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Learn about the most important sources of protein for muscle building


We know that protein is par excellence one of the most important nutrients for increasing or maintaining muscle mass.


When we sign up for the gym, the first thing we learn is that the best protein to eat is chicken, and this is because it is cheap and does not contain fat. But is chicken a better choice than other sources of protein for building muscle?

Now I will show you 4 sources of protein to increase muscle mass that you cannot miss in your diet and they are other sources than chicken.

Sources of protein for building muscle

The proteins presented here are not the only sources of protein, but the synthesis of these proteins and amino acids is a very unique and differential compared to other sources. Not to mention, it also contains compounds (both micro and macronutrients) that can greatly help us achieve our goals.

4 sources of protein for building muscle

Milk-derived protein

Although there are many theories against the consumption of milk and its derivatives, there are many myths about this powerful food, and science has shown that this source is a source of protein without a doubt. First, milk proteins have a high biological value. Additionally, milk is rich in L-leucine which is the main amino acid associated with stimulating protein production.

The calcium, sodium, and other minerals in milk will help you keep your body hydrated.

The calcium content in milk is the most vital in the human body, that is, it is the most effective. This mineral is closely related not only to bone health and bone formation, but it is also closely related to overall neurotransmission and adequate muscle contraction. Low levels of calcium and sodium in the body can reduce muscle strength, as well as muscle endurance.

The benefits of milk and its derivatives do not stop here and go beyond scientific understanding, and milk proteins, in general, are known to have a much greater muscle-synthesis potential than any other protein. This aspect is very important when we see people who want to gain muscle mass.

There are many foods derived from milk that contain very low levels of carbohydrates, such as cheese.

Therefore, unless you are not lactose intolerant, or are allergic to casein or galactose in the blood, you should try to get enough milk.

Proteins derived from fish

Fish such as salmon, sardines and tuna are the biggest examples of fish with good levels of fats, especially the fatty acids that are most important to our diet: omega-3 fatty acids!

They are sources of protein with a high biological value, and it shows. The meat in it is very fibrous and easy to digest, which helps in increasing muscle mass.

Omega-3 is also able to improve the endogenous production of testosterone, and this improvement in the action of the hormone in the body contributes to stimulating protein production and thus increasing muscle mass.

Fish, in general, is very rich in phosphorous and other minerals and vitamins (both water-soluble and fat-soluble) that are essential for the proper functioning of the body and, of course, to increase muscle mass.

After you know … Do not forget to include some fish in your diet


Proteins derived from whole eggs

Whole eggs? Yeah! I don’t know why people criticize consuming egg yolks. Probably because of fat criticism in the past. But we know it is very useful when used well.

In general, the egg is one of the proteins with the highest biological value in the body. In addition, it is easily digested, as it is not fibrous and it is soluble.

Eggs are rich in branched chain amino acids, as well as glutamic acid .

Whole eggs contain fats and, of course, cholesterol which is necessary in the synthesis of testosterone. The presence of fats also helps the essential fat soluble vitamins like Vitamin D and Vitamin A, not to mention other micronutrients like Vitamin B.

Finally, eggs are rich in choline, which is essential for improving focus, memory, learning, and overall cognition.

There is no limit to the consumption of eggs in the diet. In fact, the myth that exists is that you cannot consume more than 2 whole eggs per day. This is wrong, the quantity is according to your daily needs.

Red meat

Red meat is also a great source of protein with a high biological value.

Red meat is the main source of the well-known vitamin B12. Although there are other sources rich in these micronutrients and even in the same amount, none of them has the bioavailability of red meat. Vitamin B12 is important for energy metabolism as a whole and is involved in iron metabolism (prevention of anemia).

This rich source of protein is also a source of fat, which contributes to providing substrates for the production of hormones, particularly testosterone.

It is also one of the best sources of creatine in foods, which contributes to all of its benefits.

When consuming red meat, try not to do it too much.


There are many sources of protein in nature and especially with a variety of additional nutrients that can be very beneficial for weight gain, improving your gains and thus building muscle.

And remember, diversity is what will give you real results.

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