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How do I choose the most beautiful colors of orthodontics? 10 things that will answer you.

Most of the time, orthodontics is not easy, besides being uncomfortable in some cases it appears annoying and ugly, but fortunately you can rely on the most beautiful orthodontic colors that will make your smile more beautiful with the braces.



If you really want to make regular orthodontics special and if you are looking for the most beautiful orthodontic colors that will suit you perfectly then you are here in the right place, you will find the best.

What are the colors of orthodontics?

In most cases the term “orthodontic colors” refers to the colors of the small rubber bands that decorate the brackets and metal braces. Besides, the braces can come in a variety of colors but are less varied than the colors of the rubber bands).

Orthodontic braces are attached directly to your teeth using a dedicated adhesive material, and orthodontic braces are usually made of metal such as: titanium or stainless steel (stainless steel). Direct it.

Brackets ensure that the wire stays in place and in order to ensure that it does not slip, rubber bands are wrapped around the brackets (the ties are placed around the brackets after the wire is placed).

What orthodontic colors are available?

Rubber bands come in a wide range of colors and limitless options, but it depends on the colors available at your orthodontist, and these choices usually relate to what the orthodontic distributor your doctor deals with.

How often can orthodontic colors be changed?

In every session during which the orthodontist tightens the braces, there is an opportunity to change the color of the rubber bands, as for the number of times the orthodontic is modified, it depends on the speed of the response of the jaw and the movement of the teeth and the duration of the orthodontic, but on average the adjustment sessions are done every 6-8 weeks .

Choose the most beautiful orthodontic colors

Choose the most beautiful orthodontic colors

Get ready to choose the most beautiful orthodontic colors that will suit you, based on some tips and instructions that you should take into consideration, namely:

1 – Orthodontic colors that correct the color of your teeth

Girls know this well, and it is the possibility that the colors affect the color of your teeth, so choosing an inappropriate healing red can make your teeth look yellow or dull, in contrast, choosing a suitable healing red can make them look bright.

The same applies to orthodontics, as dark colors can make your teeth whiter, so you have to rely on them in return. Light yellow, orange and white colors can make them look dirty yellow, so it is important to avoid them.

2 – Orthodontic colors that suit your skin

The color of the braces should be in harmony with your skin because this will ensure that it looks bright and lively, while choosing the wrong color will make your skin dull and tired, it is simply based on choosing the same tone of your skin, i.e. choose cold colors for cold skin and warm colors for warm skin.

Orthodontic colors for brown skin

If the color of the veins on the wrist of your hand is green, then this means that your skin is brown, that is, it is warm and therefore the most beautiful orthodontic colors for her are: turquoise – indigo – violet – emerald green – dark blue – different nude colors …

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Orthodontic colors for white skin

If the color of the veins on your wrist is blue or purple, then this means that your skin is cold and therefore cool colors like: light blue – dark red – bronze – light pink – silver – gray – pastel colors …

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Orthodontic colors for corny skin

If the veins on the wrists of your hands are both green and blue, this means that your skin is corny, and therefore the most beautiful orthodontic colors for you are colors that suit brown and white skin, and you have the freedom to choose between them.

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3 – Choose a color that matches your eyes

The color of your skin and not your eyes will always be with you, so it is smart to choose the color of the calendar in proportion to it, and thus if your eye color is clear and distinct, you can simply choose the color of the rubber bands itself or suitable for it so that it stands out in a more beautiful way.

For example, if your eyes are blue, you can choose a light or dark blue color, but if your eyes are honey, you can go towards the colors of nude, red or silver …

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4 – Choose the color you like … Choose your favorite color

What is your favorite color? So rely on it, even if the shape of your teeth will change, you are still you and you can show your personality in the color of the braces.

If you are still confused about the color you prefer in the first place, try to look at your wardrobe and determine what color dominates and which colors most of your clothes, as it is definitely the color that you like and make you feel comfortable.

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5 – Orthodontic colors that celebrate the season


Let braces celebrate the seasons of the year with you! In the summer you can go with neon colors and bright colors, and for spring, you can rely on pastel colors as well as colors such as pink, blue, and navy …

In the fall season, you have to trust the different colors of nude, in addition to red, indigo blue and violet, the same colors are suitable for winter and you can also choose the darker shades.

6 – Colors are preparing for an important upcoming event

Graduation party or wedding A celebration with family or friends A special day or event … Whatever the next important occasion, it is sufficient for it to be distinguished so that you can choose the color of orthodontics in proportion to it.

You can choose the red color in Valentine, for example, but if it is an occasion during which you will wear clothes of a certain color, you can also adopt it to straighten your teeth … The important point here is to take the timing of this occasion into account and choose the appropriate color for it in the calendar adjustment session that precedes it.

7 – Transparent orthodontics

No color can be a suitable color too! Yes, you can count on clear aligners, when? How?

Simply, it is just like a regular orthodontic, but instead of being metal braces, they are here made of materials such as ceramic, with a color close to the color of your teeth, or orthodontics can be hidden, meaning they are attached to the back of the teeth, or they are transparent molds They are attached to the teeth.

In general, you can rely on transparent orthodontics if your teeth are clean white and do not suffer from problems, meaning that you can make them appear clear without undergoing any treatment during the period of orthodontics.

8 – Orthodontic colors to avoid

There are some colors that make your teeth appear annoying and unattractive, so you must make sure to avoid them except in some cases, such as having a color that fits a specific event or occasion, that is, avoid them except when they are the appropriate choice, and these colors are:

  • Black because it makes your teeth appear as if they are suffering from decay or damage.
  • Colors like brown or green because they look like you have leftovers stuck to your teeth.
  • White and lighter colors because they make your teeth look yellow and dull, even if they are whiter.
  • Colors like yellow and light orange because they make your teeth appear as if they are stained.

9 – Try orthodontic colors before you choose

The period of 6-8 weeks (the time between calendar editing sessions and changing the color of links) can be relatively long, so the color that you choose may be somewhat fateful, so before you adopt any color, what do you think that you test and try it?

It depends on smart phone applications such as the Braces app , through which it is possible to change the color of braces and even change the color of your hair and eyes and many other possibilities, and all you have to do is take a picture.

10 – Orthodontic colors that suit you

Orthodontic colors for men

For men, they usually do not like to adopt colors to straighten teeth, but in general the neutral and calm colors suit them greatly, so they can go with colors such as gray – nude – pastel … or rely on transparent orthodontics.

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Orthodontic colors for girls

In general, girls do not prefer the metallic color of the braces, which will appear every time you smile, and on the other hand, relying on the colors of the teeth can be an elegant addition, as for the available colors, all colors are without exception as long as they are appropriate according to the previous criteria in the selection.

Orthodontic colors for children

Usually children love bright and strong colors, and it is really a good choice because it makes their teeth look bright white. Besides, it may be a good way for your child to accept the idea of ​​orthodontics and that it will stay for a long time on their teeth, also the idea of ​​changing the color can reduce the fear of visiting the dentist.

Orthodontic colors and preservation

Orthodontic colors and preservation

Expect the color of rubber bands to change slightly after a period of time being installed, and the extent of this change depends on several factors, namely: the brand of commercial bands – eating foods and drinks that dye them like coffee – inappropriate dental cleaning habits – the presence of bacteria in the mouth and on the teeth in a concentrated manner when Rabat …

All straps are subject to change in color, regardless of the brand, but in general, white and light ties are more exposed and the change is clearer.

Orthodontic care

Whatever the color of the orthodontic, it is subject to change and must be taken care of, at first it is easy and you may be tempted to obsess about cleaning it, so no one wants to look at the time and find food remains stuck between the brackets!

But in fact, the appearance of the teeth is not the only reason for the importance of cleaning them, and it may be the least important reason, because the mouth naturally contains bacteria and there are already many suitable places to hide, and once you install the braces, it and the gaps it contains becomes a wonderful environment for bacteria.

Therefore, it is important to take good care of your teeth and straighten them well in order to avoid tartar build-up, decay, gingivitis, discolouration and other problems …

In general, your orthodontist will tell you all the details that you need to know about cleaning the braces, such as relying on a precise brush that can reach the narrowest places, as well as relying on flossing, and using a cleansing and sterile solution for the mouth and teeth.

Protect orthodontic colors

Besides all this, you can work to protect orthodontics, especially the orthodontic colors that you have chosen, by avoiding sticky foods that can stick to them, and reducing the intake of tea, coffee and other drinks that change their color, and it is preferable to rely on consuming them using Straw, also cleaning it as soon as possible after eating and drinking can avoid a lot of damage.

Orthodontics is a very important step towards obtaining the perfect teeth and smile, along with treating many problems, and you can also enhance the appearance of the orthodontic by choosing the most beautiful orthodontic colors that suit you and your teeth and make them look more beautiful.



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