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Food that helps to focus … Dining for exam or meeting

Are you finding it difficult to stay focused? Do you want to be fully prepared for the upcoming exam? Or do you want to be the best at your next business meeting? So the first place to go is the kitchen and make sure you eat food that helps focus. What you eat affects your brain, not just your body.



What focus food should I eat in order for my brain to be at its highest? Of course, you will not put olive oil in your car until the engine starts, and so on, until you are at the height of mental and physical activity, you have to choose the right food, and you are able to do the best 10 types.

10 – Food that helps focus: Walnut – Walnut

Walnuts provide the body with energy and give it a lot in the long run, as it is rich in vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that works to reduce the decline in mental abilities, cognition and cognitive functions with age, in addition to the amino fats it contains that increase concentration.

How to eat it

You can eat it in its normal form, but without roasting, that is, it must be eaten without adding salt to it, and you can also prepare many dishes that contain it, such as eating it with oats or preparing green leaf salad or watercress salad and adding a little to it, and even in sweets, you can prepare a cake with walnuts Or a cupcake.

9 – Food that helps focus: spinach


Spinach contains lutein in addition to beta-carotene, and the most important thing is folic acid, this content is one of the most important nutrients that fight dementia and the deterioration of the state of the brain with age in addition to increasing intellectual activity, so you find nutritionists recommend eating spinach two or three times a week.

How to eat it

The most popular way to rely on spinach is to prepare it in the form of pies filled with spinach with walnuts, pomegranate and spices, but what do you think about getting its benefits in a concentrated form? This is possible by relying on it instead of parsley in the tabbouleh, so all you have to do is clean it and then chop it smoothly and complete the rest of the ingredients as they are as it can be eaten by cooking it with acid, garlic and onions, and you have the freedom to choose whether to add meat to it or not.

8 – Food that helps focus: black chocolate

Green tea

Black chocolate boosts serotonin and endorphin levels, which are closely related to increased concentration, in addition to being an important source of vitamins and minerals such as copper, potassium, magnesium and antioxidants.

How to eat it

Dark chocolate (black – free of milk, which contains the least amount of sugar and the largest content of cocoa) adds a wonderful taste to all recipes that include it, besides eating a piece of it with your cup of coffee, you can prepare the chocolate sauce and add it to the oats or you can add it to the healthy cake For dieting, or you can prepare mocha by preparing it with skimmed milk and adding dark chocolate to it and any other ingredients you prefer.

7 – Food that helps focus: salmon


Salmon is one of the best sources for supplying the body with omega-3, which plays a fundamental role in improving the intellectual and cognitive functions of the brain and preventing the deterioration of its cells, in addition to strengthening the areas of nerve attachment (thorns) in the brain responsible for memory.

How to eat it

There are many recipes for preparing salmon, but the simplest and most wonderful of them are: Put an amount of mashed garlic with onions and rosemary (rosemary) in the pan with a little vegetable oil, and the salmon was prepared with the spices you want in addition to a little lemon juice, and it is taken with a plate From salad or spinach tabbouleh or natural juice.

6- Food that helps focus: beetroot


Beetroot can be the best in terms of increasing concentration, as a result of the nitrates it contains, which expand blood vessels and thus increase and enhance the flow of oxygen-carrying blood to the brain, which means improving intellectual and cognitive abilities.

How to eat it

Boil it by placing beetroot without peeling in a bowl containing water on the fire and waiting for an hour to an hour and a half, then it is peeled and you can eat it like this alone or prepare the most delicious types of salads by cutting it into cubes or strips, sprinkling carrots, chop the cabbage, add some spices (as desired) and stir Components together.


5- Food that helps focus: berries


Not only because of its high antioxidant content, but also because of its effective role in improving memory and the ability to remember, as well as the vitamins and minerals it contains, and most importantly, it has a wonderful taste.

How to eat it

It is always preferable to eat berries in their natural form or prepare fresh juice depending on them, but you can also add them with walnuts to your oatmeal dish, or prepare cake or cupcakes with adding an amount of berries to the mixture and then bake them as usual, this will add a lot of benefit and flavor.

4 – Food that helps focus: spices


There are many types of spices, some of which provide the body with antioxidants, such as oregano, and some of them work to enhance brain activity and fight memory deterioration, especially with age, such as turmeric, in addition to improving the psychological state and increasing the speed of burning fats, such as chili pepper.

How to eat it

Fortunately, Arabic foods and dishes are rich in spices, so eating them is a given, but you can also boost your food content by adding a little of it to your plate at the table, but the most important rule is not to overdo it.

3 – Food that helps focus: green tea

Green tea

In addition to all the antioxidants that green tea provides to the body, it contains an adequate amount of caffeine, sufficient to give your brain a boost of activity without any negative side effects.

How to eat it

In the event that you are one of the people who do not prefer to eat immediately after they wake up, you can start your day with a large cup of green tea, in addition to having a cup or two of it after each meal and even between meals, but the basic condition is that no amount of sugar is added to it and you may find it difficult At first, but with getting used to, the tea will become this delicious.

2 – Food that helps focus: coffee


Caffeine stimulates the brain and increases focus, but you have to work to create a balance between the benefit it gives and the damage it leaves, such as insomnia, anxiety, increased heart rate, and other symptoms that accompany overeating.

How to eat it

It is not necessary to drink a large amount of coffee in order not to show its damages, but you can get the benefits that it provides by: eating a small cup in the morning, but after eating breakfast – eating a small cup before the exam or meeting (that is, before work that needs you to focus heavily) You can have a small cup after noon nap so that you can continue the day actively, and the coffee you drink should be without sugar.

1 – Food that helps focus: water


Water offers many benefits, the most important of which is hydration of the body from the inside and enhancing its brown and intellectual activity, so often a glass of water is what you need to restore your activity and ability to focus.

How to eat it

On average, drink 2 liters of water, but not in one go, but you have to choose the correct times for that: a cup immediately after waking up – a cup before breakfast and a cup before lunch (half an hour) – several cups separating meals – a cup before bed, making sure From eating foods that contain plenty of water.

By getting to know the previous 10 types of foods that help with concentration, it will be easy for your food to guarantee them, so you can go to an exam or business meeting with confidence.



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