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Artificial grass – use and the most important features and disadvantages

Artificial turf is a form of synthetic fibers that is somewhat similar to natural grass. These grasses are used in the construction of the ground for sports fields, such as football, baseball, field hockey and other sports, and are also used in some residential and commercial places. Care and water regularly like a natural herb. But it also has the disadvantages of being limited in duration and requiring replacement and cleaning.


It contains petroleum products, in addition to containing toxic chemicals that pose a danger to children. Artificial turf was used for the first time at the Astrodome Stadium in Houston, USA.

The emergence of artificial turf

The first American company specializing in biotechnology worked on the manufacture of artificial turf in the 1960s from nylon, and the components of this artificial turf were polypropylene and polyester materials, by heating them at high temperatures and then cooling them to produce artificial turf filaments.

Advantages of artificial turf

  • Its low cost, low maintenance, ease and speed of installation, resistance to weather factors and its changes.
  • Not to change its color after a specific period, considering the life span of the grass is 15-20 years, and it may increase or decrease depending on the use and type of surface, so it decreases in the playgrounds and increases in the gardens.
  • Not to harm the environment if manufactured according to the appropriate standards and specifications.
  • It does not need irrigation and watering at all, unlike natural grass, which requires huge amounts of water.
  • There is no need to cut it, either by using equipment and machinery or human labor that can reduce many of its expenses.
  • Ease of installation and lack of need for a long time to grow as is the case with natural.
  • It greatly reduces players’ injuries when installed properly, facilitates ball movement on it and thus scores more goals.

Disadvantages of artificial turf

It undergoes changes when exposed to heat due to its industrial composition, so caution is taken in the event of its installation in hot areas, and caution must be taken in the event that a fire flame falls on it, as this causes toxic fumes from the plastic materials that it is made of, which may pose a risk to human health if not Its quality and violation of standards, and it causes many diseases.

The difference between artificial turf and natural grass

Artificial grass

UEFA’s support for artificial turf and recognition of its quality and global specifications, in addition to its low cost compared to natural turf , all of this led to its spread. It does not corrode with the passage of time or due to rain and allows the passage of water to the places designated for its drainage, and the rubber is suitable for the quality of the playground and is able to absorb bruises for the players, and the tapes used to tie the grass must be of special specifications so that they are not affected by the weather, use and rain.

Speaking of public and home gardens and the office garden to be cultivated, it is preferred to use artificial turf for its ease, so artificial turf surpasses natural because it is easy to provide in small places and large areas and its cost is lower than the cost of natural grass, as the artificial turf has a longer life and does not require continuous maintenance as is the case with natural grass. Also, artificial turf is characterized by the flexibility and uniform color of artificial turf, unlike natural grass, whose floors erode and become uneven and uneven in color.

Natural grass

Natural grass needs arable land for its germination, so it is considered environmentally friendly and preserving, in addition to its distinction of emitting quantities of oxygen and purifying the atmosphere from carbon dioxide gas, but it needs a longer time than artificial turf to fix the soil to be suitable for its cultivation and material sums to repair the soil and supply it with fertilizers and chemicals for agriculture And equipping the floor with irrigation networks, other than the continuous maintenance cycles of the natural ground. On the other hand, natural grass is affected by the natural factors of the atmosphere and its quality and suitability decreases with continuous play on it.

How to install natural grass

Digging with a depth of 35-50 cm, laying the foundations, and laying out a special type of soil to facilitate the drainage of rainwater, as well as pipes and other materials that help prevent injuries to players, ease of movement of the ball and its collision with the ground, compression of the foundation materials (soil, etc.) with the rammer until the surface or the playing field becomes equal. .

What are the advantages of an artificial turf field ?

Suitable for continuity of play, unlike natural turf fields, artificial turf fields can be played all year long because they are not as susceptible to weather damage as natural grass courts. And it absorbs huge amounts of water without buoyancy, without being damaged by frost or sun, and its surface is not frozen and will always be in good condition whether in summer or winter, during rain or snow, the team can train and play in ideal conditions with no mud and water spots Stagnant, dust or lose its vitality. Your training schedule and schedule will remain consistent throughout the year.


It can be played continuously and for a long time on artificial turf pitches. As the natural turf fields begin to deteriorate after about 250 hours of playing per season, while the artificial turf fields can be played 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and this depends on good regular maintenance.


Artificial turf pitches for global companies provide versatile and multi-purpose solutions for all football needs. As a single field of artificial turf has a capacity equivalent to at least 3 fields of natural turf and can be used for training and play purposes for teams from all the big football.

Simple maintenance and low costs

Maintenance of natural grass playground requires a great deal of manpower and requires a lot of time and a lot of effort and capital. While regular maintenance is important to maintain the continuity of quality artificial turf fields for certified companies, it is easier and more affordable in the long term.

Cost effectiveness

While the capital to construct and install a football artificial turf system is higher than the capital needed to make a natural grass pitch, the least that is said in this context is that this will be offset by a drastic reduction in the cost of capital and annual operating costs in the future.

So you need less equipment and less manpower, fuel and material cost. It will save maintenance costs, and by reducing the cost of stadium maintenance, the cost of using the playground can be reduced compared to a natural grass field.

Is artificial turf dangerous?

Warned the center of CDC American artificial turf where it causes damage to DNA DNA and cause skin and lung cancer, as well as to play it 10 hours a week for more than 5 years cause leukemia, and the news was shocking via the Daily Mail British site, is 50 injured player Football at the University of Washington with leukemia from 237 players claiming to be due to artificial turf, so the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC) revealed the dangerous components that exist in artificial turf, including:

Artificial grass contains toxic substances, including:

1.   بنزوثازول (benzothiazole)

This substance decomposes at a temperature of 20 ° C and turns into hydrogen cyanide, nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide, and these substances are all toxic and can cause skin itching in the short term, and chronic skin sensitivity in the long term.

2.   Carbon Black Carbon black    

Artificial grass contains black curry, which is classified as a carcinogen according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer ( IARC ) and can cause DNA damage through increased oxidative stress and inflammatory responses in the body.

3.   multi – aromatic hydrocarbons rings polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

According to the German Cancer Society, this substance has been linked to skin cancer, lung cancer, bladder cancer, liver cancer, and stomach cancer.

As Dr. Mahmoud Muhammad Omar: The artificial turf is a chemical substance, instead of putting it in the laboratory, it is laid on the ground, explaining that when exposed to artificial turf for a long time at least 10 hours every week for more than 5 to 10 years, this leads to cancer, and its danger lies In hot places such as tropical countries or Africa.

 Sections of artificial turf


It is divided into three sections, namely:

  • With a low density (Duo Grass) , the price per meter without installation ranges between 115 pounds – 130 pounds per square meter.
  • With a high density ( (power spine) , and the price per meter without installation ranges between 135g – 150g per meter.
  • It has a very high density (Omega) , and the price per meter without installation is between 140g – 160g per meter. It is easy to install and has an eight year warranty, but needs effort to maintain.

Types of artificial turf

Artificial turf 2

Many people do not know the types of artificial turf and its uses. Is it only for playgrounds or has other uses, we will talk in a simple way about this topic. Artificial turf is made for many fields:

First: Landscape Artificial Grass

An industrial landscape for gardens and villas, this type is divided into:

Industrial landscapes for gardens, villas, palaces, tourist villages and hotels:

This type is considered one of the best, as it is dark green, light green and yellow, and these colors are identical to the natural scent.

Green industrial landscape for golf courses:

The synthetic turf is a dark green color to match with real golf courses.

Industrial landscape for swimming pools and decoration:

This type is considered one of the cheapest types of industrial landscaping as it is special for swimming pools instead of rubber, and it is also used for covering office floors in companies.

Second: artificial turf for playgrounds

Artificial turf suitable for playgrounds has more than one type, but the most important two types:

Wide hair artificial grass:

This type of hair is made from wide bristles that are well interconnected, but this type is less common due to its low quality compared to other types.

Synthetic herb single hair:

You might think that this type is weak because the individual hairs are one of the best types of artificial turf used in playgrounds.

The components of artificial turf and its standard specifications

The artificial turf is made up of tape and adhesive, as for the tapes, it is a fabric tape that has a smooth surface and a rough surface. The biggest problems of the rubber court are the rubber granules that go into the artificial turf filling, and these granules are from 1 – 3 mm, and the standard amount of the pentathlon court is about 5 tons, and if the quantity of the rapper is less than 5 tons, the playing field will cause many injuries to the players.

Silicon sand for artificial turf filling It is important to know that silicone sand covers about 3 cm of hair, and rubber covers about 1 – 1.5 cm of hair, and it should not be less or more than that.

How to install artificial turf according to FIFA specifications

1.    The previous lawn layer is removed and moved outside the site.

2.    The pitch of the field to be placed on the artificial turf shall be excavated at least 15 cm and sprayed with a chemical substance so that the roots of the previous weeds do not sprout.

3. It is    filled with a layer of Alspace sand, which allows water to be absorbed immediately after the rains, as this type of sand helps in the drying out of the water in a fast time, and this layer is placed mechanically with a load of not less than 10 tons.

4.    Doing a survey of the site and making the necessary inclinations towards the drainage channels.

5.    Surrounding the entire borders with Baldora stone and coating the stone in appropriate and attractive colors.

6.    The soil layer is wiped with the rod, with the use of a water scale to make sure that the grass is spread easily and easily.

7. The    artificial turf is laid out according to the required area and drawings.

8.    Bonding the grass together by special tape and glue that is resistant to various weather factors.

9.    Adding silica sand over the turf layer of not less than 20-25 kg per square meter in the case of grass height from 50 mm – 55 mm.

10.  Adding rubber granules over the sand layer of at least 8 to 9 kg per square meter in the case of grass height from 50 to 55 mm.

11. The  plastic-fiber tapes are not affected by moisture and heat to tie the grass together.

12.  Layout of the playground with white grass of the same type of grass, with a width of (10) cm.

The purpose of cladding the playgrounds with artificial turf is to overcome the problems experienced by the fields with natural turf, however, the first generation of this turf was not intended for conducting football matches, but with the third generation of artificial turf the change was wherein the production of artificial turf for football fields The foot is similar to natural grass.

Opinions on the use of artificial turf

 There are many opinions about artificial grass between opponents and supporters, and here are some opinions:

  • Blatter is one of the most supportive of artificial turf, as he said that artificial turf is the future of football. He also expects that most countries around the world will someday play on artificial turf pitches because they can be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • French coach Claude Le Roy, the Omani national team coach, said, “The artificial turf causes some injuries and sprained the ankle of the player and affects the levels of the teams in general, but he stressed that there are no problems in the artificial turf because there is a slight difference between the natural and artificial turf.

In the end …

Artificial turf is a good alternative to natural grass and gives an aesthetic view of gardens and some private places in companies.


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