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Benefits, history and types of glasses

One of the benefits of glasses is that they are a way to protect the eyes from dust and sunlight, and to correct vision defects, and it consists of two plastic or glass lenses. The Arab world (Al-Hassan bin Al-Haytham) discovered that the convex pieces of glass can make things appear larger than their real size. The invention of glasses.


In the year 1267 the Rev. Roger Green stated in one of his books entitled (Opus Magus) that the words of the book could be read by a person more clearly and in greater detail if viewed through a piece of convex glass, as his experiments with convex lenses proved the principles that It was mentioned by the Arab world (Ibn al-Haytham), who was called (the father of contemporary optics).

The documents tell us that the first glasses were found in the Italian city (Pisa), and they consisted of two pieces of convex glass or crystal, a kind of tough glass:

  • The Florentine eyeglasses makers have convex and concave lenses.
  • Florence was the largest producer of good and affordable eyeglasses.
  • Also, eyeglass makers realize that the level of vision decreases with age, so they produced lenses for glasses with different ability to magnify, whether concave or convex.

In the fifteenth century, the printer was invented in 1450 by the monk (Gothenburg), which helped the spread of books, and thus the demand for it increased due to the many benefits of glasses to aid in reading.

Types of glasses

Types of glasses

There are many types of glasses depending on the purpose behind the use of glasses, and the benefits of prescription glasses are many, including the repair of vision defects in people who suffer from them, such as short-sightedness or farsightedness, and the stability and non-decline of their vision, and sunglasses can be used to prevent the harmful effect of sunlight on the eyes. :

1 – Eyeglasses

Medical glasses are specific to the person who uses them because they differ from one person to another according to the demolition of their use, and the glasses are distinguished from each other by the lenses that make them, in terms of the material from which they are made and their degree, they may be made of plastic or glass, but each has its own characteristics. .

Lenses made of glass are usually heavy in weight and fragile, while plastic lenses are lighter in high quality and have the ability to resist breakage and scratches, and they have the ability to protect the eye from ultraviolet rays because they are coated with a special layer that prevents these rays from penetrating these lenses and reaching the eye, Thus taking advantage of the benefits of many glasses and types of lenses:

1 – Polycarbonate lenses

Made of plastic that is durable and resistant to breakage and has the ability to protect the eyes from harmful sun rays, it is preferred for use by athletes and children.

2 – Tri-fix lenses

It is made of lightweight plastic, has thin thickness, and has high resistance to breakage and shattering, and its ability to correct vision is better than that made of polycarbonate plastic.

3 – Lenses that are colored according to light

It can be made of glass or plastic, and it is used because its color turns dark when exposed to ultraviolet sunlight.

4 – Polarized lenses with respect to light

 Very useful for athletes, so they recommend using it, because its lenses dampen light reflected off water or various surfaces.

5 – multi-focus lenses


Useful for those who suffer from more than one vision and vision problem, and this type of lens can correct more than one problem at the same time.

2 – sunglasses

Among the benefits of glasses were protection of the eyes from harmful sun rays, and inappropriate selection of glasses leads to harm in the eyes, and sunglasses give a person a charming look and can make a change in the shape.

Steps to buy sunglasses

Steps to buy sunglasses

When buying sunglasses, you should pay attention to the following in order to make the most of the benefits of glasses:

  • The glasses must provide complete protection for the eye from harmful sun rays, and this is made sure by examining them by looking through the sky. If we see that the sky is gray, the glasses are good, and we can buy them.
  • The glasses must fit the shape of the face, for each shape of the face suits a specific shape of the glasses, the thin and long frame glasses because they suggest that the face has a length, so it fits the rectangular face, or the face with a square and round shape is suitable for thick-frame glasses and their shape Round or oval, half-rimmed glasses are suitable for a triangle face.
  • Experimenting with glasses in the store from which we will buy glasses is not sufficient for the purpose, so we have to try them outside to ensure the clarity of vision.
  • Choosing the color of the frame for the glasses must match the color of the facial skin, and for your knowledge, the black color is suitable for all different skin colors and for all circumstances.
  • Choosing glasses with a light goose that does not represent a weight on the face, and it is better that the frame is made of plastic, as it is light and suitable for all activities because it is resistant to breakage and does not shatter easily.
  • The color of the glasses lens has a special task. The color of the orange lenses benefits people who have low vision, and the green color can prevent the harmful rays of the eyes from passing through, so the color of the lenses for the glasses must be chosen according to their purpose, for the aesthetic purpose to highlight beautiful eyes we choose glasses with transparent lenses.
  • The protection from harmful sun rays and the benefits of glasses can be more available through the glasses with the thickness inwards.

Advice for veiled women to choose sunglasses

There are five tips that benefit the authoritative woman when choosing sunglasses to get the benefits of the desired glasses:

  1. Hijab should be chosen before choosing glasses because the shape of your face without the hijab does not give the perfect choice of glasses that are suitable for you.
  2. If you want to replace the veil with a light scarf, you must choose large size glasses.
  3. When wearing a triangular headscarf, then you should not choose small size or square-shaped glasses.
  4. Never buy anything but glasses that you are comfortable in, and which can tear the headscarf or cause the glasses to fall off.
  5. Do not choose small glasses if you choose to wear the veil known as the veil of the princess because it defines the face, and choose medium-sized glasses.

Do you need to see an eye doctor?

Do you need to see an eye doctor?

Here is a very simple way to alert us that we need to visit an ophthalmologist to measure our eyes, so that we may be able to detect defects in vision or look early, so we can choose the appropriate treatment and cure them before it is too late, God forbid, and the method is called (Amsler square grid) and is in the form next one:

  1. We can test our eyes with it on the computer screen or after we print it out on a separate piece of paper and carry out the test.
  2. We cover the left or right eye with our palm and look at the black point in the middle of the squares.
  3. We repeat the previous process, but after we change the eye that we covered for the first time and look with the other eye at the black point in the middle of the squares.
  4. If we see straight lines become wavy, changed somehow, or disappeared, we know that we need to visit an ophthalmologist to have them checked.

This examination takes only a few moments, after which we discover that we need to examine our eyes and use the appropriate glasses to obtain the benefits of the many glasses.

Islands do not spare us the medical glasses

Did you know that carrots replace medical glasses? One of the studies conducted on carrots reported that carrots contain large amounts of vitamin (A) and this vitamin reduces the severity of eye diseases. However, eating carrots is not enough, but eating a balanced and healthy diet that covers most The body’s needs for vitamins is the remedy that alleviates and does not prevent the need for the benefits of glasses and their use with age.

Here are these tips to take care of glasses

It is not enough to own glasses to get the benefits of glasses, but they must be taken care of, and it is as follows:

  1. We have to keep it in a clean and dry place.
  2. It is absolutely necessary that it be cleaned with a piece of cloth that does not contain wells dampened with water.
  3. That we visit the ophthalmologist from time to time to make sure that the glasses are still usable and fulfill the purpose of their use.

This is how we saw in this article that glasses appeared in the beginning when someone noticed that pieces of convex-shaped glass could enlarge objects if we looked through them, and then reading stones or (lenses) appeared, in all simple and primitive terms, and then it evolved and this discovery became one The achievements of the genius human civilization in the history of mankind.


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