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How do I know who I am and which of them are among the 12 character styles?

Every person wants to know exactly what his personality looks like and what psychological traits he has, so everyone searches how do I know my personality from my sign? How do I know my personality through a simple test? Or by looking at different pictures? And many other ways, but here you will discover your personality in a new and different way.


That is, leave it to us to answer you about how you know your personality by showing the 12 personality styles with the most important characteristics that distinguish them and the way in which you can know whether you own this personality or a mixture of several styles, so get ready to get to know yourself and understand your personality, but this time from a different perspective.

How do I know my character?

Are you ready to find out the answer about how I know my character? So come on, and all you have to do is be sure of the qualities you know you have, the way you deal with the different situations and the emotions you focus on, and then compare them with the following 12 personality styles.

Your personality may not be of only one of the following patterns, but it may be a mixture between two patterns and more, so that a new pattern results with the intersecting traits between them that your personality brings together, and this puts you in front of a challenge in order to deal with the negative qualities in both styles and improve your positive qualities.

1 – Personality wise

The wise personality The personality in the middle between rationality and emotional can be a strong personality that has the following qualities: the ability to act correctly at the right time – the balance between feelings and emotion and between reason and logic on the other hand, so that the owner is not blindly dragged behind his emotions or thoughts – the ability to forgive .

As for the negative traits in the wise personality, they only appear when one of its aspects overcomes the other, that is, when the person is blindly driven behind his feelings or when they criticize behind a certain idea and reject any difference from it.

The most important works that the owner of this character excels at: leadership positions (manager – supervisor…) – coaches – judges and all works that need a fair judgment.

2 – Social personality

In general, the social personality most of the time only has many negative traits, but when the social personality meets the emotional, the romantic personality is spared. As for the meeting of the social personality with the wise and rational, it produces the leadership personality.

The most important qualities of social personality: the inability to express feelings with words – extreme sensitivity, but although the owner of it may feel sad quickly, he also quickly forgets his annoyance and sadness – hates criticism, especially non-constructive criticism – loves respect and appreciation a lot – he hates Routine and love renewal and travel.

The most important work in which the owner of a social personality never excels and must avoid working in it: Manager – Supervisor of a group of employees – Accountant – Financial intermediary, and the most important work in which the owner of a social personality excels: Public Relations Officer – Marketing and Media

3- The introverted personality

Quite the opposite of social personality, one of his most important qualities is: hate meeting others and interacting with them – love of loneliness and finding psychological comfort in distancing themselves from people – his energy decreases when he is forced to interact with people and deal with them – while he is at his best when he is alone far from others.

As for the negatives of introverted personality: loss of self-confidence – loneliness, isolation and inability to deal with others – a decline in social communication skills – the inability to express oneself and thoughts revolving in his head – he feels insignificant to others and at the same time thinks that everyone is looking at him And waiting to make mistakes.

This personality must be evaluated by: Increasing self-confidence in front of others – Dealing with extreme shyness.

4 – The sensitive personality

A vulnerable personality is the most personal that tires its owner, he may feel very sad and mild or severe depression towards any problem he encounters, even if it is simple, without the ability to deal with his feelings – affected by people’s words quickly and falls on himself – a decrease in self-confidence or lack of it.

But if the answer about how I know my personality is sensitive is “yes”, you will have to work to make it a strong, sensitive personality (wise and sensitive) by developing social communication skills, controlling feelings, dealing with your hyper-emotional, and training to get out of sad situations quickly and not be influenced by others .

The most important professions in which the owner of this character excels: poet – writer – painter and all works that need a sensitive sense.

5 – the quiet personality

Quiet personality

A quiet person is a person who understands everything that is going on around him, but saves his energy and never spends it all. He hates to talk a lot, but at the same time he is the best listener you may talk to, very meticulous and cares about the details and works on them to the fullest, gives every task and everything enough time for him and masters What he works on, he always takes a lot of time to plan before implementation.

As for its negatives, the quiet personality makes its owner hates the movement and makes it boring for some people, and most of the time he evades direct questions and cannot focus on a number of things together, and does not depend on his affection in most cases.

The most important professions that he loves and tends to work in and suit him so that he can excel in them: Surgery – Jobs that require calm nerves – Work that needs careful planning

6 – the selfish personality

The sensitive personality was tired for its owner, and on the contrary with the selfish personality it is the most tired of those around her, the selfish person always depends on others – he asks for a lot of services and requests from those around him – he wants to reach his goal and his goal regardless of the method and method – possesses feelings of jealousy Easily – he always feels like those around him are falling short.


In the event that your personality tends to be selfish, then you must work to improve it and reduce its qualities through training courses and programs, but if you know someone who has this personality, you should stop caring for him and implement everything he asks for, and the most difficult thing you may do towards him is dealing With him as he deals with you any selfishness.

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7 – emotional personality

The emotional personality is the most positive image of the sensitive person, so instead of looking at things from the image of a weak and insecure person here, the owner of the emotional personality relies on his emotional thinking.

Every person has two thinking: the logical and the emotional, the logical is slow and needs to think, understand and anticipate the results. As for emotional thinking, it is fast and depends on feelings and affection. One of the most important characteristics of the owner of this personality: high feelings and overwhelming emotion – the ability to express these feelings – vulnerability.

If your answer to how I know my personality about being emotional is “yes,” meaning that you are an emotional person, the most important thing you have to do is practice leaning a little on the logical side of your thinking.

8 – the nervous personality

Nervous personality

In general, the neurotic personality is a positive thing when the nervousness is within the limits of reason, so that it pushes its owner to anger at the mistakes that he commits or his shortcomings and then works to correct them, but when it exceeds the limit until it reaches verbal or physical violence here, it is necessary to undergo training courses to correct this personality And deal with it.

In general, you can answer how I know my personality if she is nervous by observing your reaction to different situations, do you feel annoyed and angry, how do you express that, and what are the things and behaviors that cause you distress.

As for the most important thing that provokes feelings of anger in this character: fear of something or fear of losing something or someone – the cumulative anger that collects from small things and situations and then comes out all at once.

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9 – the pessimistic personality

It is one of the worst personalities for its owner and those around him, and its most important qualities are: the dark view of life and things – anticipating the worst scenarios and waiting for them – dealing with any situation negatively – and any behavior of others that is translated with its negative face – not embarking on dealing with others and communicating with them or cooperation – lack of The ability to express feelings, especially if they are positive feelings.

In the event that you know a pessimistic person, it is preferable to avoid dealing with him because it is a source of negative energy and frustration and extinguishing any positivity or enthusiasm, but if you are the owner of this character, you must train to look positively on life and things and the agreement around you.

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10 – the optimistic personality

Quite the opposite of a negative personality, it is the best personality if you own it or know someone who enjoys it, among the most important qualities: a positive outlook on life and various situations even negative ones, which gives a lot of hope and vitality – adding a lot of fun, joy and happiness – a source of creative ideas And solutions to various problems.

As for the negatives: the owner of this character may be emotional and hasty – as he may expose himself in many cases to shock if he is very impulsive and faces a situation that made a great impact on himself.

The optimistic personality is the personality that everyone should work to possess and merge with his personality, fit its owner and excel in all professions and business, especially creative works.

11 – spontaneous personality

The most important traits of a spontaneous person: not thinking before doing anything or before speaking, this matter may put him in negative situations and may expose him to problems – the way of expression, the wrong and inappropriate style – he can be misunderstood by others.

If your personality is spontaneous, you must control what you speak and do, as some people may exploit it against you, and it is also necessary for you to train in keeping secrets.

12 – The pretentious personality

In contrast to the completely spontaneous personality, the most important traits of the owner of this personality are: make-up, representation, and the inability to appear naturally. It may depend on lying often. So he measures all his movements and words.

The most important thing that you need to do if your personality is inflated is to deal with the cause and practice increasing your self-confidence.

This was our way of answering how do I know my character… What about you? Have you been able to identify your own traits and personalities that your personality is a mixture of? What are its pros and cons? Whatever this character is, you have to work on making it better and better.

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