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Everything you need to know about the rupture of ankle ligaments



Tear of the ankle ligaments is one of the most common sports injuries. It usually occurs as a result of a wrong movement that leads to twisting of the ankle joint, which is a painful injury that leads to swelling in the affected foot, so the injured cannot move or walk without pain.



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What is a torn ankle ligaments?

The ankle ligaments connect the bones that make up the ankle joint with each other, so the ligament connects the shin bone with the shin bone, and the ankle joint has internal and external ligaments that stabilize the foot.

A torn ankle ligament, also known as an ankle sprain, is divided into two types: a low ankle sprain and a high ankle sprain.

  1. Low ankle sprain: It is the most common type and occurs when the ankle is sprained inward or when the ligaments responsible for attaching the shinbone to the ankle bone are torn apart. Also, when a low ankle sprain occurs, the three ligaments that are located on the outside of the ankle can be damaged. This is usually not needed. Kind of injuries to surgery, but treatment is done under the supervision of a doctor.
  2. Sprained ankle elevation: It is the least common and most dangerous. It is often required to have surgery because the regular treatment is not sufficient. In this case, the strong ligaments that join the lower leg bones with each other will tear, which may lead to the spacing of the two bones.

What are the symptoms of a torn ankle ligaments?

A sprained ankle is usually accompanied by sudden pain, and some may feel a crackling sound when a sprain occurs, while the first signs of an ankle ligament tear are swelling and strong bruising in the area. When a low ankle sprain occurs, the bruising spreads to the foot and toes, and swelling may occur on the outer side of the ankle.

When the ankle ligaments rupture, you cannot walk on the injured foot, so you will feel severe pain and you will not be able to bear all your weight on that foot.

What are the preliminary measures to be taken in the event of a torn ankle ligament?

There are some procedures or first aid that must be taken as soon as an ankle sprain or ankle ligament rupture occurs, which includes:

  • Putting ice on the affected area to cool it and prevent swelling or inflammation in the joint.
  • Applying a compression bandage to the affected ankle and keeping the leg elevated also reduces ankle swelling.
  • Rest is very important, so you should avoid walking or loading the overweight joint.
  • After performing these procedures, the doctor must be consulted as soon as possible to be able to determine the type of injury and its degree of severity and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

How does ankle ligament rupture happen?

In 85% of cases, ankle ligament rupture occurs as a result of a sprained ankle while running or walking, and this injury occurs frequently in soccer when errors occur during running or kicking the ball, and in general the risk of tearing ankle ligaments increases in soccer sports such as tennis, soccer , Basketball or volleyball. This type of accident usually causes bone fractures, joint damage, or tendon injury, as well as torn ligaments.

How is a torn ankle ligament diagnosed?

To make an accurate diagnosis of this condition, the doctor begins by asking you how the injury occurred in detail, then he examines the joint carefully. The doctor may request an x-ray image, as this image is important to ensure that there is no fracture or damage to the bone, which often accompanies a sprained ankle and ligament rupture, while X-ray images do not help in differentiating between a low ligament tear or a high ligament tear and cannot detect a torn meniscus. Or minute fractures, so the doctor often requests magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for more accurate results, as this type of imaging can detect all types of injuries that we mentioned.

How can a torn ankle ligament be treated?

After diagnosing the injury, the doctor determines the appropriate treatment method. In most cases, surgery is not required. Rather, treatment depends on ankle orthosis, the use of crutches, or in some cases the use of medical walking shoes. Physical therapy is the first step to rehabilitating the ankle.

In the event of severe infection or persistence of symptoms after physical therapy, the doctor resorts to surgery.

Treatments for torn ankle ligaments

Ankle ligament surgery: Surgery in the event that the joint remains unstable

In up to 20% of cases of a lower ankle sprain, the ankle may remain unstable despite physiotherapy. In such a case, surgery is the best option. This surgery is known as Prostrom collateral ligament repair surgery, which is an open procedure that is performed by creating A wound or small incision on the outer side of the ankle to repair the torn ligaments. The doctor usually uses small metal staples to secure the ligaments to the bone.

What happens after surgery for a torn ankle ligament?

After the procedure, the ankle needs about six weeks in a cast or special shoes to allow the ligaments to fully heal, during this period you can use crutches for mobility.

The success rate of this operation is very high, in most cases it succeeds in restoring stability to the joint and the torn ligaments heal without any complications, but you should be patient first, you must relieve pressure on the ankle as much as possible and use armpit crutches carefully to obtain support when moving during the first few days and weeks of the operation. .

 Finally, with regard to physical therapy and joint rehabilitation, it will not be beneficial until after the symptoms subside.


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