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Growing onions at home


Onions are one of the foods that can never be dispensed with in kitchens, as they give dishes a special flavor, and it is included in a large number of recipes and appetizers, in addition to that, onions are rich in healthy nutrients necessary for the health of our bodies.


Onions are vegetables that are needed in order to grow well in a climate where many temperature changes occur. It is a cold-tolerant plant, but it needs a few hours of natural light every day, when we choose the ground, it is a good idea to take this need into account, and choose a place where it is exposed to the sun.

By reading this article, you will learn how to grow onions at home step-by-step in the correct way to get them fresh.

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Information about growing onions

Onions are a plant that can be grown anywhere, such as in your home garden or even in potted plants indoors, in order for planting to be successful, you must fulfill some of the necessary criteria, namely:

  • Onions should be planted on the surface of the ground.
  • The seasons for growing onions are spring, summer and winter (any time of the year except for autumn)
  • It is harvested 4 months after planting.
  • To plant onions in pots, you need to fill each pot with 3 liters of soil, or the soil is more than 20 cm deep.
  • If you want to grow onions in your home garden, you have to plant the plants in lines, the distance between each line is about 40 cm, and within each line, the distance between each plant should be at least 15 cm.
  • Onions need good soil, meaning the soil must be rich in nutrients and fertilizers in order to grow. It does not prefer sandy or clay soil.
  • Onions take potassium and phosphorous from the soil and do not need nitrogen. Therefore, we recommend that if the soil is old, add a fertilizer that includes these elements. This applies to soil in plant or garden pots.
  • Onions prefer places that are well exposed to the sun, especially during the weeks when the bulbs are forming.
  • Onions do not need much water, so they should be watered in moderation, and 20 days before harvesting, you should stop watering them.
  • Onions are harvested when the tips of the leaves turn yellow, curl and break. At this stage, the onions are ripe. In order to harvest it from garden soil or pots, you need to use a fork, after that, leave it in the sun for two weeks.
  • While growing onions, you must remove all the weeds that grow on the soil.
  • The ideal temperature for onions is between 15-25 ° C, which is also suitable for growing other plants such as strawberries, carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes. So it is possible to grow onions with these crops, but it is not recommended to grow them with legumes.

Growing onions in the home garden

In the home garden, plant the seeds in shallow grooves, leaving space between each seed. If the soil is poor in mineral elements, you should add compost to it, never use synthetic fertilizer.

In areas with harsh winters and snowfall, we recommend planting onions in greenhouses or indoors. The soil should still be too wet or clay.

The spring season is suitable for planting small bulbs and not seeds, so plant the small bulbs in the topsoil and leave a distance of 10 cm between each bulb.

How to grow onions in pots

If you do not have available space or land at home to create a vegetable garden, you can grow onions in pots on your balcony or patio. The planting method is very simple and easy, you don’t need to attend a farming and horticulture course to do this, you just have to bring good soil and choose the pots to plant in and the right place to put these pots.

The first thing you need to do is put soil in the pots. You can buy soil at a supply store or get it for free from any garden or natural place. Choose darker soil because it contains more mineral elements. Do not use synthetic fertilizers to enhance the soil, you have to rely only on organic fertilizers. Artificial fertilizers, although they make plants grow faster, are harmful to health. And since you decide to grow onions at home on your own, you most likely care about your health.

If the soil is very dry or light in color, you should add compost to it and mix the compost in it well, then allow it to settle for at least two weeks before planting.

The pots should be at least 20 cm deep and 30 cm wide.When planting, you need to leave a distance of 15 cm between each seed, otherwise the onion will grow and will not have enough space.

For the first months, you should water the bulbs on a daily basis and keep them in a fairly sunny location. You should check it every day to see if it has any deficiency or excess in something, and with time, you will become an expert in growing onions.

Harvest is 4 months after planting, at which point you will enjoy healthy, fresh onions that are completely free of harmful pesticides or artificial fertilizers.



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