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Find out the names of soft drinks

The soft drink market is one of the most competitive and profitable markets in the world, whether the name of the soft drink (soda – pop – cola – soft drinks – Coca Cola – Cherry Cola).


If you want to get to know the most popular and traded brands on the market, you should check out what is in our next article for soft drink aficionados.

Soft drinks

Soft drinks are considered industrial drinks because they contain a percentage of gases and preservatives , in addition to a number of different flavors to distinguish one drink from another.

It has spread among the circles to drink these drinks in the summer, because of the high temperatures, as they refresh and reduce the air temperature.

There are many brands of these drinks, which differ from one company to another, and in our article we will introduce you to the most important soft drinks in the world.

Coca Cola Coca-Cola

Coca Cola

A soft drink produced in the year 1886 for the first time, when it was produced by John Stith of the American pharmacist, and this drink contains carbon dioxide with the addition of sugar as a sweetener or aspartame, in addition to caffeine and cola.

The Coca-Cola brand topped the list of the most widespread soda brands in the world, according to the Terrific Top 10, thanks to its founder in the late 1800’s.

Despite the fierce competition with PepsiCo, it still tops the list.



Pepsi is a type of cola syrup manufactured by PepsiCo, and this soft drink has a number of special flavors according to tastes, and some of these types include Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Vanilla, Crystal Pepsi, Pepsi without sugar, Pepsi Cola with sugar, and Pepsi without sugar Caffeine.

Pepsi is one of everyone’s favorite soft drinks, due to the lower calories it contains compared to other soft drinks.

The company (Pepsi) was established in 1898, and the drink was named by this name because it contains the enzyme pepsin , which helps in the digestive process.

7Up 7Up

seven Up

A soft drink also produced by PepsiCo, and it was first produced in 1929, and its components are a percentage of pure soft water and some elements of compounds such as sugar, sodium and lemon, and it has many benefits because it is considered a natural drink and has a role in calming stomach pain.

Sprite Sprite

Coca-Cola Sprite

A caffeine-free soft drink produced by Coca-Cola, it was produced for the first time in 1961 in America to compete with the popularity of Seven Up, which was able to surpass its competition.

Fanta Fanta


The brand (Fanta) was among the most popular brands of soda companies in the world, and it is a slogan for a fruit-flavored soda drink, which was created in Germany during World War II, in 1941, and the credit for its creation goes to (Max Keith), the director of the company in Germany who made the product Available in Germany only, and quickly spread to the rest of Europe, and there are more than 100 flavors of (Fanta) products, but orange, apple, pineapple, and grape flavors are the main flavors.

Fanta is another of the most popular soft drinks produced by the Coca-Cola Company, and there are at least 100 different flavors around the world, but the most popular is Fanta Orange, and other flavors include fruit flavor, citrus, pineapple, strawberry and others.

It is one of the most preferred brands by adults and young children.


This soft drink was first produced in 1960 in Spain and is available in the market in several flavors of fruits such as pineapple, orange, apple, grapefruit, strawberry, and grape, and in recent times some other flavors have appeared for this product in the Egyptian market, Saudi Arabia as a flavor of tamarind and hibiscus, Pomegranate, tamarind and tangerine.



A soft drink prepared from natural fruits that contains sugar, water, berry juice and natural fruits, in addition to containing cola extract. It was produced in Britain for the first time in 1908, and is considered one of the main favorite juices during Ramadan.

Canada Dry Canada Dry

Canada Dry

Canadian soft drink, first produced in 1904, and marketed by the American Pepper Snape Company

And the flavor of Canada Dry is similar to that of wine, due to the combination of ginger and soda.



It is a soft drink that is among the top 10 soft drinks in the world for 2017, and it is also a product of the Coca-Cola Company.

It is a type of juice that has a number of flavors but the orange flavor is always my favorite.

It is also characterized by its low calories compared to other drinks, as its ingredients are natural, and there is a type of it without sugar.

The benefits of soft drinks

  • Soft drinks have a role in removing tough stains from clothes, such as fats, oils, grease, or blood.
  • Removes rust, dirt, and tough stains from toilets.
  • It is used to clean cooking tools.

Harmful soft drinks

Harmful soft drinks

  • It causes weight gain because it contains high levels of sugar.
  • It increases the damage to the teeth and exposes the teeth to the risk of decay due to the acids they contain.
  • It increases the risk of developing diabetes.
  • Cause digestive problems.
  • It is considered the main cause of osteoporosis, because soft drinks contain phosphorous acid, and increasing doses of them raise the level of phosphorous in the blood, which leads to a deficiency of calcium in the blood.
  • Drinking it in unbalanced quantities increases blood pressure.
  • Reduces sperm count in males.
  • It is advised not to drink excessive soft drinks in order to preserve overall health.
  • It is also advised that children not drink soft drinks because of their great harm to them.


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