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Britain’s best universities to study medicine



The best thing that may happen to you in all of your life may be that you get an opportunity to study medicine at one of Britain’s universities, which are the best universities in the world, especially for this type of studies, as Britain gives medicine in all its specializations great importance and uses the best and most successful means to graduate doctors from the best and most successful doctors in the world.


It is true that it is a difficult experience, but it is distinctive and enjoyable, and its results are wonderful. And the foreign language and has the ability to cover the material costs during the study trip.

There are several universities in Britain to study medicine that we will get to know in detail as it includes many specialties, including dentistry, pediatrics , psychiatry, emergency medicine, brain surgery, heart surgery, nuclear medicine.

These universities, which we will respond to, are classified according to various criteria, the most important of which are student satisfaction and their results, the number of graduates and the percentage of their employment, the degree of scientific research development, the university’s spending on scientific research, academics, employees and public services, the number of graduates and their ratio to the first.

Oxford university

It was established in 1096 and is the number one university in the world

It teaches the latest curricula and follows the latest teaching methods. Its staff is distinguished all over the world. Its students are outstanding and are subject to the most difficult tests and standards as the student must have a high rate, especially in the subject of science, chemistry and the English language. An Oxford graduate, the future, success and fame open the doors wide for him.

Cambridge University

The second best university to study medicine in Britain was established in 1209

It is one of the best universities in the world, not only at the level of Britain, that teaches the best curricula with the latest means and by the best staff. It has more strict laws and rules than other universities accepting a specific number of students annually, but it is an opportunity that opens doors to the future.

University of Glasgow

One of the universities that seek to reach the summit is distinguished by the methods of teaching medicine curricula with interesting scientific and practical means through the presence of distinguished and professional staff, as it adopts the four-stage system to consolidate the information with the student, which aims to establish the information for him to be a successful doctor.

Newcastle University

One of the oldest universities in the world began teaching medicine in 1834

It is distinguished by its interesting, interesting and entertaining program for taking information.

Its staff is distinguished and its students are distinguished. The university administration seeks to secure all the necessary supplies for students to obtain the latest and best scientific research and achieve success in their careers.

Queen Mary College, University of London

It was a hospital until it developed and became one of the best universities in the world with the best teaching staff, modern means and advanced research that provides everything a student needs to graduate every year a batch of the best doctors who have wonderful experience.

University of West London

Several colleges were established in it in 1860, the most important of which is the College of Medicine.

Aberdeen University

It is one of the best universities around the world distinguished by its professional staff, its modern means, and its advanced and comprehensive research. The best doctors, especially in dentistry, graduate annually.

University of Kiel

One of the best universities that is famous for its vitality and a high-end environment, including the most famous teachers and teachers, and it follows the best methods and research.

Swansea University

What distinguishes this university, which is not staff and curriculum, is the advanced and comprehensive scientific research that guarantees the graduation of doctors with great experience and are able to practice the profession with confidence and worth

London Imperial College

This university used to have several hospitals before it converged and turned into the most powerful universities in the world that include the most powerful education and scientific research systems and guarantee the teaching of medicine in both practical and theoretical parts. Large numbers of students graduate annually.

University of Adenera

It is located in the Scottish city of Adenere, which most medical students want to join because of its research excellence, the development of its teaching methods and the ingenuity of its staff.

University College London

It is located in the capital, London, and it has several centers in several places frequented by the best medical students around the world and studying the best research by the best means.

At the end of our article, we assure you that studying medicine in Britain, regardless of which university you choose, is one of the best opportunities that you can decide to take and will open the doors for you to the future and success.