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Health and beauty with medicinal and cosmetic honey uses

17 thousand bees to produce half a kilo of honey with a visit of about 10 million flowers, this valuable food in addition to its miraculous production creates wonders in the body.


Yes, it tastes pleasant and easy to swallow, but can honey be considered a medicine? Can it be used in the field of medicine, health and beauty?


Honey This natural product, which has been used for centuries, has the taste and aroma of the flowers from which it was produced. It has an important place in our lives due to its relaxing effect on body wounds, burns, mouths and mucous membranes, as well as its uses in many cosmetics, hair and skin care.

Honey is a natural elixir for beauty and health at the same time, as we can use it on the skin, hands and hair, in addition to its effects on public health, and with us we will learn about the most important uses of this magic ingredient.

The importance of honey

Honey ranks first among the valuable foods that nature has provided us because it contains many minerals that are beneficial to our health as well as nutritious.

According to the type of honey, it is a loyal friend of the human body with various beneficial ingredients, so honey is among the miracle foods that are a guarantee for a healthy and high quality life.

Among these beneficial elements for the body there are:

  • Magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, zinc, copper and iron.
  • Many vitamins necessary for a healthy body building, including vitamins A, B, C, D, H, and K.
  • It contains large amounts of enzymes, amino acids, dietary fiber, and folic acid.
  • It is made up of 75 percent sugar.
  • Contains water and some trace amounts of substances collected from flowers.

Healthy uses of honey

For thousands of years, honey has not only been used in food and beverages but also as an important solution to treat illnesses and injuries, and today it adds health to other foods in addition to medicinal applications. Honey provides additional health benefits when combined with other foods such as cinnamon, ginger, pollen, and apple cider vinegar.

Honey and health are balanced with each other, and one of the most important factors of concern about the use of honey is understanding the different types of flowers, their appearance and quality, and experiencing their special taste that the bees landed on and made honey from them to find out which type of honey has its own benefits and is the most ideal to use in the treatment of various diseases.

Honey and sports

Honey is the first support for all athletes, whether amateur or professional, as it provides sufficient fuel (energy) for the muscles because it helps to store energy for those who exercise that need a high content of carbohydrates.

An athlete should consume honey before exercise as it is one of the most efficient sources of carbohydrates for digestion.

And using honey after heavy exercise helps your muscles recover more quickly and quickly.

To lose extra weight

If you want to lose weight, you should consume honey instead of consuming refined sugar. Drinking juice with cinnamon and a spoonful of honey on an empty stomach helps you lose weight faster.

Honey for respiratory system diseases

Honey is most beneficial for colds and is more beneficial than cough syrup.

Adding a spoonful of honey to a teaspoon of lemon juice in a cup of water helps treat sinus congestion, fluid deficiency, and flu.

Reduces the occurrence of a heart attack

Did you know that cinnamon and honey mixed and consumed every day reduces cholesterol by 10%?

When taken at regular intervals, this combination reduces the risk of a heart attack, and it also reduces the rate of recurrence of the attack in people who have had a previous heart attack.

Honey strengthens memory

It is recommended to consume honey daily during test and exam periods.

Honey is a cure for skin problems

It improves skin problems such as dermatitis and dandruff, and honey soothes and relieves itching. As it naturally contains amino acids, vitamins and sugars that enter the body and can be absorbed easily, which helps the skin to look bright and healthy.

Honey and energy

Honey is considered a tonic and not only contributes more energy, but also helps fight fatigue.

If honey is used as a treatment for two or three weeks or throughout the year, it is considered as fuel or energy. It can be eaten in the morning by adding cheese with a spoonful of honey.Although it is very sweet, honey does not contain sucrose such as sugar, but also contains fructose and glucose, natural and important for the health of the body and providing the necessary energy to fight stress, fatigue and lethargy.

It helps us eat better and keeps our energy high always, allowing us to deal with physical and psychological problems more easily during the day.

Honey for anemia:

It is recommended that people suffering from anemia consume honey (pine or chestnut) and then study the hemoglobin level with regular consumption of this honey.

Honey against burns and wounds

Honey has been used for thousands of years to naturally treat mild burns due to its healing properties and its ability to speed up the wound healing process and the healing of burns, and with daily use, honey allows small surface wounds in the skin to heal faster.

The healing process for wounds and burns is facilitated by the enzyme gluco-oxidase secreted by bees in honey, which converts part of the glucose into hydrogen peroxide, which determines the pH of honey, which is hostile to the spread of bacteria, and stimulates the reactivation of wounds and burns and the formation of tissues necessary for healing.

In dressings that are used directly to apply to a wound or burn, honey is added to it to speed up healing.

Honey positively affects the formation of wound moisture, promotes the formation of new tissues and skin, and prevents inflammation because it contains ingredients that stimulate the growth of various germs.

It is preferable to use honey produced from thyme or lavender flowers to treat this type of infection.

Honey for tooth decay

In fact, the effect of honey on the teeth depends on the quantities that are consumed, so moderation should be made in consuming honey so that the teeth and gums are also protected.

If you add generously a tablespoon of honey to your tea, you can count on a certain level of protection.

Honey is an antibiotic

Honey is a natural antibiotic with tremendous efficiency, and this is because it contains two proteins that prevent the production and spread of bacteria and thus limit their presence in the areas to be treated.

It also plays an important role in improving the immune system.


Strong anti-inflammatory

Honey does not tolerate bacterial growth for several reasons, the first of which is that the bacterial cells drain into the water and thus they shrink and eventually die, and on the other hand, with glucose oxide, it contains an enzyme that is permanently converted into purified hydrogen peroxide.

Among the qualities of honey is known to be anti-inflammatory and powerful that heals the body and soothes the most damaged skin.

Honey is used on the skin affected by eczema or psoriasis, and honey reveals all its anti-inflammatory power by diluting it immediately.

Honey is a powerful antiseptic

Honey helps destroy multi-drug resistant bacteria with modern antibiotics, as the antiseptic nature of honey is linked on the one hand to the presence of two types of protein: inhibitors that prevent bacterial proliferation, and diphenylsine that enhances immunity and on the other hand, its high sugar content, low water content (15 to 18%) and acidity ratio. In it they create conditions that are not suitable for the growth of microbes.

Honey and the digestive system

Thyme honey can be used as it helps with digestion, provided that one tablespoon of honey is diluted in warm water or any type of herbal tea.

Honey treats digestive problems such as diarrhea, indigestion, stomach ulcers, and gastroenteritis.

Cosmetic uses of honey

Our skin is one of the parts of the body that needs most attention due to its exposure to several factors such as bad weather, harmful nutrients and many negative effects.

Consuming honey helps reduce oxidative substances in the body, and it is a compound used in women’s skin care and beauty applications with its antiseptic and cleansing properties.

Honey for healthy hair

Honey alone has no effect on hair growth and preventing hair loss, however when applied to hair naturally creates moisture for the hair, it can be used once a week by applying a honey mask to the hair.

It also eliminates dandruff and scalp fungi.

Honey for skin beauty

Honey is often used in beauty salons, especially in matters of skin care.

And honey is used cosmetically by adding it to one of the types of natural substances to increase the benefit, such as adding it with yogurt, avocado, milk, oatmeal, olive oil or lavender oil and thyme:

  • Honey helps treat the problem of the skin and restore the balance of the skin, as it gives the necessary moisture to dry skin.
  • It also has a great role in reducing the production and regulation of oils in oily skin thanks to its antiseptic properties, as it cleans the pores.
  • Honey is antibacterial, cleanses the skin and prevents pimples and acne.
  • Honey has strong moisturizing power for all skin types because it is rich in natural sugars, so honey dissolves in the skin to deeply moisturize it, and it also maintains the level of skin moisture to prevent dehydration because it contains a percentage of water as it can be used on the body and face, and honey is a suitable moisturizer for adults and children.

Honey nourishes the skin:

It slows down skin aging, so skin looks younger and in excellent health, and its regular use helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines and provide elasticity.

Honey helps regenerate skin cells:

Rich in minerals, important elements, vitamins and amino acids, it contains regenerative properties that promote cell regeneration to obtain healthy, radiant skin. When honey is added to other natural products, its nutrients integrate in a natural way of vitamins, iron, phosphorous, zinc and copper and thanks to this unique formula honey gives its benefits in regenerating Skin cells to become brighter and more beautiful.

Honey soothes the skin:

It reduces the redness and skin irritation that can occur on the face and body thanks to its soothing properties, as it gives the skin the softness and gives it the complete comfort it needs, and honey moisturizes and calms the irritation and sensitivity of dry skin.

Honey protects the skin:

Honey enriched with antioxidants is a powerful preventive treatment that preserves the layers of the skin from premature aging, and also against some inconveniences in daily life, especially when the skin is damaged by the sun’s rays, it helps to renew cells in the fastest time while providing benefits that strengthen and help combat the harmful effects of the sun The skin becomes more resistant and less reactive.

And a lot of chemical cosmetics that include honey as an essential ingredient, can be used on all skin types and at all ages, because honey has benefits for skin health.

Some healthy applications of honey on the body

Honey, lemon, and ginger:

Honey with lemon

We put a spoonful of honey in a cup and add a spoonful of lemon juice and a spoonful of fresh ginger, finely grated and mix the amount well.

We put this mask on the face and leave it until it is rather dry.

We remove the mask from the skin of the face by rubbing it until we get rid of all the ingredients, then wash the skin with warm water.

Egg white and honey:

  • We put 3 tablespoons of honey and mix it with one egg white and one teaspoon of oatmeal.
  • Heat the mixture a little until it becomes like an ointment, then apply to the skin and leave a period of 30 minutes.
  • Wash the skin of the face with warm water.
  • It will help your skin get a fresh look.

Honey and lemon, for more beautiful hair:

For brighter, more beautiful and shiny hair, we mix two tablespoons of honey with a cup of lemon juice and apply this mixture to the roots and dry strands of hair.

Leave this mixture on the hair for 10 minutes.

Then rinse the hair with plenty of water.

Honey for softness of the hands:

Honey for hands

To give your hands the value they deserve, apply the following:

And what you have to do is very simple by adding a spoonful of honey to a spoonful of olive oil.

Before putting the mask on your hands, wash your hands with warm water and dry them to stay moist, then apply the mixture on your hands with a massage and rubbing of the fingers.

This mask will relieve dry skin on hands, relax your hands, and keep them soft and moisturized throughout the day.


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