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Feelings of heart and pain associated with it, although tests confirm his safety

The heart is the most important organ of the human body, as it is considered the main engine of all the body’s organs, and its health means its health, and it is a strong muscle characterized by frequent contraction regularly throughout life to pump blood in all parts of the body through the blood circulation, and this amazing muscle may suffer from several diseases that affect it Such as ischemia, heart failure and arrhythmia in it, and it differs from the rest of the body’s organs in many respects. The heart is an organ that is affected by emotions such as joy and sadness. It is also affected by psychological stress resulting from the burdens of life. It is affected by the atmosphere and climate and has an electrical language such as the brain, muscles and nerves, and any difference in these. Language means the occurrence of a specific problem.



The heartbeat speeds up upon exertion or fear, and it may slow down a little when sleeping and accelerate when seeing disturbing dreams to a large extent. A person feels his strong pulse, and he may be affected by disease of other parts of the body, and he may get sick on his own and develop strokes or ischemia, etc.

The heart is like any other organ in the human body that feels pain, which may arise from any part of the heart such as arteries, valves, muscle and membranes, and there are many types of these pains. For example, we mention:

Pain that may affect the heart

Pain due to ischemia

It is the lack of blood supply to the heart muscle, regardless of the causes of this deficiency, the symptoms come in various forms, such as a feeling of heaviness in the chest, heat, and pain like a knife stab, spreading to the arm and neck, and shortness of breath, and the most important examples of this are the pain resulting from acute heart attacks.

Stress pains

Stress induced CM and myocarditis are somewhat similar to the pain of a heart attack.

Cardiac pains


It is the feeling of stabbing pain that increases with breathing and with lying down.


And we will explain it in detail in this topic due to the frequent questions and complaints from some about it, as stunts can be explained as light pains for several seconds, the intensity and sensation of which varies from person to person and it occurs in young people, especially in women, and often these patients’ examinations and analyzes are from ECG and imaging. Radiation and cardiac electrical stress test within normal limits, and doctors confirm that there is no heart problem and their heart is healthy and that the pain they feel may be due to irritable bowel syndrome, acidity in the stomach, reflux in the esophagus or as a result of psychological stress, and since the symptoms are persistent in the patient He feels it in his heart, so the patient continues to move from one doctor to another and from one hospital to another, accompanied by fear of having heart strokes that lead to sudden death.

What are the causes of hiccups

In this case, the patient and the doctor are honest in what they say and believe, so the patient feels that these symptoms are in his heart despite conducting some tests and analyzes that have proven that there are no other causes from the common causes mentioned above, and the doctor is also honest in his decisions and his diagnosis that these symptoms are not dangerous and do not cause the patient. Any current or future medical problems and his heart checks are sound, and here both parties find themselves in a situation that baffles the patient and his family, they find it difficult to accept something that they do not know what its nature and the patient’s suffering from it is continuous and the doctor cannot convince the patient that his heart is healthy and advises him to search for other causes for his condition other than Cardiac problem.

The nature of the ailments varied and the way the patient explained his condition

These tendencies are often of varying nature and severity, and we must focus more on the fact that many patients may mean different things that they associate with the word tease, so the doctor must ask in detail about what does the word “tease” mean? And when do you get it? How and where is it obtained? When it increases and what are the things that reduce it? These patients do not have a single diagnosis, but there may be several diseases that share these symptoms, and therefore each case is taken and studied separately until a final diagnosis is reached, and it may have more than one reason, after excluding the case of muscle pain and bones of the rib cage and diseases related to the esophagus, stomach and gallbladder, as well as the case of the colon. Neurotransmitter may be caused by an increased impulse “atrial or ventricular” or due to a relaxation of the mitral valve or due to the effect of the hormone “estrogen” on the heart muscle, or a state of constriction in the arteries of the heart.

Finally, after confirming and denying the presence of organic diseases that cause these symptoms, there is a group of patients who have what is called “cardiac neurosis” and can respond to treatment with anti-anxiety medications.

Rest assured the symptoms will disappear

Most of these symptoms disappear with age, and it is a rare condition if it affects women over the age of forty or men over the age of fifty. Sudden death, but it causes distress to the patient who suffers from it during the performance of his daily duties, and its treatment is often easy and easy by choosing a specific cardiologist to follow the case and return to him whenever these symptoms are repeated, where the doctor explains and details the complaint to the patient and its causes and gives him the appropriate treatment for his condition even if the prescribed medications What the patient feels better is without an organic “placebo effect”. It has been found that many patients improve their condition after following a daily walking program and some exercise, and this is a topic that should be discussed with patients.

One final tip

It should be noted that the patient’s resorting to visiting several doctors hoping to find a solution with one of them is a wrong and bad decision for the patient, and he is the only loser because every disease has a medicine and the rapid development in the field of medicine, especially heart disease, reveals more treatment horizons, and the patient must follow one doctor he trusts With its efficiency and effectiveness, the patient can request a second medical opinion, which the treating doctor coordinates to check on the progress of the treatment and the treatment plan, as the patient’s understanding of his condition may be somewhat wrong and what he suffered as a result of side effects of the drug may be easy to control and your doctor who supervises your condition has all previous reports and examinations that It was used to diagnose your condition and can be referred to it to ask about any point related to your condition and medical history.


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