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Benefits of Rashad’s Love for Men

The seeds of Rashad’s love, which are produced from a herb that resembles parsley, have many benefits.



In our article, we will talk about the benefits of Rashad’s love for men in particular, along with some of its benefits in general. Come with us to learn more about the benefits of Rashad’s love for men.

Introducing the love of Rashad

Rashad’s love is one of the types of grains of great benefit to humans, and the love of Rashad is abundant in the Middle East, such as Syria, and Turkey.

It comes out when planting cress seeds a plant that has green stems, its leaves are like the leaves of the parsley plant, and it has white flowers, and the seeds of cress seeds have a very soft and small texture, and their color is usually red to brown.

The love of Rashad can be eaten by grinding it and adding it to the types of salads, or we can add the love of Rashad to the types of baked pies, or to be eaten raw, or boiled with water or milk, and the water in which the Rashad pills was boiled can be used as a hair wash, after filtering it.

The nutritional value that cress seeds contain

In every 100 grams of cress seeds, we find that they contain:

  • carbohydrate.
  • protein.
  • Fats.
  • Vitamin K and Vitamin C.
  • Energy, as cress beans contain 30 calories.
  • Dietary fiber, average 1.1 grams.
  • Folic acid and linoleic acid.
  • Calcium, iron, phosphorous, and manganese
  • iodine.

The most important benefits of Rashad’s love for men

For sexual desire

One of the most important benefits of Rashad’s love for men is that the love of Rashad is considered an aphrodisiac, as it helps to enhance sexual desire and strengthen it.

The benefit of Rashad’s love for men is that it contains high levels of iron and protein, iron strengthens the blood, prevents anemia, and protein is necessary for blood flow and increase throughout the body, which provides blood activity to the male reproductive system, and strengthens sperm , And increases its activity, leading to improved reproduction.

For intelligence

And to contain Rashad’s love for a group of fatty acids and linoleic acid, which helps to strengthen memory and stimulate it, and this matter for men occupies them, so that they do not reach the stage of diseases that affect memory, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The love of Rashad enhances mental capabilities, which helps in increasing the processes that take place in the memory and in the remembering area, which increases natural thinking and attention.

Eye health

Also, eating Rashad’s love helps night vision, and strengthens the optic nerve, in men in general, and the elderly in particular, and eating these seeds protects against retinitis pigmentosa, and also protects against cataracts , and the elderly helps them eat Rashad’s love in treating macular degeneration that results from aging (aging), which may sometimes lead the elderly to blindness.

It meets the body’s need for vitamin C.

Rashad’s love for high levels of vitamin C gives the body the necessary amounts of this vitamin, about 32% of the necessary rate per day, and this is considered greater than the rate found in oranges.

It strengthens the bones

No man does not strive to have his bones like iron, strong, and able to carry out their functions for a long period of life, and this is what a man needs from eating Rashad, which strengthens the role of bones and makes them strong, away from diseases that may afflict them, such as osteoporosis, and this comes back Because Rashad’s love contains an important group of essential minerals, such as iron, manganese, calcium, and phosphorous, as it contains a percentage of iodine necessary for healthy bones.

For heart health

It is good for you to know, man, that eating Rashad’s love protects you from many diseases that may affect the heart, such as atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, and protecting blood vessels, and this is because the love of Rashad contains large proportions of vitamin (K), and many nutrients Which guarantees the heart the necessary health for it, just as the love of Rashad increases the percentage of red cells in the human blood, and works to regulate blood hormones, and increase the rate of hemoglobin, and this helps to treat anemia and anemia.


The importance of Rashad’s love with milk

Eating crushed cress pills, with a cup of warm milk, sweetened with honey, or sugar, helps the body get rid of joint pain, because the milk contains, with the love of Rashad of the element of calcium in high proportions, it provides the joints and bones with strength, and protection from infections that may Afflict it, or any of the diseases that affect the joints and bones.

To regulate blood sugar level

The capsicum of cress tablets contains mucilage, in high proportions, which helps to regulate the level of sugar in the blood.

Laxative for the intestine

Eating the love of Rashad eliminates the problem of constipation, and many diseases that affect the digestive system, such as colic and hemorrhoids, and it also works to purify the blood and open the appetite, and this is because it contains a group of dietary fibers that facilitate the process of the digestive system in the body.

How do you deal with the love of Rashad?

  • Either by boiling it with water, then adding honey to sweeten it, and then eating it in the morning after breakfast.
  • Or by boiling it with milk, sweetening it with honey, and eating it about a quarter of an hour after breakfast.
  • Or use Rashad oil to massage the affected area, and it is useful in treating joints and bones.
  • Rashad pills can be boiled in a quantity of water and filtered, and hair washed with it.

Damages of excessive eating Rashad’s love

Eating the love of Rashad at natural rates, and not overdoing it, protects the body from many negative effects, and complications that may occur as a result of that, so we advise you to adhere to the required doses, and not to overdo it with the love of Rashad for the following reasons:

  • Since it has a property of administering urine, consuming excessive amounts of it leads to losing an amount of necessary fluid in the body through profuse urination.
  • Excessive intake of cress leads to an enlarged thyroid gland.
  • Rashad’s love has a property in lowering blood pressure, so people who suffer from low blood pressure should not eat it too much, so that their pressure does not drop to the point of danger.
  • Before consuming the love of Rashad, you should consult your specialist doctor, to avoid the negative effects and complications that may occur to you.

How can you cultivate the love of cress in your home?

If you are someone who wants to grow cress seeds at home, and without the need to buy it from stores, you should follow the following:

  • Buy cress seeds at any store, but keep them good quality.
  • In a large, deep bowl, place the turbine, mix it with some kind of good soil, apply organic fertilizer, and sprinkle cress seeds over it, make it disappear gently under the surface of the soil, and water it with water.
  • Place the container in which the cress was planted in a place well exposed to sunlight.
  • Try to water your pills regularly.
  • The sprouts will appear within two to three weeks at most, provided that you continue to water the seeds regularly.
  • After the beans have ripened over the sprouts, pick them, but without removing the roots, so that other sprouts and other grains will grow.
  • You can dry the pills in the sun, or you can eat them fresh.

A proven recipe to increase sperm count

This prescription is guaranteed, God willing, and a number of men have tried it, and it has proven correct, but under all circumstances, it is necessary to consult a specialist doctor, to avoid complications, in case you find:


  • A cup of fine, clean black bean grind.
  • A cup of crushed fine Rashad.
  • 2/3 cup of finely ground fenugreek.
  • 1/4 cup of soft bitter, ( the bitter plant is a tree that gives a yellow substance, consisting of gum and volatile oils, and it has many therapeutic benefits).


Mix all ingredients together, and keep them in a glass container, airtight, in a cool place, away from moisture.

How to use

  • We mix a spoonful of the mixture that we mixed, with a spoonful of honey, with a tablespoon of queen bee food, to have a paste, which the man eats with a little water in the morning, and a quarter of an hour before eating breakfast.
  • Then the man drinks a cup of warm milk, to which a tablespoon of malt syrup is added, and the milk is sweetened with honey, or sugar.
  • This recipe should be taken, in amounts, without extra, over forty days.
  • The man performs analyzes of his sperm count, before using this recipe, and after completing the forty-day period, and he will find that their number has increased, God willing.

Benefits of this recipe

The black seed opens the blockage in the genital tract, thus facilitating rushing, and blood flow in the urethra, so that semen will flow in excess.

And when the erection process is done naturally, here comes the benefit of Rashad’s love, which strengthens the man’s sexual desire, by stimulating the nerves and the rest of the body, to facilitate the sexual process.

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