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Attracting beloved telepathic … We all send the energy of love without feeling.

It is no wonder that feelings, energy, thoughts and love messages are sent continuously, everyone we send them without us feeling and without realizing that we are doing so, but at a certain moment you will know the way in which to do it consciously, so that you can attract the beloved by telepathy



If you were wondering how could this happen? Is it real or just fantasies and delusions? And about that moment when you will know how to send emotion and energy to someone? Here is the answer to all of that, and the moment in which you are waiting to know the method has come since you started reading this article.

Can I attract someone with telepathy?

Telepathy is the transfer of feelings and thoughts from one person to another away from the senses and physical means, but rather in the form of energy, by relying on the mind only, and telepathy is in its strongest and clearest state in feelings of love.

This may be the first time for you to get acquainted with telepathy, but in fact you have already experienced it many times, such as sitting with someone you love or having positive feelings and speaking the same word at the same time, or humming the song that hums between him and himself … and many more.

Telepathy is everywhere around you, the mother who feels her children and knows that they are fine now and if something bad befalls them, she feels that her heart hurts even if she is very far away, and the twin brothers and their bond with each other in a strong and distinctive way, and loved ones and friends and among all close people.

Who can send the energy of love?

I, you and everyone, absolutely everyone, as long as you can feel love and good feelings, you are able to send the energy of love, and it is more correct that you actually send it if not to a specific person but to the world around you and to everything around you, as if the world had been colored pink by your energy.

Is it possible to attract the beloved by telepathy?

Yes, the beloved can be attracted by telepathy, but I am not talking about stripping him of his will or controlling his feelings and thinking, but rather I mean to send him the energy of love and make him feel that you are a close, special and loving person, and automatically he will reciprocate love with you, because our minds, our souls and our hearts (without our will) know The right people and the ones we have to love.

Thus, what you will do is focus on your positive feelings towards yourself in the first place and towards that person, and by doing so, these feelings and energy will reach him.

To whom can the energy of love be sent?

Naturally, you send the energy of love without feeling to the people you love and close to you, which is the main condition for sending the energy of love (to feel sincere love towards the person) and thus you can send it to the people for whom you have positive feelings.

Why does attracting the beloved fail to risk?

Why does attracting the beloved fail to risk?

Why may not attract the beloved by telepathy? Why can you take the steps as it should, but not find any result? Why may your feelings be sincere but fail? It comes down to a very important reason: your negative energy!

Negative energy is an obstacle to telepathy and it also limits your positive energy, and it itself has a weak frequency, so before talking about steps to attract a beloved by risk, it is necessary to deal with negative energy, and here are 5 ways to get rid of it.

1 – Write down what is bothering you

Grab a sheet of paper or a set of papers and a pen and start writing, what do you write? Write down everything that bothers you. Write down the reason for your sadness. Write about situations that made you unhappy. Write about people who hurt you. Write about times when you felt injustice. Thus you are discharging your negative energy on what you wrote.

What do you do next? Do not read what you wrote, then you will recharge yourself with the negative energy that you emptied, in return you have to burn the papers completely, so that you have destroyed the negative energy and freed it.

You can count on any pen, but the pencil is preferred because it is able to be charged a lot with energy, which will cut you out of the most of it.

2 – Exercise

Exercise doesn’t just burn fat! Rather, it works to burn negative energies, to rid you of them and to make your mind clearer so that it is more able to deal with the problems that you face.

You do not need a gym or special sports equipment, all there is is to do simple exercises that can be done at home or to jump rope or dance …

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3- Keep away from negative people

Simply stay away from the source! No matter how much you try and try to get rid of the negative energy that you are suffering from, you will find that everything you do is nothing but efforts that go on the ground as long as the source is present, providing you with more and more of it.

What is the largest source? They are the negative people who feel suffocated when we are with them – the complaining people who always play the role of the oppressed and seek your sympathy for them – the people who criticize everything in you and everything you do for nothing except for criticism and criticism … Stay away from them.

4 – Listen to the music you love

Listen to the music you love, although calm music is very important in the steps of attracting a lover with telepathy, but when it comes to expelling the negative energy, you should listen to what you love.

The music you like could be relaxing music then listen to it, it could be rock and it could be hip-hop or pop … the important thing is that you love it and be able to make you feel better.

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5 – Think about moments of success

Your success moments, the achievements that made you feel proud, the difficulties that you managed to overcome and triumphed over and made you stronger … Remember all of that. Remember that you are successful, this will rearrange your thoughts and charge you with a high amount of positive energy.


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The success of attracting the beloved by telepathy

The success of attracting the beloved by telepathy

In exchange for that negative energy that prevents the success of telepathy, there are 8 things that increase your positive energy and guarantee the success of the matter.

1 – You have to be confident

To try sending the energy of love and the steps for experimentation, and because you are skeptical, this means that you will never succeed! Trust is the basis on which telepathy is based, so you must trust that you are able to send energy and receive the response. You must be confident by more than 100%, even if the result does not appear. You practically succeeded in steps and were able to send energy, but the energy awareness of the other party may be low or not suitable.

2 – clarity of mind and complete calm

You must forget everything around you everything except send power of love! Leave your phone far away. Sit in the room alone and ask those around you not to disturb you. If there is something on your mind, try to forget it for a while, and if you cannot, delay the telepathy until the matter is resolved and the clarity of mind returns to you.

3 – Complete the steps without interruption

You cannot start and take the first step, then go drink a glass of water, or talk on the phone, or eat a cookie, and then go back to complete the second step! The steps of telepathy must be carried out in a continuous manner. They constitute an integrated unit. Telepathy is not valid without any of them, and each of them prepares you for the next step and guarantees its success.

4 – The presence of blue lighting

The blue color is characterized by its unique ability to raise your positive energy and thus it increases the strength of its frequency to ensure the success of telepathy, so put blue lights near you, you can rely on colored LED lights or just put a blue light in your phone, i.e. open a blue image and increase the brightness of the screen to the limit The maximum.

5 – Listen to calm voices

Listening to calm sounds helps focus, meditation, relaxation and clarity of mind, so try to listen during the steps of telepathy to audio clips of rain falling or sea waves or the sound of tree leaves rustling … and other any sound or music you like, provided it is completely calm and calm.

6 – Focus on the person

Focusing on that person increases communication and increases the effectiveness of telepathy, and therefore try to remember the details of his image and voice, and you can rely on a picture of him that you look at to help you, in case you find the focus and imagination difficult.

7 – Choose a suitable time

You can do telepathy at any time, but there are certain times that are better than others, which are: Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, as for the best time between 12 at night until 5 in the morning, because of the presence of the moon and the absence of the sun, which preserves energy and increases its frequency and effectiveness of telepathy .

8 – A little water on your head

Put a little water on your head (a little, wet your hair with just a few drops). Water helps get rid of negative energy, and it is an essential component of energy, so it increases positivity and promotes the success of telepathy.

Attracting the beloved by telepathy

Attracting the beloved by telepathy

After dealing with negative energy and doing things that increase your positive energy, you can take telepathy steps to attract a loved one.

The first step – relaxation and total focus

You have to relax and clear the mind, start with deep breathing, take a long breath, and then take it out quietly and repeat until you feel that your body is completely relaxed, and then you must focus on the energy of love and that person and remember his shape, voice and details and imagine him in front of you Imagine that he is greeting you.

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The second step – evoke feelings of love

Feel the feelings of love Feel the maximum degree of positive feelings Invoke the feelings you would feel if you met that person in reality, your feelings should be sincere and strong.

The third step – sending the love energy

Now imagine that the energy goes out from your heart and travels through the air to before it, imagine the energy in the form of a green or red light full of hearts, imagine that that person receives energy and feels happy and comfortable and smiles at you, and then finish the steps by imagining that person bidding you farewell, turning his back and walking quietly away until Disappears.

Then do not think about the success or failure of telepathy, on the other hand, you should feel as if your meeting with that person was a reality and part of your memories of him.

Ultimately you have to trust that we have a lot more capabilities than we think and telepathy is one of them, and you can send the energy of love through it.

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