a natural flavoring because it has a strong aroma and flavor, and it is used in many alternative medicine recipes because it contains many substances and nutrients necessary for the health of the body, it contains:

The antibodies to oxidation of omega-3 and minerals (magnesium Mg, phosphorous p) are elements responsible for the health of the body.

It is used in several forms, which means that seeds, twigs, or mustard oil can be used in order to obtain its maximum benefits, and it is of several types:

  • White mustard:

Its seeds are white or yellow in color and are characterized by light weight. They are used in making mustard gas, which is one of the gases used in chemical warfare, and inhaling it causes many health problems that may reach death.

  • Brown or Indian mustard:

The brown seeds have a strong taste, a strong aroma, and are used to make mustard gas, which is poisonous.

  • Black mustard:

Mustard with black seeds is the strongest flavor in terms of flavor and aroma.

Medical uses:

It is used in alternative medicine treatment:

  • It helps treat many joint infections, chest infections, and asthma in particular, and it is a general antibiotic in general.
  • Because it contains antioxidants, it works to prevent cancerous diseases and limit their spread in the body.
  • Mustard is useful in treating minor cases of burns by placing crushed seeds soaked in warm water on the site of the burn to relieve pain and reduce the appearance of blisters.
  • Also, mustard oil works to protect the heart from many heart diseases because it (that is, mustard) is rich in unaturated monounsaturated fats, so it plays an important role in getting rid of harmful cholesterol from the body (LDL), and it raises the level of beneficial cholesterol In the body (HDL).
  • It also prevents and reduces the chances of heart attacks, especially for people who have heart diseases, diabetes and atherosclerosis.

It is one of herbal plants and its seeds are used in human nutrition, and in order to provide a large number of production, it is considered one of the inexpensive foodstuffs. Arginine, Alessin, Tryptophan, Vitamin B1, Iron and Phosphorous, while the food products that contain oats are high in nutritional energy.

It is used as a cereal food for breakfast, and it is possible to prepare tea from and drink it several times a day and before bed.

 It is used in capsules and tablets at a rate from (1 g) to (4 g) grams per day, and its medicinal benefits include:

  • Oatmeal is one of the most important means of controlling anger, especially for people who are quick to anger, so it is considered a sedative for nervousness.
  • Because it contains (Inositol), it is considered a food that maintains normal levels of cholesterol in the body.
  • A good food source because it contains many important minerals for the body such as potassium, calcium and magnesium, and thus it can be considered a good low-calorie food.
  • Helps to lose excess weight He did not want to follow a healthy diet, so oats can be eaten as a morning meal for breakfast because it contains large amounts of fiber, which led to its classification among the foods that fight obesity and have few calories.
  • Oats are a preventative food from various types of intestinal cancers, so nutritionists recommend eating oats at least twice a week.
  • It has many aesthetic benefits, from moisturizing and softening the skin to treating dry skin problems and using it as a skin cleanser.
Using yoga as an alternative therapy:

There is no doubt that practicing yoga can restore the balance of the body and make it able to maintain its vitality, health and activity, and yoga can be considered as a type of exercise that strengthens the body, skin and muscles.

 As the practice of yoga exercises eliminates the depression that afflicts women, which is called postpartum depression (postpartum depression), and when women experience it, they feel a strong desire to eat carbohydrates and sugars, and they want to sleep a lot, and that is why exposure to sunlight and practicing yoga by taking deep and slow breaths It strengthens the muscles of the abdomen, and this type of breathing increases the perfusion of cells with blood.

 Walking also helps release androfenates or opiates, which provide pain relief.

Focusing while practicing yoga exercises makes the brain think in order and prevents it from being confused, and yoga exercises are supposed to last from (7 minutes) seven minutes to (70 minutes) seventy minutes a day.

These exercises fall under the treatment of alternative medicine and are useful in relieving back pain and eliminating anxiety and tension, as well as treating high pressure and allergic asthma because it works to expand the respiratory system.

Chinese Acupressure:

Chinese Acupressure


Chinese Acupressure is the insertion of thin lines at strategic points in the body, and the goal is to prevent pain treatment first and then spread its use to achieve overall body health, in addition to treating psychological stress as well.

 Acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine is only a way to re-balance the flow of energy or life force (chi), which is believed to flow in specific energy pathways in the body.

As we said, acupuncture is a rebalancing of energy flow in the body, or alternative medicine practitioners in the West, acupuncture is nothing but stimulation of nerves, connective tissue and muscles, in specific and specific places with great accuracy, and this stimulation that does acupuncture therapy is what It is nothing but a boost to the body’s natural painkillers.


Homeopathy is sometimes called a homeopathic medicine, and it is a treatment system that falls under the treatment of alternative medicine. The foundations of this treatment were laid by the doctor Samuel Haneman, relying on the laws of Hippocrates in medicine who says “the proverb treats the proverb.” For example, the Eucalyptus trees, known to him A double and contradictory effect, it is a treatment for malaria fever () for those infected with it, but if a healthy person ingests it, it causes malaria fever, and this applies to the principle known as treatment, which says: “Downy Balti was the disease.”

In Britain there are five resorts that are treated with homeopathy and have been approved by the British National Health Service.

In Germany alone, an amount of (595 million) euros has been spent on homeopathy, and the World Health Organization has stated that the homeopathy used by alternative medicine is the most unconventional treatment method widespread in the world, along with herbal medicine and folk medicine. And orthopedic medicine.

Hypnotherapy (hypnotherapy):

Alternative medicine therapy hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a state very similar to a coma in which the patient is in very high concentration, and hypnosis is usually done with the help of a therapist who may use mental images or verbal words.

Upon entering a state of hypnosis, the patient usually feels relaxed, comfortable, and calm, and is much more receptive to suggestions than in the normal state.

Hypnotherapy is done to control unwanted behavior and to help cope with abnormal feelings of anxiety or pain. The hypnotized person does not lose control of himself and his behavior despite his acceptance of suggestions and suggestions.

Hypnotherapy is one of the types of alternative treatment, and one of the cases that requires treatment is severe psychological pressure and anxiety before starting medical procedures such as taking a breast biopsy for analysis.

It is not used in cases where the patient has severe mental illness.
It is rare for complications to occur that reverse treatment, except that headaches, dizziness and drowsiness, or tension and anxiety may occur, and incorrect memories may be fabricated.

Therefore, caution and caution should be exercised before hypnosis is used to return to life to help recreate previous events experienced by the patient.

At the end of the hypnotherapy session, the patient is sometimes able to get out of hypnosis by himself or need help from the person being treated.

Sound therapy:

There is an effect on the cells of the human body resulting from exposure to vibrations and sound waves, and the effect is represented by an increase in blood flow to these cells, thus improving metabolism (Metabolism), which leads to obtaining the energy that activates us.

And this effect of sounds was used to treat some pathological conditions that pass by humans, among the alternative treatment, so a Physiological voice chair was invented, which the patient can sit on and his body is immersed in a group of sounds that are controlled by a computer whose task is to determine The sounds that are projected on the patient’s body that need treatment

It is known that each material has specific natural vibrations with infinite accuracy, even at the level of atoms in any object around which electrons revolve around the nucleus have a specific and constant sound wave frequency, and these frequencies are used by directing sound frequencies whose frequency is effective that can modify any imbalance in the basic sound frequencies of the substance and return it to Its basic nature.

 In this way, neuromuscular diseases, arthritis, chronic diseases and blood circulation are treated, and the patient sitting on the chair is encouraged to listen to the quiet music and sounds to penetrate his body so that the vibrations of those sounds can perform a massage that corresponds to the natural vibrations present in the body in the original, which leads to stimulating the circulation Blood supply, reduces high blood pressure, helps treat muscle stiffness, and purifies the body from toxins that accumulate in the body.

Music therapy (voices) is currently being done before starting the surgical procedures, in order to bring the patient to the relaxation stage, and from the music that the patient hears, Sufi music is accompanied by massaging the area where the surgery will take place, in addition to the patient listening to music with headphones that the patient puts in his ears during the operation. Surgical.

The healing touch:

Healing Touch Alternative medicine treatment

The healing touch is a form of alternative medicine treatment, but it is not common, and it is also healing energy therapy, or spiritual treatment and is done by touching the hand of the healer to the sick person. In the past it was called the royal touch treatment. The kings of France used to receive patients and shake hands with them, and it is believed that through the handshake, vibrations are transmitted From the therapist to the patient, the therapist identifies the area of ​​low energy and then puts his hand on the body to transfer the spiritual energy to it.

It is possible that the energy will transfer by simply approaching the sick person, so the patient feels comfortable and relaxed, as the healing energy has been activated, and the scientific methodology believes only that it is a psychological or suggestive effect through which the effect on the patient who believes in the usefulness of this ritual is done.

Reiki energy therapy (Reiki):

Reiki energy therapy

X-ray, magnetic resonance and radiation therapy are forms of invisible energy and are now used to treat wound healing and depression, as well as to discover and treat diseases, as well as physical energies such as heat, sound and light. Heat energy is used to provide warmth, relax muscles and relieve pain, and ultraviolet radiation therapy is helpful in treating psoriasis.

And the latest trends in experimental medical techniques that use energy in treatment are dynamic resonance therapy, which is one of the branches of integrated medicine that uses the frequencies of the body’s cells and purifies them from pathological frequencies, which allows the body to help itself to heal without drugs.

The energy or energy auras in the body has specific paths, and areas called chakras, which number eight, which are shown in the image above.

Color Therapy:

Color card therapy Alternative medicine therapy

Color therapy is considered a useful and affordable therapeutic fact to improve the general environment in the hostel, as the blue color removes nervous tension as it reduces the brain waves that stimulate the brain, so the calm colors calm the nerves in general, such as the orange color and the green color of doctors’ clothes raises reassurance, as for the color Violet or turquoise blue for kitchen infuses a calm and succulent look.

As for the changing colors in children’s rooms, as they respond to colors excellently and each according to his personality, and the color is gradual according to the colors of the rainbow spectrum such as red, orange, green and yellow, this color change must be done according to the age of the children, so green is suitable for adolescence stage .

As each color has its own frequency which corresponds to the natural frequencies of people.

Ayurveda medicine:

It is one of the branches of alternative medicine treatment used, where yoga, herbs and natural food are used to treat, or to prevent disease, and appeared in the beginning at the hands of Indian sages known as: Rishi since (5000 years) five thousand years at least, and it is still used So far.

And they indicated according to their belief that the universe has five elements that it consists of, which are the five hypostases, namely:

Earth, water, fire, air and clear sky, and the union of these elements is called (Doshas), and their number becomes (3) three: Kapha, Pitta, and Vata. What he must eat, the sport that he must exercise, or the type of dress that he will wear to protect him from disease and purify his body from the toxins accumulated in it.

Addiction treatment with alternative medicine:

One of the most dangerous manifestations that humans suffer from is drug addiction, as most countries of the world suffer from this phenomenon, due to the dangers to health, social, economic, psychological and security aspects, and upon stopping abuse, dangerous psychological and physical symptoms begin and these symptoms are called withdrawal symptoms, and may lead to Death of the addict or switching to other drugs.

Therefore, one of the reliable research conducted (Leu et al 2009) on Chinese acupuncture treatment, in partnership with some medicinal herbs, confirmed the possibility of treating drug addiction and the medical studies that were conducted focused on the following plants of benefit in treating addiction:

  • A mixture of herbs called (Pytote).
  • To reduce habituation to the drug, morphine is taken (Withania somnifera).
  • To reduce alcohol intake, (Salvia miltiorrhiza) is used.
  • Dozens of experiments have proven that the use of the compound Epoxy, which is extracted from the Ibuga plant (Ipuga), has a great effect in reducing drug addiction.


Our scientific article on alternative medicine and herbal remedies was an encyclopedic article that enriches human thought with some medical information about a new treatment for diseases, away from chemical treatments that leave behind a lot of damage and side effects.

The use of alternative medicine is safe because it uses natural medicinal materials that do not include chemicals or manufactured materials that are not without harm.

I hope that I have succeeded in providing useful and correct health information to achieve the desired benefit from this article. May God bless you.



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