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Carrot oil for tanning and its benefits on the skin


Most women use natural oils a lot in their beauty routine, which are products of natural origin that take care of our skin and hair, in addition to providing great benefits due to their multiple nutrients, and these oils include argan oil, rosehip oil or tea tree oil that you know. Large and wide, but the types of natural oils that are beneficial for your skin and hair do not end there, on this occasion we will introduce you to my lady about carrot oil and its importance for the skin, as it is considered one of the oils capable of deep nutrition due to its high content of vitamin E and vitamin A or beta-carotene, In this article, we will introduce you to carrot oil for tanning, its benefits, ways to use it, when can we use carrot oil, and why?


Benefits of carrot oil for skin and hair:

Carrot oil contains a lot of beneficial properties that are ideal for caring for face, neck, eyes, body and hair. Among them are the following:

  • Maintaining the freshness and moisture of the skin, as it is an oil rich in vitamins, it is ideal for removing wrinkles and caring for dry skin, and in addition it reduces the sebum of oily skin, so it is very useful for people who suffer from acne.
  • It repairs hair and carrot oil helps eliminate damage caused by heat, salt, wind or cold to hair, and restore its shine and volume.
  • It works as a natural tanner and if you have very light skin, you can use it to capture more sunlight and get the brown color you are looking for, but with caution and caution to avoid getting burned from strong sunlight.
  • Some studies also confirm that carrot oil relieves menstrual pain, treats kidney stones, reduces the chances of cancer, and stimulates the production of breast milk after childbirth.

Carrot oil for tanning:


Many women want to get the brown skin color through exposure to sunlight during the summer, and in order to get the perfect color, we must use carrot oil, which gives us the attractive and ideal golden color.

Of course, we know that foods rich in carotenoids, such as carrots, pumpkin or spinach, are ideal for enhancing tanning because they stimulate melanin, as we can enjoy these properties by including these foods in your diet and also by placing them on the skin, as it is one of the good ways to achieve this. It is through the use of carrot oil rich in carotenoids and antioxidants that will prepare the skin to obtain a beautiful golden color and be more protected from sun attacks, and of course you should always combine it with a sunscreen with a high protection factor so that your skin is completely protected from UVA / UVB rays, Then add a few drops of carrot oil to your sunblock when exposed to the sun.

How to make carrot oil at home?

Making carrot oil at home is very simple, you just have to simmer a few pieces of carrots in a cup of olive oil while keeping their color from browning, and when the liquid turns yellow or orange, remove it and then filter it carefully so as not Portions of carrots remain and then store in the refrigerator.

How to use carrot oil?

We can use carrot oil directly on the skin or hair, but you can also mix it with other oils such as jojoba, coconut or olive oil, and the application is accompanied with a massage, in order to make sure that all the ingredients penetrate better into the cells, and you can also eat Carrot oil is for oral administration, but it is very necessary to dilute it with water.