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Do you want to hide all the annoying and embarrassing skin problems? Then you have to be flawless.

Are there many pimples on different areas of your face? Do you suffer from sunburn, tanning, spots and freckles? Do insomnia, lack of sleep and fatigue appear on you and spread dark circles under the eyes? Do you want to cover all of these problems? Of course you want that, so here’s everything about concealer, or what is known as concealer


What is a concealer? What are its benefits and what does it provide for the skin? How to choose the concealer suitable for your skin and how to apply it? Here is the answer to these questions and a lot of information so that you become an expert in concealers and hiding skin imperfections that cause you a lot of anxiety and embarrassment.

What is a concealer and why is it used?

No matter how tired your skin looks now, it is possible to restore its radiance and vitality by applying a little concealer or concealer to the skin, but before anything it is necessary to know about it and the benefits it gives to the skin, why and when it is used.


Concealer or concealer, its mission is to cover the imperfections that the skin suffers, so that it appears bright and revitalizes it, so the concealer is applied topically to the problematic area and is not applied to the entire skin.

Concealer has a great ability to cover thanks to its thicker texture (thicker than foundation), which makes it much better at covering problems, even if they are dark, large, or deep.

Benefits of concealer

Concealer is primarily used to cover imperfections, thus it gives you the following benefits:

  • Covering dark circles around the eyes and blackness around the mouth.
  • Hide pimples, pimples, blackheads and redness surrounding them.
  • Cover areas with redness.
  • Hide sunburn, sunburn and resulting chapping.
  • Cover signs of bruises and cuts.
  • Give skin vitality and radiance.
  • Hide freckles and enlarged pores.
  • Complete concealment of fine lines, partial concealment of early and advanced wrinkles.

What are the colors of concealer and what is the difference between them?

What are the colors of concealer and what is the difference between them?

Concealer colors are not just regular gradients, but each color guarantees that your skin will be given a certain benefit, it is more than choosing what you like about it, it depends on the problems that you want to cover and based on it you will be able to choose the color that you have to use and rely on it.

1 – orange

The orange concealer comes in a moderate color tone (neither light nor dark) and works to hide and cover darkness and even blueness in different skin areas, especially circles under the eyes and blackness around the mouth, by applying a little of it in the areas of your skin that suffer from dark color and then applying Foundation afterwards, these halos will disappear completely.

2 – Purple

Is your skin dry, rough, and dull-gray? Or do you suffer from yellowing and pallor? In such cases, this appearance of the skin can be dealt with by relying on purple concealer to revitalize your skin and make it appear as if it were radiant pink, but in general a small amount is used and you have the freedom to choose between applying it before or after the foundation cream and mixing it with it.

3 – Green color

The most common problems that cause indescribable inconvenience are the pimples, pimples, white and black heads, but it can also be dealt with and covered, but this time, depending on the green color of the concealer, it is able to reduce its puffiness and equalize its redness and redness of the surrounding area, and all there is to apply a little From it topically where pimples appeared, and then distribute a little foundation without combining it with concealer.

4 – Beige

It is possible to distinguish between 3 shades of beige (dark – medium – light) and the shade is chosen according to the color of the skin, but in general the task of this color of concealer is to highlight a specific area of ​​the face, and at the same time it can be relied upon as an alternative to all other colors of concealers If not, and to hide all skin problems, along with foundation cream.

5- Yellow

In the event that your skin suffers from tanning and sunburn and the many problems that result from it, and in the event that you want to hide the difference between the area prone to such burns between the rest of the skin, or if you are one of the people who do not prefer tanning, yellow concealer is the option that can be made. To ensure that such marks are completely hidden and very close to normal.

6 – blue color

It is one of the most distinctive colors of concealers, as it can work as both purple and green concealers, on the one hand it gives the skin brightness and vitality and brightens the areas in which it is placed and on the other hand it can work to neutralize the redness of pimples and pimples and hide them, it is an excellent choice if not Availability of time to apply two colors, or if the two problems come together at the same time.

How to choose the right concealer?

How to choose the right concealer?

After learning about the benefits that concealer guarantees for you, and after knowing the colors and what each of them offers, it is time to choose the right concealer that guarantees you concealment of your skin problems and fits them and matches their nature, color and appearance and finally achieves its natural color, and it depends on choosing the concealer that is compatible with things. The next three:

1 – The problems that your skin suffers from

There are many concealer packages that contain all the colors and thus you can rely on them, but if you suffer from one problem, for example pimples and pimples and you want to hide them, why would you have to buy a package that contains all the colors and only a limited amount of green? Why not buy a pack of concealer in green only? Which one depends on choosing which color you need.


2 – The nature of your skin and the amount of oils

Unlike the method of choosing other creams, concealer is heavy in nature, and choosing a concealer that is too thick for oily skin means that the pores are suffocated and the problems that result from this increase. Likewise, for dry skin, choosing a liquid concealer will not provide the required coverage.

In short, you can rely on creamy concealers for all skin types, and on liquid concealers for oily and thick skin for dry skin, ensuring that you get the maximum benefits from them all.

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3 – Your skin tone

All concealer colors are suitable for all skin colors except for beige, there is a spectrum of this color as mentioned above, and it is necessary to rely on what suits you, especially since the beige concealer can act on all colors and work its work, and your choice of it depends on your skin color, as follows:

  • For tan skin, dark beige should be chosen.
  • Choose the normal shade of corny skin.
  • As for white skin, you must rely on light beige.

How to prepare concealer at home?

How to prepare concealer at home?

What if you don’t have concealer? What if you have already finished but you need to apply it now without being able to purchase a new packaging? Then the solution is to prepare the concealer yourself, using simple materials and ingredients that are always available to everyone.

the ingredients

You need an equal amount of foundation and powder or powder foundation, provided they are of the same color.


Put both cream and powder in a suitable container and mix them together and adjust the texture according to the nature of your skin, and then put the mixture when it becomes homogeneous in an airtight package, and use as usual.


You can make concealer with colors, if you have eye shadow, but without a shine, add a small amount of the color you want and mix it well.

How to apply concealer (concealer)?

How to apply concealer (concealer)?

Here, you have chosen the correct concealer for your skin color, nature, and the problems you suffer from, and here we have come to the most important part, which is the way to apply it to the skin so that it actually guarantees obtaining its benefits and actually guarantees the best coverage of the problems you suffer from, and the matter is done through the following 5 steps:

1 – Skin cleaning and moisturizing

The first step is preparing the skin by first cleaning it using a specific lotion, then drying and moisturizing it and waiting a few minutes for the skin to absorb the moisturizing cream, and then applying sun protection cream (in case the foundation does not contain sun protection factor) and primer If it is available or if you depend on it.

2 – Apply concealer

Now the role of a concealer, so the desired color is applied to each skin problem that you want to hide, by applying a little concealer to the small or medium-sized brush, and then distributing it on the skin in the right place in the form of light strokes so that we get a suitable distribution of thin concealer And repeat the matter in case you want to obtain a better degree of coverage.

3 – Apply foundation cream

Concealer cannot be left in its colors like this, it must be covered with foundation cream, but you must pay attention during this step so that the cream is not confused with the concealer, but rather the coverage, how that is, by applying the foundation cream by relying on a make-up sponge and in light strokes without adopting a wiping motion or Massage.

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4 – Complete the make-up as normal

After completing the coverage of concealer, it became possible to complete the make-up as usual, from applying mascara and eyeliner in addition to contouring, bronzer, highlighter and the end of lipstick, meaning in short, the makeup is applied in the normal way and style, and you can, as a last step, spray a little fixer.

5 – Remove makeup and moisturize the skin

Concealer works to hide skin problems, but at the same time we do not want them to worsen and grow, and this is caused by leaving cosmetics on them, so it is necessary to completely clean the skin of make-up by relying on perfumed wipes or the appropriate lotion, and then water and then drying Skin and apply a moisturizing cream.

In the end, no matter how careful you are in your choice of concealer, your skin and the way it deals with concealer is the rule, and therefore it is necessary to notice the final appearance of your skin after applying the concealer and based on that, you can either try a new type or rely on this type permanently.

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