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Features and types of Close Up toothpaste


Lots of people choose their toothpaste, based on the color or flavor indicated on the label, without considering its properties. Where the toothpaste should be good and suitable for cleaning the mouth. The problem is that toothpaste brands rely on advertising tricks to attract consumers’ attention, but we recommend Close Up toothpaste.

The origin of toothpaste goes back to its development in the Arabian Peninsula 4,000 years ago, when the first evidence of toothpaste was found in an Egyptian manuscript from the fourth century BC. Which was a sign of good hygiene and breeding to show white and shiny teeth. In ancient Egypt, dentists knew the harmful effects of neglecting teeth.

What should I know about Close Up Toothpaste?

Clubs Up is an American brand of toothpaste, launched by the multinational Dutch-British company Unilever in 1967, as the first gel toothpaste to be marketed around the world. Close Up toothpaste is also available in the Philippines, Peru, Argentina, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India And Iran, Brazil, Russia, Nigeria and Bangladesh.

Close Up is recommended for regular cleaning two to three times per day, and after each meal. It has several varieties, including Red Hot, Yellow Core, Green Explorer and Crystal Frost, and is sold in tubes of 120g. And the flagship product, Close Up Extra Mint is rich in multi-action ingredients that strengthen and whiten teeth.

Close Up Toothpaste Features

Close Up Toothpaste is the 1st product that combines toothpaste and mouthwash in one formula. It is also one of the first oral care brands targeting people between the ages of 15 and 25, and Close Up is doubling its efforts to improve oral health by introducing various oral health care programs in the school.

How to choose a good toothpaste?

There are toothpastes for different needs. Therefore, the choice cannot be based on a matter of luck or visual appeal. If anything, it is that the color of the toothpaste does not give it special properties. Neither green toothpaste is more natural, nor is blue toothpaste made with medicines. Of course, white toothpaste does not whiten.

Assuming you have perfect dental health, you can choose a toothpaste that provides cleanliness and fresh breath, however, if you are suffering from any kind of condition, you should consider the other ingredients of the product before making this decision. Like Close Up toothpaste.

Types of Close Up Toothpaste

There are several types of this product, including:

Close Up Toothpaste Deep Action Peppermint Freshness

Close Up Deep Action Toothpaste Gel gives you three fresh breaths. It consists of a mouthwash and also contains zinc, which fights germs that cause bad breath, by 99%. Thus 12 hours of recovery can be obtained.

Closeup Deep Action mainly consists of micro shiny crystals that effectively whiten teeth by removing tartar as well as fluoride to strengthen teeth.

Red Hot Gel Toothpaste:

Close Up Toothpaste Red

Triple Action Anti-Bacterial Formula Close Up 80g, a toothpaste enriched with an anti-bacterial mouthwash formula with active zinc that fights up to 99% of germs. It eliminates bad breath for a period of up to 12 hours.

It is a gel that purifies and cleans all parts of the mouth. It also contains natural extracts of tea tree and eucalyptus that leave you feeling refreshed.

Close Up Fresh Green Gel Toothpaste (Menthol Fresh):

The amazing formula of this toothpaste, with green gel and antibacterial mouthwash, helps kill 99% of the germs that cause bad breath, giving you a fresh breath for an entire day full of confidence.

It also contains Microshine Crystals that effectively whiten the teeth by removing the yellow color from the teeth after each brushing.

Close Up Natural Toothpaste:

It is a toothpaste that gives a naturally white smile in just two weeks with New Closeup White Attraction Natural Glow, formulated with coconut extract and bamboo charcoal.

It was one of the first toothpaste brands in the Philippines to combine eliminating bad breath with whiter teeth, and was an excellent product.

Close Up Diamond Toothpaste 100g:

Created in conjunction with aesthetic dentists, Close Up White Attraction Diamond Gel Toothpaste gives this product the power of gravity you need. And thanks to the blue light technology, it makes your teeth whiter.

It also gradually whitens the teeth, and while brushing the teeth, it helps remove yellow stains. But bleaching is an instant visual effect that is measured with a digital imaging system.

Close Up Natural Smile Toothpaste 100g:

Use this product to obtain a naturally white smile in just two weeks with the new White Attraction Natural Smile, formulated with lemon extract and sea ​​salt .



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