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Cleaning methods and furnishings inside the house


Among the things that stress every woman in the house are the different cleaning methods, especially if she wants to clean by herself. She does not want anyone else to be brought into her home to clean the cloak and furnishings inside the house; As the housewife of every home is always keen to make the contents of her home appear clean all the time. Especially those that are used to host others, such as furnishings, sofas and salons.


Therefore, in our article, we will present ways to clean sofas and furnishings inside the home with the least capabilities and affordable for every housewife. Away from the expensive cleaning companies that ask for a high price for cleaning.

General tips to help you clean sofas and furnishings inside the house

  • Regularly clean the sofa, regardless of its material, from the dust that is on it, using dry clean cloths and cleaning tools that are found in vacuum cleaners.
  • When trying any new method of cleaning or a specific powder, it is preferable to try it first on a small, invisible area of ​​the furniture, and then start using it throughout the sofa if it is successful.
  • Away from the use of bleach in cleaning.

Ways to clean sofas and furnishings inside the house

Methods for cleaning sofas and leather upholstery at home:

It is preferable before starting to refer to the cleaning methods and tips that are attached to the leather sofas that are available when buying it, and if the seller recommends a certain type for you for cleaning, do not use another.

And in the event that none of this is available to you, here is an easy, simple and guaranteed way to clean sofas and leather upholstery at home:

  • Clean the salon in the beginning using the tools included with the vacuum cleaner, with the small tool intended for fabrics, and the brush must be soft because the leather is not cloth, it cuts easily.
  • Mix a few drops of liquid hand soap in a liter of water to form a foam.
  • Bring four pieces of soft cloth, the first to be used for cleaning the salon with soap, and the second you will wipe with it. The third piece will be wet with clean water and wiped with it, and the fourth piece will be for final drying.
  • It is best to try the aforementioned steps on a small, hidden part before starting to see results.
  • Finally, use a moisturizer specifically for leather furniture. In order to moisturize the skin and protect it from exposure to cracks continuously.
  • In case of ink spots on the skin, clean with a little alcohol and blow dry it at the lowest temperature. He also prefers experimenting with discreet pieces.
  • In the event of greasy stains, it is best to wipe it with a clean, dry piece of cloth and never put water on it.

Ways to clean sofas and furnishings made of wood at home

For the salon, wooden upholstery is one of the most used types, it has a longer life span, more durable and more durable. But this does not substitute for the need for cleaning from time to time in order to maintain its shape and cleanliness.

  • Before starting the cleaning steps, use a clean, dry piece of cloth to wipe the dirt on the wood well.
  • Use a soft brush to clean the engraved and engraved parts of the furniture.
  • Pull out the dirt on the furniture through suction with a broom, so that the fabric does not get dirty as soon as you put water on it.
  • Here, use your customized anterrex cleaner, or mix water with a little detergent intended for an automatic washer. In order not to form a thick foam when cleaning it is difficult to get rid of.
  • Cleaning materials should not contain bleach, so wet the clean cloth in your mixture and squeeze it well so that the water does not get too absorbed into the sponge and cotton furniture.
  • Wipe with a piece of cloth moistened with clean water to get rid of any traces of soap, taking care not to expose the wood to water during cleaning, and wipe the wood through the appropriate polish for it later.
  • For tough stains, prepare a mixture of water and baking soda or baking powder, then apply it to the stain for minutes with rinsing.

Methods of cleaning the gilded salon

The gilded salon is one of the basic furniture for some, especially for homes that love classic furniture, and the methods of cleaning it are simple and easy, and this is done through:

Using a soft brush for cleaning, such as a brush that makes feathers, or made from natural hair. This is in order not to scratch the golden coated layer in the salon. You do not need any polishes because the golden salon is mainly characterized by shine, so avoid cleaning with water or soap that exposes the golden layer to peeling.

To clean stains

For furniture and furnishings that have stains as a result of wrong use or due to the presence of children or the occurrence of stains such as food stains, here is an effective mixture to clean what is in it:

  • Bring a cup of Persil Gel for clothes with half a cup of vinegar and a quarter cup of baking soda or carbonate.
  • In a suitable container we mix all the contents together.
  • Vinegar works to break down the foam for the soap to be without foaming, because the foam in turn leads to the presence of deposits in the lounge. It also disinfects the fabric and restores its softness, and baking soda cleans and removes stains.
  • Bring a soft brush or dishcloth, clean water, and a clean towel.
  • We obtain from the existing liquid using a loofah or a brush, and then start rubbing the stains well and very gently so as not to remove the cloth.
  • We bring a clean towel, wet it with water, then squeeze it well and wipe it with dirt, and open the fan in front of him to dry and dry, and thus we get rid of the stains.

To clean sofas and dining chairs

  • Bring chlorine colors with Dettol for sterilization or multipurpose, as it will give the appropriate sterilization and aroma.
  • We mix them with each other in a suitable plastic dish with an appropriate amount of water, then we bring a brush in the case if the sofa fabric is thick or a sponge in the case if the fabric of the sofa is silk and the most important thing is to be clean and the first use of it.
  • We start by cleaning every part of the sofa on the dry side without filling the brush with a large amount of water to avoid the water splashing everywhere and wiping clean it later.
  • The same applies to dining chairs, but do not forget to clean them from the bottom while removing traces of spider and dirt through a vacuum.
  • After finishing cleaning, we bring water mixed with fabric freshener such as Downy or Comfort and a clean cloth and start to remove traces of soap with the appropriate fragrance for the sofa.
  • In the event that you do not have a suitable freshener, bring a spray bottle and sprinkle it in the rinse water for two to three sprays, the water will be scented and thus with the rest of the furniture.
  • Then, through the squeezed cloth, we start wiping every part of the sofa, and after that we bring an old and clean towel that we do not use later on our bodies, and we begin to wipe the sofa by applying pressure so that the towel drinks the water they and the dining chairs.
  • Then we start cleaning the floor and leave the window or street door open for ventilation, and in the case of a fan, it is preferable to turn on.

For home carpet cleaning

Ways to clean sofas and furnishings inside the house

  • First, we rinse the carpet from the dirt it contains through a vacuum.
  • Bring a suitable dish with colored chlorine and water, a small cup of vinegar, and a carpet cleaning agent if available.
  • We start cleaning the carpet through rubbing, then we bring a dish that contains water and some of the appropriate freshener, then wet the cloth and squeeze it well, and we begin to remove the traces of foam that are caused by chlorine colors, while fragranting the carpet if possible.
  • We put it on the sawmill or any place suitable for ventilation, because if it was left furnished on the floor while it was wet, it would pick up all the dust that comes out from the legs during the cleaning of the sofa and the rest of the house.

Cleaning sofas and furniture made of chamois

Cleaning sofas made of chamois differs in cleaning them from all the aforementioned methods. To clean the sofas, sofas, furniture and Arab majlis made of chamois, you must follow the following:


  • If your chamois has a stain, rub that fabric immediately until the stain is completely gone.
  • Brush the stain with the suede brush, against the fabric of the fabric.
  • Dip a clean cloth in vinegar, wring it out well, and then rub it on the place of that stain to get rid of its effects permanently.
  • Allow the place to dry naturally.

In this way, you will have permanently got rid of the stain and saved your expensive fabric from traces, but remember that it is necessary not to rush to clean the chamois because it requires great care due to its sensitivity.

Tips when cleaning chamois

  • Never use water with it to clean, as it spoils the delicate fabric.
  • When cleaning, use the liquid that is sold in the shops and is specially prepared for suede, and it is absolutely not permissible to use other detergents available or less expensive. With the method indicated on the cleaning packages.
  • Chamois is one type of fabric that always needs to be kept in a well-ventilated area.
  • Avoid using strong scents with it, because the chamois absorbs odors quickly.

Questions and answers on the topic

Is there a suitable household cleaner for the leather sofas?

Yes, there is a mixture of white vinegar with linseed oil, the leather couch is well wiped with them and left for at least 8 hours. Then it is wiped with a piece of dry cloth in order to polish the sofa and then revitalize it, preferably using this mixture every three months to ensure the shine and cleanliness.

I want an inexpensive, homely way to clean a couch with wooden parts and crafts?

Often dust collects and is located inside the woodwork. Therefore, it is preferable to clean it continuously on a daily basis using a cleaning brush and wipe it through a piece of soft cloth through the following mixture:

Use an equal amount of olive oil with lemon juice, in equal parts, and it is preferable to mix them together using a spray bottle in order to ensure periodic cleaning for them.

Or preferably a mixture of

One tablespoon of white vinegar with two tablespoons of olive oil with one tablespoon of white kohl with two tablespoons of vegetable turpentine and mixing them well before use. And the weaving of the carved and woven parts with a piece of cotton or soft cloth in order to polish the furniture. As for dark wood, it is preferable to wipe it by using a damp piece of linseed oil, as this gives it an attractive shine and preserves its color.

Ways of cleaning sofas and furnishings inside the house 25

I cleaned the sofa through the bleach, is there a solution?

Unfortunately, bleaching eliminates the color of clothes and fabrics in general, and it is wrong to use bleach during sofa cleaning, so it is certain that its color has completely disappeared. There is no one to recover its color, but it is preferable to call or consult a cleaning company, as it may have a suitable solution when you see the lounge.

In the event that there are no solutions, you only need to upholster it and change its fabric, so we recommend that you always try a simple and concealed piece of the sofa before cleaning. And away from bleachers in all its forms.

Ways to clean pet hair from cloakrooms and upholstery

If you want to remove pet hair from home furniture, you should:

  • Use a piece of soft cotton cloth that contains a material to polish the furniture or a sprinkler to wipe off dirt, as it resists electrostatic charges.
  • This eliminates the electrical charge, making it easier and less likely to re-stick the hairs.
  • To remove pet whiskers from upholstery surfaces, upholstery and bedding, wear rubber gloves with a light dab of water, then rotate the hand over the surfaces.

In this way, the pet’s hair will stick to the glove, then make sure to rinse the glove when the glove is full, and it is preferable to re-wet it.

Get rid of pet hair from floors and carpets

Cat and Dog - Getting rid of pet hair from floors and carpets

In the case of cats and dogs, of course their hair piles up and fills the place very quickly, so these balls are not only hidden in the corners, but they extend to reach over the carpets. This will be exaggerated in terms of the ugliness of the appearance, and thus cause sensitivity especially in children. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the house on a daily basis through the use of a vacuum cleaner.

In the event that you get bored of daily vacuuming on carpets and floors, here is the following method:

With a rough tile brush, we wet it with water with a little liquid detergent intended for carpets and scrub the carpets daily and the floors with it. It does not take long and at the same time, it will alleviate your suffering from this problem.

Thus, we have provided methods of cleaning the sofas and furnishings inside the home with materials that are easy to obtain and do not cause fatigue and suffering in terms of effort and cost. They are less expensive compared to cleaning companies. And it is preferable not to leave the furniture until it is completely dirty or to leave the stain until it dries, in case there is a stain immediately, we clean it.

Cleaning methods are not the same, but they differ according to the type of fabric, and each type has special care, especially the chamois. Stains, if present, are easy to clean before they dry. In the case of children, it is preferable to cover the interiors, dining chairs and salons with suitable fabrics and special clothing for them.



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