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Let’s enjoy walking in Monaco.


When you have the opportunity to visit Monaco, it will take weeks to discover all the treasures of this city, which you must afford to roam as a tourist, which of course we wish, but a few days is enough to achieve a quality of life of high luxury and very enjoyable because Monaco is one of the highest-level cities in the world.

Principality of Monaco

Monaco is officially called the Principality of Monaco and is called Principauté de Monaco. Mediterranean Sea In the French Riviera.

Surrounded by France on three sides, its centre is about 10 miles from Italy.

With an area of about 1.98 km², after the recent expansion of the port of Hercules, Monaco's total area is 2.05 km², with new plans to expand Fontviai by reclaiming land from the Mediterranean.

With a population of about 37,308, it is the most densely populated country in the world.

Monaco's GDP is the highest in the world per capita at $151,630.

Monaco has the highest age ratio in the world to nearly 90 years and has the lowest unemployment rate of 2% with around 40,000 mobile workers from France and Italy every day.

Monaco is the second smallest country in the world after Vatican City and does not impose any taxes on income and inheritance (the only exception is French citizens) and does not prosecute any tax violations committed in other countries, which in turn leads to a high percentage of the presence of many foreigners by about 80% among the approximately 38,000 registered residents of Monaco.

Referee in the Principality of Monaco

Monaco is an principality governed by a form of constitutional monarchy where Prince Albert II is the head of state.

The Grimaldi ruled Monaco since 1297 except for short periods, and state sovereignty was officially recognized by a treaty between France and Monaco in 1861.

Although Monaco was independent and pursued an independent foreign policy, national defence rested with France.

Meaning of monaco name

The name Monaco comes from the 6th century BC near the Greek colony phocaean referred to by the Ligurians.

In Greek (μοοοοον) meaning "one house" or "single and single + house" which carries the meaning of people's sense of stability (one dwelling or living away from others).

According to an ancient legend Hercules passed through the region of Monaco and turned away from the former gods and as a result a temple was built there and the Temple of Hercules Monoikos is the only temple in this area where the house of Hercules was and the city was called Monoikos.

Monaco in the 20th century

Until the Monaco Revolution in 1910, the Constitution was adopted in 1911, and the Princes of Monaco had absolute monarchy.

However, the new constitution had reduced the authoritarian rule of the Grimaldi family, and in any case prince Albert I soon suspended it.

In July 1918, a treaty was signed between France and Monaco, which provides for limited French protection over Monaco, and was ratified in 1919 by the Treaty of Versailles, which established monaco's international policy in line with French political, military and economic interests and resolved the crisis of succession in Monaco.

Nature Geography of Monaco

Its mountainous nature, location on the Mediterranean coast, its alignment with the French Riviera and the nearby Italian border gave it a unique beauty.

It is 18 km from the French city of Nice, and is located precisely at the beginning of Alpine Highlands.

Its highest heights are 140 metres.

General information about Monaco

Language in Monaco

The population of Monaco is a minority in front of foreigners living there and most of the country's population is French, followed by the natives of Monaco and the Italians,

French is the official language, while the indigenous people speak the Wonak dialect of Genoa (a mixture of English and Italian) and are frequently used in the country.


The official religion is Catholic Christianity, and freedom of religion is guaranteed within the provisions of the Constitution.

The day (19 November) called "Prince's Day" is the National Day in Monaco.

Monaco's political system

Monaco has been a constitutional principal since 1911, the head of state is the Prince, the executive branch of the Principality is the Minister of State or the Prime Minister, who in turn presides over a ministerial staff of only four members, and the Minister of State is french nationality so that the Prince chooses him from several candidates put forward by the French government.

According to the country's 1962 Constitution, the emir shares power over the principality, and the parliament is made up of 24 members elected every five years.


The French city of Nice is the nearest international airport to Monaco.


Monaco's culture is predominantly historical due to its historical and archaeological sites, as well as monaco's culture and French culture' proximity to the distance between the two countries.


The principality is famous for its various artistic and musical festivals held every year by Monaco.

One of the most important of these festivals is the annual race of the SiaRat and named (Formula 1) on the streets of Monaco.


One of the most important champions of the French Premier League is Monaco Football Club one of the most important clubs.

The most beautiful tourist logic in Monaco

Most travellers visit Monaco only for a few hours in a day, whether it's part of a bus tour from Nice or as a cruise ship, so if you have some time to visit the principality and get to know monaco's charming attractions because there are many worth seeing:

Monte Carlo Casino is Monaco's most famous attraction

Monaco's most famous attractions are located in Place du Casino.

Place du Casino, known as "Camembert", is home to monaco's most famous attractions, particularly the large number of tourists gatherhere.

This is not surprising because the casino built in 1858 by Monte Carlo is one of the most famous casinos in the world.

Jardins de la Petite Afrique, located opposite the casino, is a pleasant place to relax and meditate.

Hotel Paris

The luxurious Hôtel de Paris hotel is close to the casino built in 1863 to provide more casino visitors and the special exciting story of the hotel's rich history is that Winston Churchill suffered a thigh fracture at this hotel and remained in a wheelchair for a while.

With 182 rooms and 74 presidential suites and suites, the hotel is the place to enjoy life in the three-star restaurant and in some luxury boutiques.

Café de Paris

Café de Paris is also next to The Monte Carlo Casino, a restaurant and café built in 1868, and the elegant panoramic outdoor terrace is a popular place for lunch, dinner or even tea.

You have a good and fun opportunity to observe many Nobel cars in Casino Plus.

You can also check out the luxury cars at Place du Casino.

Opera de Monaco IV

One of the most beautiful attractions in Monaco is the Opera House.

Located at the back of the casino, Salle Garnier hotel is built as a modest private theatre for the Princely family, and the 35-metre-high dome is supported by the design of Gustave Eiffel, the mastermind of the Eiffel Tower.

The beauty of this house shows that it is surrounded by palm trees for a truly beautiful view.

The door of Hercules de Monaco

Port Hercule is certainly one of Monaco's most exciting attractions with dozens of yachts.

Hercule Port is Monaco's central marina with about 700 boats and was completed in 1926.

The Greeks and Romans faced problems with the east winds that blew in the port, so a 352-meter-long firewall was recently built, protecting the port since then, where cruise ships up to 300 meters long could be allowed into the port.

Princess Caroline Street

A beautiful pedestrian street to walk around is Princess Caroline Street, which has some attractive cafés.

Prince's Palace

The Prince's Palace is one of Monaco's most important attractions because it is the home of Prince Albert II.

The Prince's Palace is the official residence of the Prince of Monaco.

Restored towers on Playmobil towers are still located in the Prince's Palace.

It is fun to see the guards dressed in elegant clothes at work.

One of Monaco's most enjoyable scenes is watching the changing of the guards, which takes place daily at 11:55 am.

At certain times of the year you can visit prince's Grands apartments because it makes you wander around the Prince's Palace as if you were living like a prince among these masterpieces of this magnificent palace.

Notre Dame Cathedral-Immaculée

It is one of the most important monuments in Monaco where the Cathedral of Notre Dame-Immaculée is the main church of Monaco built between 1875 and 1903 in the new Roman style, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre of the Princely Family Grimaldi.

Accordingly, the grave of Grace Kelly (a Hollywood actress who died as a result of a car accident near Monaco) is the wife of the former Prince of Monaco (Rainier III), whose funeral was attended by 100 million spectators in the church below the choir.

Monaco Cathedral is another popular tourist site and the beautiful church façade is beautifully decorated with palm trees.

Don't forget to take a stroll on the waterfront and watch the beautiful yachts that dock there.

Ocean World Museum

Monaco's Old City also has the Ocean World Museum, which has been on the coast of Prince's Rock since 1910, containing some 6,000 different marine creatures.

This museum is visited by more than 675,000 tourists a year where a good amount of money flows into the state treasury.

Exotique Park

Jardin Exotique is a botanical garden opened in 1933 and has incorporated plants mainly from the arid regions of Central America and the southwestern United States or the Arabian Peninsula.

It's not only fun for botanists and professional and amateur botanists, but also for ordinary people who are fascinated by the greenery and who love nature, especially the beautiful view of Monaco that justifies visiting the park.

Stade Louis Second

In fontvieille, there is the AS Monaco Stadium and the headquarters of the Monegasque National Team, a stadium with a capacity of up to 18,000 spectators.

However, if you realize that monaco's small state brings together only about 38,000 people, this figure acquires a completely different meaning to how much residents and tourists love this wonderful place and football.

Old Photo Gallery

The exhibition contains many masterpieces of European paintings from the 14th to the 18th centuries, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance and from Baroque art to rococo, and more than 700 works of art purchased from Bavaria that gave great impetus to the exhibition.

It also features a collection that includes Dutch and Flemish paintings, and in short, the old photo gallery is a gem owned by Monacons that makes it a reason for tourists to return.

Japanese Garden (or Princess Grace Garden)

At the request of Prince Rainier III, in 1994 a garden was created as a piece of Japan in central Monaco.

This garden includes everything related to the Japanese heritage of tea house, bridges, zen garden and koi carp.

Access to this park is free.

Larvoto Beach

Plague Larvotto is Monaco's public beach full of pebbles, not sand, and the residential blocks behind it are clustered, which is why it is far from the best beach in the world, but it is beautiful and beautiful, making it a relaxing beach.

Maria Square

Monaco's main square has for centuries been an important shopping centre, and has always been a market famous for the wooden terraces that occupy the entire square.

Throughout the square there are some major historic buildings in the city.

Marienplatz Metro Station, built in the 1970s, is a true gem, both from a logistics and commercial point of view.

Residenz Hotel

It is really difficult to describe the grandeur of Monaco from the Residenz Hotel which is one of the most beautiful royal palaces in the world built in architectural style and features a number of works of art ranging from the German Renaissance to Fiorentina to baroque and rococo.

Today, a huge castle consists of twelve parks, a courtyard, a theatre (Teatro Cuvillies) and a museum (Museo Residenz) with about 130 rooms.

This hotel is so large that it is recommended to visit it on two separate days in the morning and afternoon to see all its features.

Nemenburg Castle

Nymphenburg Palace is the summer residence of the royal family, and it is certainly no less luxurious and uplifting than other archaeological and historical sites.

The palace is built with a mix of architecture, art and botany such as the Royal Palace where different styles from Baroque to classical can be found in rooms, furnishings and works of art.