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Benefits of Indian pregnancy premium and many purposes but avoid over-overuse

The Indian installment is a type of plant that grows in India and East Asia and belongs to the ginger family. It appears on tall trees and has large and wide leaves that tend to darken green, and flowers appear on it at the end of summer and early autumn and disappear so that the red fruits appear and then become the fruit of the Indian installment.


The Indian premium is useful for pregnancy and many diseases, and it also has cosmetic benefits for hair and skin, but there are side effects to it, so its use must be limited in order not to cause problems. Stay with us, my dear ones, to learn more about the Indian premium.

Benefits of the Indian installment (marine installment)

There are many benefits to the Indian premium (the marine installment), as it was used in ancient times for many treatments due to the presence of important nutrients and compounds for the body, including:

Benefits of the Indian pregnancy installment

The Indian installment helps to solve some problems for women, which are delayed pregnancy or treatment of infertility, problems of the uterus, ovaries and reproductive system, as it works to regulate body hormones, including ovulation hormone and milk hormone. It is used by placing two tablespoons of Indian Costus powder and putting it with olive oil and kneading it well, then it is taken in the morning and evening of every day.


Not to take it during the menstrual cycle and during pregnancy because it causes a miscarriage.

Benefits of the Indian installment of the diet

The Indian premium burns fats at the level of the waist, abdomen and buttocks. Where it is taken twice a day by placing a teaspoon of Indian premium powder with water or milk.

Benefits of the Indian premium for sex

Contributes to the treatment of sexual impotence for men, increases the work of the testicles in the production of sperm, and it increases the strength of sexual desire for women and men.

The benefits of the Indian premium for the skin

  • For sensitive skin: Use for acne-free and dermatological-free skin to avoid negative consequences.
  • For dry skin: Important for freshness, softness and hydration of the skin.
  • For oily skin: Apply as a mask or lotion, and it works to remove excess sebum.

How to use it

A paste is made from Indian Costus powder and put a little water and free honey, then they must be kneaded well and after that it is placed on the face, and in order to notice an effective result for it, it must continue to use it.

Benefits of the Indian premium for hair

  • The Indian premium herb works to cleanse, cleanse and moisturize the scalp.
  • Contributes to preventing hair dryness and works to strengthen the roots to the ends and reduces hair loss and brittleness.

How to use it


It is used by mixing three tablespoons of Indian premium powder with olive oil and massaging the skin of the head and after twenty minutes it is washed off.

Benefits of the Indian premium in treating the thyroid gland

To treat the thyroid gland and regulate hormones and stimulate it, the Indian premium should be used by consuming a teaspoon of powder with honey in the morning and before bed.

Benefits of the Indian premium in treating intestinal diseases and worms

  • Indian Costus Oil contains chemicals that contribute to killing fungi, bacteria, and nematodes.
  • Helps treat stomach ulcers, flatulence and infections.

The benefits of the Indian premium in treating some diseases

There are many diseases that are treated with Indian premiums, including:

  • Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antipyretic.
  • Works to reduce blood sugar and triglyceride levels.
  • Contributes to reducing daily effort that negatively affects food processes and the nervous system .
  • It contains antioxidant elements that reduce the incidence of dangerous diseases including heart disease, cancer, breast, lung, stomach and prostate .
  • It strengthens immunity, helps eliminate liver diseases, and helps reduce feelings of distress and stress.

Side effects of the Indian premium

Side effects of the Indian premium

The Indian premium is used in appropriate ways and in moderate quantities in order not to cause some problems, and among these problems it causes:

  • Contamination in Aristolushic Acid: The Indian premium contains a substance aristolushic acid that leads to the destruction of the kidneys, and this substance causes cancer diseases. Therefore, the Indian premium should be avoided and not overindulged.
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding: You should avoid consuming the Indian premium in large quantities as it may affect the body during lactation and pregnancy.
  • Allergy: The Indian component can give a reaction to the body that suffers from allergies.

Ways to use the Indian installment

There are several ways to benefit from the Indian installment, and we will mention them for you according to the parts used:

Indian installment pills

Medicines are made in the form of pills that are useful in treating many diseases.

tree leaves

The leaves are crushed to obtain a powder that is placed with the food, or mashed into a paste with olive oil or water added to it, and its leaves can be eaten fresh.

the roots

We grind the roots to use as a spread or drink, or it can be mixed with liquids such as water or tea, and it can be mixed with honey or eaten with milk and milk after grinding


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