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Benefits and harms of wheat bran

Wheat belongs to the grass family, and its grains appear in the form of ears, and it is a staple and important food for most countries and peoples. Wheat depends in its cultivation on rainfall or irrigation and has many uses, including flour and bread.



The hard outer layer of it consists of a crust called wheat bran, which is considered an integral part of the wheat plant and is produced by refined mills, and when the wheat bran is separated from the wheat itself, the bran loses part of its nutritional value. And bran is present in all types of grains and is not limited to wheat only, as it contains rice, in addition to oats and corn. Wheat bran is very rich in fiber and fatty acids, as it contains huge amounts of starch, minerals and protein.

Benefits of wheat bran

Weight Loss

Wheat bran is very important and effective in weight loss, because it contains very low calories, and the nature of its texture is that it expands in the stomach, giving a feeling of satiety and the lack of desire to eat excess quantities, which makes the body fit and free from diseases caused by obesity.

Get rid of constipation

Wheat bran is very good at getting rid of constipation that many people experience, especially people who maintain a certain diet, and this is due to the fact that the bran contains large amounts of fiber, which has a great role in absorbing the water in the intestine.

Regulating movement within the colon

Wheat bran has an important role in regulating colon movement, eliminating symptoms and problems that the colon is exposed to, including irritable bowel syndrome, which affects many people.

Regulate blood sugar

Wheat bran has the ability to regulate blood sugar, due to its high ability to absorb fats from the body, and it also limits high cholesterol in the blood.


Wheat bran is very beneficial for people suffering from hemorrhoids, as it eases passage, makes the stools softer, and acts like the lining of the anal area.

Colon cleansing

Wheat bran works to clean the colon area from all harmful suspensions and sediments to the body, and the body gets rid of cancerous materials because it contains a lot of fibers that collect all the harmful substances and excrete them outside the body, so there is no chance of stones inside the gallbladder.


Wheat bran enhances nerve function and maintains a brain area.


Wheat bran works to maintain the reproductive organs, treats indigestion and prevents colic by stimulating digestive juices.

Bones and teeth

Wheat bran strengthens the teeth and maintains the strength and origin of the hair. It also strengthens the bones of the body and protects them from brittleness. Therefore, it is advised for those exposed to fractures to increase them because of their benefits to the bone.

Benefits of wheat bran for weight loss


Wheat bran helps to lose weight and fitness quickly and with clear results, because its great richness in fiber is very useful for maintaining the health of the whole body, and what distinguishes it is that it contains very few calories, and most nutritionists advise constantly to eat it, and replace white bread with it, as white bread contains calories Large heat relative to the bran also gives the bran a quick feeling of satiety, blocking the appetite for food, and the person feeling his stomach full.

The benefits of bran for the skin

  • Skin whitening and work to lighten its color.
  • Giving skin a lot of radiance.
  • Preserving freshness and luster.
  • Treating and getting rid of pimples.
  • Acne treatment.
  • Get rid of black and white heads on the nose.

Benefits of wheat bran for hair

  • Wheat bran is very rich in nutrients that nourish the hair, as it contains the mineral zinc.
  • Wheat bran gives hair a wonderful shine and shine.
  • Wheat bran keeps hair healthy and protects it from damage.
  • Wheat bran prevents hair from breaking.
  • Wheat bran prevents external damage to the hair caused by multiple factors.
  • Bran is effective in increasing hair growth.
  • Gives an attractive look to hair and works to lengthen it.

Wheat bran recipes for the face

Wheat bran recipe with honey

This mixture works to hide the fatigue of the facial skin as it stimulates blood circulation inside it, we mix two tablespoons of milk and add to them two tablespoons of ground bran, then two tablespoons of mint leaves to a bowl containing a small amount of milk and we mix this mixture well, and then we put it on Face for half an hour, then wash with water.

Wheat bran recipe with almonds

This recipe gives facial skin a radiance and luster, and we prepare it by placing two tablespoons of ground almonds and adding to them a tablespoon of honey, then half a tablespoon of lemon, then we put a tablespoon of wheat bran, then put them in a bowl and mix them well, and then put the mixture On the face for half an hour, then wash with water.

Soaked wheat bran

This soak works to purify the skin and get rid of pimples and pimples, and we prepare it by placing an amount of bran with a small amount of water for one full night, then the next day put the mixture on the fire and boil for a quarter of an hour, and leave it to cool slightly to put it after the place of the pimples and pimples.

Wheat bran with olive oil

This recipe is to moisturize and brighten the skin and this is done by mixing an amount of bran with a quantity of olive oil and a quantity of sesame in a bowl, then put it on the fire for more than a minute and then add a little rose water to it, and then leave the mixture until it cools and then put on the face for a period Half an hour, and this recipe is repeated twice every week.

Bran with milk

This mixture works to lighten the skin of the face, and it is prepared by boiling an amount of milk and then mixing it with a high temperature with a quantity of bran and leaving it to cool slightly and then put on the face for twenty minutes.

Wheat bran with cucumber

This mixture is good for nourishing the skin of the face and purifying it from impurities, we mix a full cup of wheat bran, with a small amount of lemon juice, and a full cup of cucumber juice, and put one egg white on top of them, and put this mixture as a mask on the skin of the face for a full ten minutes.

Wheat bran soap

This recipe for keeping facial skin very soft like children’s skin, and it is prepared by bringing half pure soap free of odors and colors that is sprinkled and adding three tablespoons of wheat bran to it and one tablespoon of starch and adding one tablespoon of rose water, then we add the grated soap to boiled water well Leave it for an hour, then add rose water and bran, then put it on the stove, then add starch and stir it very quickly, then leave the mixture until it cools completely and brush it with olive oil and then put it in the refrigerator to become a solid mixture.

After its texture becomes solid, we cut it into small pieces to be used as a lotion and put in the refrigerator and when needed, it is used by taking small pieces and washing the skin of the face with it as soap and when its quantity ends, we take another piece and so the refrigerator is considered a very safe preservative for it and its components.

Damage to wheat bran

Wheat bran, despite its great nutritional value and its richness in minerals, a recent study revealed that excessive consumption of it leads to health problems, as some people eat it in large quantities while it is raw, so it can lead to

  • Inflammation of the bladder accompanied by infections in the urethra
  • Ulcers in the colon, leading to inflammation.
  • Wheat bran is rich in fatty acids, and when consumed in abundance, these acids lead to the absorption of minerals from the body such as calcium, iron and others.

It is possible to use wheat bran on a daily basis, but not raw and alone, so nutritionists and doctors recommend adding it to bread or any type of food that contains grains other than wheat bran to balance the body and balance minerals in it, as well as the great nutritional value with this addition.


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