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Is almond milk fator fat? Benefits of almond milk for diet


You don’t know why… but when it comes to choosing healthy, delicious and rich in nutrients, almond milk is the first thing you think! Let me tell you why and specifically the benefits of almond milk for dieting and answer the questions that revolve in your head about whether almond milk is fatty or thinning …



Healthy plant milk low in calories and carbohydrates … Perhaps this is what everyone knows about almond milk, but what about the details of that and how these things can affect weight, this is what you will discover next, so prepare!

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Almond milk

Almond milk, from its name, is milk made from almonds mixed with water, and it can contain other ingredients and additives, in general you can get ready-made almond milk, but preparing it is a very easy task.

Most brands make almond milk with the addition of other ingredients such as: thickeners – preservatives – flavors … so that the milk gives the best taste and flavor in addition to preserving it for a longer period.

Does almond milk suit you?

Almond milk is completely free of lactose (animal milk sugar) and thus is suitable for you if you suffer from allergies to milk and milk products (you cannot tolerate lactose) or if you follow a vegetarian diet.

Also, almond milk is superior to other types of milk in terms of nutritional content and the low amount of calories and carbohydrates in it, which makes it of interest when it comes to choosing a healthy type of milk or the type of milk suitable for the diet.

But watch out! You should still beware of almond milk and avoid it completely if you are allergic to nuts, but your allergy does not necessarily include almonds, so be sure and consult your doctor.

The nutritional content of almond milk

The nutritional content of almond milk

Benefits of almond milk diet

Benefits of almond milk diet

Of course, you are thinking about whether almond milk is fattening or beneficial in losing weight! The answer is 5 points that can clarify the matter.

1 – Almond milk is low in calories

The key to achieving and reaching an ideal weight is to control your calories and here every calorie can be important to you! And almond milk wins with a lower amount of calories compared to other types of milk.

One cup of full-fat cow’s milk contains the equivalent of 149 calories and a cup of skimmed milk contains about 130-120 calories. In contrast, the same amount of almond milk contains only 90 calories.

The difference may be small, but do you realize how big it will be if you substitute the cups of creamy milk that you eat and rely on almond milk, imagine it with all the cups of milk alone or with coffee or tea or in different recipes!

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2 – Almond milk and a small amount of sugar

Unsweetened types are characterized by a low carbohydrate content and a good portion of them fiber and thus contain a low amount of sugars ranging between 2-3 grams per cup, and this is what makes your reliance on almond milk for the diet a good choice!

As for commercial varieties of almond milk that contain sweeteners and added sugar, the amount of sugar in one cup can reach about 15-17 grams, but do you realize how low sugar is good for losing weight and maintaining it?

To know it clearly, what do you think, look closely at what caused by sugar. Eating too much sugar leads to high blood sugar> high blood sugar, meaning that the body will release insulin> insulin will restore blood sugar to normal by stimulating its storage in fat cells.

This process has many effects, the most important of which are: weight gain as a result of storing sugar, in addition to the rapid feeling of hunger due to a sudden rise and fall in blood sugar, as well as an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Thus relying on foods and drinks poor in simple carbohydrates or sugars will save you the previous journey with sugar completely!

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3 – Almond milk will provide you with long-term satiety

What concerns you most when you think about losing weight? Yes, exactly, it is the feeling of hunger during a diet and the inability to eat, but this does not happen with almond milk! It can guarantee a long-term feeling of satiety in a number of ways:

  • Almond milk does not cause a state of addiction or a desire to eat more, unlike milk and dairy products of animal source with which you cannot stop eating a second and third piece and so on …
  • Almond milk will not affect blood sugar and will maintain its balance, that is, there is no rapid rise and fall in it and therefore no sudden feeling of hunger or a strong desire to eat carbohydrates.
  • Although the amount of protein in almond milk is low, the body’s access to proteins with healthy fats in one meal stimulates the satiety hormone and restricts the hunger hormone, thus you will feel full quickly and for a longer period.

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4- Almond milk is rich in many nutrients

Almond milk is one of the types of plant milk that contains many of the nutrients that the body needs, as it is rich in a variety of vitamins: Vitamin D, Vitamin A and Vitamin E, which is an anti-oxidant and highly effective anti-inflammatory.

Thanks to its formula, almond milk increases the metabolism rate and stimulates fat burning (the metabolic rate is the rate of calories that the body consumes on a daily basis).

The low percentage of carbohydrates in almond milk makes it a suitable milk for the keto diet as it does not get you out of ketosis – if you are on the keto diet – and keeps your body consuming fats for energy instead of sugars.

Most almond milk is water and thus it primarily hydrates the body in addition to quenching your thirst and giving you a constant feeling of satiety.

5- Beware of allergies to almond milk

The benefits of almond milk do not stop with the diet only, but also include a lot for the body, but with this you will have to be very careful before you eat it, because:

  • You can suffer from allergies to nuts and of course almonds, among them. This allergy can be manifested by symptoms such as: nausea – itching – disturbances in the digestive system – difficulty in swallowing and breathing …
  • You must be careful at the beginning of consuming almond milk, to make sure that you do not suffer from allergies to it. You may suffer from allergies to nuts, but this does not necessarily require an allergy to almonds.
  • In case you are getting ready-made almond milk, make sure of the added ingredients and that you are not allergic to any of them.
  • Although almond milk is completely safe, this does not negate the necessity of discussing with your doctor in case you suffer from any health condition or take a specific medication.
  • Babies cannot consume cow’s milk or plant-based milk as it may inhibit iron absorption until the age of 4-6 months.

Take almond milk for the diet

Take almond milk for diet 1

We arrived at the most important part, which is about the almond milk that you should eat, rely on, and how to prepare it.

Almond milk diet

You can prepare almond milk yourself or get it ready, but in this case you will have to pay attention to some important points, namely:

  • Look for types that are unsweetened and unflavored. Some brands add sugar and other ingredients to make almond milk taste better and closer to cow’s milk, but this means you will have more sugar.
  • Some types of ready-made almond milk are fortified with protein or vitamins and minerals, which you can rely on.
  • Make sure you read the ingredients well, as it is not just a matter of sugars, but you should also beware of an added ingredient that causes you to be allergic.
  • You must make sure of the production date and the shelf life, as almond milk, like any other milk, can spoil and must be consumed before this period.

Preparing almond milk for the diet

Preparing almond milk for the diet is not a difficult task, as there are only 3 ingredients and a few steps:


  • Almonds, peeled and soaked in water overnight – 2 cups, i.e. 280 grams.
  • Water – 4 cups i.e. one liter.
  • Vanilla extract – 1 teaspoon i.e. 5 ml (optional).


  • After the almonds have been soaked in water for an entire night, you should filter them.
  • In a mixer bowl, add a liter of water, soaked almonds and vanilla.
  • Mix it well for 2 – 4 minutes.
  • Filter the almond milk, relying on a filter cloth, and you should get about 4 cups of milk.
  • Enjoy it or keep it in the fridge (you can keep it in the fridge for 4-5 days).

It is almond milk, the type of milk that you can always trust and you can rely on as a healthy plant milk suitable for dieting and maintaining weight.

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