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Benefits and properties of lemon This delicious fruit

Lemon is a treasure of natural medicinal properties in this small fruit, as its juice is used to make a variety of refreshing drinks, in addition to adding it to various dishes and foods that gives it a distinct flavor and taste.


Although the taste of lemon is sour, its benefits are many, as the use of lemon can be beneficial to the body in several ways, and this is what we will highlight in this article and get acquainted with you about the most important benefits and characteristics of multiple lemons with the definition of some of its side effects, so come with us:

Nutritional properties of lemon

Lemon has strong anti-bacterial and antiviral properties and can strengthen the immune system, and it is also very effective in fighting infections due to its high levels of vitamin C and bioflavonoids, citric acid, calcium, magnesium, pectin, and limonene.

Lemon also contains a percentage of water at an average of 88.98 grams, in addition to protein, carbohydrates, sugar, iron, zinc and manganese.

Lemon contains many vitamins, the most prominent of which is vitamin C, with an average of about 53 mg, in addition to vitamins B6, A, and E.

Lemon works as a natural donor as it can balance the pH level in the body.

Lemon is used in particular for its sour juice, which contains many medicinal properties, as it is rich in important nutrients such as potassium and fiber.

Plus, it is also rich in anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties.

Benefits and properties of lemon

Many of us use lemon as a kind of spice for foods and salads and it is an excellent flavor to improve the taste of various foods. We do not know much about its healing properties and multiple benefits, so come with us and learn about the benefits of this beautiful fruit:

Lemon helps reduce fever:

Lemon juice can help the body sweat, which in turn reduces the body’s fever.

There may be several causes behind a fever, including bacterial and viral infections, and in such a case, consuming lemon can be beneficial as many people use lemon as a home remedy to get rid of febrile seizures.

If we talk about the properties of lemon, it is rich in vitamin C, and this can help prevent infection caused by bacteria and viruses, and eating lemon may be useful as a home remedy to improve immunity and prevent fever, in addition to that, lemon can also be used to treat sore throats.

Lemon helps improve your mood:

The refreshing scent of lemon can help reduce symptoms of depression, increase the level of energy of the body, and provide it with the necessary energy that helps it overcome the problem of depression.

Lemon helps improve the respiratory system:

Eating lemon juice helps in treating colds and sore throats by expelling and reducing the accumulation of impurities in the respiratory system because it contains a high proportion of vitamin C.

Drinking a cup of lemon juice mixed with water and sweetener with a teaspoon of honey reduces the severity of a sore throat when you have a cold.

Respiratory infections can cause a variety of problems such as asthma, cough, bronchitis, pneumonia, or other problems related to the lungs, but the vitamin C in lemons can be helpful in preventing a respiratory infection.

Consuming lemons rich in vitamin C can also help fight inflammation and infection.

Combining vitamin C supplements and medicated doses can also relieve chest pain, fever and chills.

Lemon can help people with asthma breathe better by inhaling the scent and scent of its peel, and it also helps clear the airways of the body.

Lemon helps relieve joint pain:

Lemon helps flush out toxins and bacteria from the body due to its healthy diuretic properties.

It can also help reduce the level of toxins in the body which helps reduce inflammation in the joints.

Apply lemon juice to painful body joints to calm them, as this will eliminate the uric acid that makes arthritis symptoms worse and relieve pain.

Lemon helps prevent kidney stones:

Lemon helps stimulate the production of a chemical compound called urea citrate. This is a major and effective compound in preventing kidney stones.

Those who suffer from kidney stone problems can add lemon to their diet as the citrate properties in lemon may prevent stones from forming in the kidneys.

Drinking lemon juice with plenty of water can also be beneficial, however it is best to seek medical advice in this regard.

Lemon is effective as an antiseptic:

Applying fresh lemon juice to scratches and wounds will disinfect the area locally and prevent infections from developing.

Lemon is an effective cleanser:

Lemon juice with water can act as an antiseptic and help remove toxins and pests that enter the body when you eat fruits and vegetables.

Lemon preserves food:

Lemons act as an antioxidant and help keep foods fresh and sterilized for longer and this is thanks to the citric acid in lemons that change the color of the fruit and keep it fresh for longer.

Lemon helps treat skin problems and acne:

Lemon is a natural skin and skin cleansing agent that can be effective in solving its problems due to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Also, the use of drops of lemon helps get rid of acne and prevent its reappearance.

Lemon helps lighten facial skin:

The citric acid in lemon helps lighten the complexion.

Lemon is useful for oily skin:

Lemon can remove fats from face and body, especially for people with oily skin, and prevent the production of excess sebum.

Lemon helps skin care:

Mix a little lemon juice with milk or yogurt, then apply it to your skin regularly, which helps to clean the skin of dead skin cells and leaves your skin as silky smooth as the softness of children’s skin.

To get a clear and radiant complexion, mix honey and lemon juice and apply to your skin. Vitamin C present in lemon along with the antiseptic properties of honey helps as a great mask to get smooth and radiant skin.

Lemon is very effective in exfoliating the skin:

Rubbing lemon directly on the skin can remove dead skin from the face, making it a natural and healthy skin scrub.

Lemon helps rejuvenate and reduce the signs of aging:

The vital flavonoids present in lemon are responsible for reducing free radicals that can damage the skin and make it age, so using lemon for the skin helps prevent the onset of aging and its effects.

Lemon for stretch marks:

Stretch marks that appear due to changes in body weight and size can cause problems and inconvenience for many people, in such a case that vitamin C can reduce the problem of stretch marks and reduce them by increasing collagen in the skin, where lemon can be used to reduce the problem of stretch marks.

Lemon for wrinkles:

Lemon is considered effective in reducing wrinkles and this is due to the protective role of vitamin C present in lemon because vitamin C is an effective antioxidant and it can help reduce the effects of aging by removing wrinkles.

In addition, vitamin C can increase collagen and protect the skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

At the same time, consuming citrus juice may prevent premature skin aging caused by oxidative stress, so it can be beneficial in both cases, applying and consuming lemon juice.

Lemon strengthens nails:

Some of the healthy compounds found in lemon and olive oil can help strengthen nails.

If your nails are dry and brittle, mix a few drops of lemon juice with a teaspoon of olive oil in a bowl, put your fingers in it and wait a while, and once the nails are completely soaked, they will be better and stronger than before.

Lemon helps relieve headaches:

Preparing a green tea mixture and some drops of lemon juice is just as effective as aspirin in treating and relieving headaches.

Lemon is very effective for oral health:

Lemon is effective in treating inflammatory gums, as well as in treating bleeding gums, and it can also relieve dental pain.

Lemon is effective in treating bad breath:

The bad breath that bother you due to bacteria will get rid of it by using lemon as a natural and effective mouthwash for this condition.

The citric acid present in lemons can balance the pH level in the body, which also helps in killing bacteria in the mouth strongly, thus eliminating bad breath.

Squeeze a little lemon juice in your mouth and rotate it in the space between your teeth and your tongue, and all harmful bacteria in your mouth and teeth will be eliminated.

Lemon is a natural teeth whitener:

Mix a little lemon juice with baking soda to get a natural compound for whitening teeth, then brush your teeth from this compound with no side effects on tooth enamel.

Note: This compound should not remain on your teeth for a long time as after a minute it must be brushed as it may damage the enamel due to its acid state.

Lemon is a good blood cleanser:

Toxins build up in our blood for a variety of reasons, but regular consumption of lemons can help detoxify the blood.

Lemon helps prevent and treat infections:

Lemon has an antibacterial property that can help treat and prevent infection and treat many infections.

Lemon is a natural agent to take care of your hair:

Add a little lemon juice to your hair conditioner, then sit in the sun for a while, and after washing your hair, you will notice the emergence of its natural effect on adding freshness, radiance and shiny color when you highlight your hair.

Lemon prevents dandruff:

Put a little lemon juice with olive oil on the scalp and massage it a little, this will help treat dandruff and get rid of it after a period of regular use.

Lemon improves the digestive system:

Lukewarm water with lemon can prevent constipation, improve the digestive system in the body, and improve digestion.

Lemon is an anti-constipation:


The citric acid present in the lemon helps in the secretion of stomach acid, which helps in digesting food, relieving stomach pain and preventing constipation.

Drink some lemon juice with water added to soften it after eating and see the amazing effect.

Lemon anti-nausea:

Lemon juice and sugar can be used as anti-nausea, even the scent relieves nausea.

Lemon for gases:

A warm mixture of cumin with lemon juice and a pinch of salt helps relieve gas, bloating and indigestion.

Lemon is a natural deodorant:

Don’t worry if you discover that your deodorant has run out one morning before leaving the house because lemon juice will replace it well.

Take half a lemon with you to the bathroom, and after washing your body, rub it under your armpits and apply it to the secretions of sweat and leave it for five minutes until it absorbs into your skin, then rinse the traces of lemon off your skin and make sure that it works like an anti-perspirant deodorant throughout the day.

Drinking lemonade will provide energy:

People want at the beginning of every day to be active in this life full of chores. That is why by drinking lemon juice every morning you can provide the body with energy throughout the day.

Drinking lemon water provides a lot of energy to fight stress and can lighten mood and keep the body energized.

Other benefits of lemon:

Lemon helps maintain clothes:

When you put a few drops of lemon juice with salt, it is effective in preserving clothes and removing stubborn stains.

Lemon for household appliances disinfection:

After washing the dishes, rub half a lemon completely over it and leave it for at least half an hour, then wash and dry it.This will help kill bacteria and disinfect household utensils.

Lemon for furniture polish:

Mix half a cup of lemon juice with a cup of olive oil, wipe over the wooden furniture in your home and watch its amazing effect on the shiny wooden furniture in your home.

Lemon is a multi-functional cleaner in your home, as the citric acid present in lemon works as a great cleaner for all household surfaces and can be used as a multi-purpose chemical without harming the use of these materials with its distinctive property of being germicidal and bacterial on surfaces.

Lemon to cool down the refrigerator:

Pour some lemon juice on a cotton ball or sponge until it is completely absorbed and put it in a deep bowl and leave it in the center of the refrigerator for several hours, after this period you will see its amazing effect as an air freshener for the refrigerator.

You can also use this method to remove unpleasant odors from household garbage.

Helps get rid of cats:

Cats hate the smell of lemon, so if you are bothered by them, just sprinkle a little lemon juice near where they live and make sure they never return to that place.

Lemon is a natural insect repellent:

You can apply lemon juice to different areas of the house to prevent ants, flies, and beetles from entering.

Benefits of lemon for health:

Benefits of lemon for weight loss:

If someone is looking for a natural remedy for losing weight, lemon may be beneficial because lemons’ containment of polyphenols can control increasing obesity, and polyphenols are known to be effective in preventing the accumulation of excess fats in the body.

 Lemon as a detoxing drink can also help reduce fats from the body.

Additionally, lemons are also a good source of vitamin C, as this vitamin is the most important ingredient for weight loss.

Not only that, many people also consume honey in lemon juice for weight loss, which can be a safe weight loss remedy.

Note: It is also important to pay attention to linking the use of lemon with a healthy balanced diet and exercising regularly.

Lemon to protect against cancer:

There is no doubt that cancer is a dangerous disease and that the only treatment is medical treatment, however its risks can be reduced by changing lifestyle and eating habits, especially if citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons are added to the diet followed, then their use can prevent cancer.

 And according to a study published on the NCBI website, eating citrus fruits like lemons can prevent pancreatic cancer.

The lemon contains flavonoids present as anti-cancer, in addition to the citrus fruits also contain anti-tumor and chemical protection properties.

Heart benefits of lemon:

Lemon juice can also play an important role in maintaining a healthy heart, as lemon is a major source of vitamin C, and foods rich in vitamin C can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Many times a blood pressure problem can cause heart disease and as such some scientific studies indicate that vitamin C also works to control blood pressure which may be beneficial to the heart.

Meanwhile, lemons are rich in flavonoids, which can help treat atherosclerosis (the formation of plaques in the arteries) as well as improve oxidative stress, hyperlipidemia (fat deposits in the blood), reduce inflammation, arterial blood pressure and lipid metabolism. .

Lemon can be included in the diet to maintain a healthy heart.

Lemon to prevent anemia:

If the body does not get the right amount of iron, there may be an increased risk of developing anemia.

But if a diet containing vitamin C is taken alongside iron-rich foods, it can aid in the correct absorption of iron in the body. In this case, lemons (a food rich in vitamin C) together with an iron-rich diet can be beneficial and can prevent the risk of Anemia.

To strengthen the immune system:

If a person’s immune system is strong and healthy, the person’s body can avoid the risk of disease and infection.

And vitamin C can be very useful in improving and strengthening the immune system, as vitamin C can protect the body from many physical problems, so lemon should be included in the diet as a home remedy to improve immunity and protect yourself from diseases.

Benefits of lemon juice for the liver:

Speaking of the benefits of lemon or lemon juice, they can be very beneficial for the liver.

A protective reaction to lemon has been observed on the affected liver as a result of alcoholism, and the reason for this can be attributed to the properties present in lemons. In addition, fermented lemon juice can be beneficial in improving hepatitis and health.

Lemon for blood pressure:

The vitamin C present in lemons may stabilize blood pressure, in addition to eating lemons and regular walking can lower blood pressure levels.

However, if someone is taking blood pressure medication, he should consult his doctor before consuming lemon.

The harms of eating lemon

Of course, there are some warnings when consuming lemons, as lemons can damage tooth enamel, so it is best when using lemons or consuming them to brush your teeth with water well after consuming lemon.

Applying lemon directly to the skin can also make it sensitive to the sun’s rays, so be sure to use sunblock on your skin.

Excessive intake of lemon alone can harm the stomach, so it must be diluted with water before consuming it to protect the stomach.

When using lemon on the skin, it may lead to dryness, so you must use a moisturizer after using the lemon.

You should not be exposed to sunlight when using lemon on the skin, so that it does not cause irritation and redness of the skin, and the skin may also suffer from inflammation, rashes or blisters.

A warning to diabetics, as by enumerating all the properties of this rich fruit, you must know that lemon contains sugar and that high consumption of it raises blood sugar, and diabetics should not consume it too much.

How to keep lemons safe for a long time

First choose the right lemon.

Do not buy lemons that are soft and have some tenderness in the flanks, nor do you choose lemons that are very firm, as they are without water.

Do not buy lemons with brown spots.

Choose a light yellow lemon with a slightly thick skin.

Be aware that some types of green lemons have a bitter peel, unlike yellow lemons.

You can put lemons at room temperature, and lemons can be kept for at least seven days by keeping them at room temperature.

Meanwhile, lemons can keep in the fridge safe for several weeks.

If you divided the lemon in two and used only half of it, you can keep the other half in the refrigerator after applying the salt to the tip to prevent it from rotting.

Are there any health benefits of lemon for babies?

Lemon is rich in vitamin C, which can increase the child’s immunity, however it depends on the age and health of the child, whether eating lemon or not? So it is best to get medical advice before giving lemon to baby.

Is lemon useful during pregnancy?

Yes, it is safe for pregnant women to eat lemons, as eating lemons during pregnancy can relieve the problem of nausea, however it is better to seek medical advice immediately.

What is the allowed amount of lemon to eat?

It is recommended to eat half a lemon a day.

Also, the best way to eat lemon is to mix it with a quantity of water to reduce its concentration.

finally ….

You can not be ignored where the lemon will add lemon to your diet smart choice properties.

This article is intended for general information only, including advice, and is not considered a substitute for qualified medical opinion by any means.

Consult a specialist or your doctor for more information.


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