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Oud perfumes. Best types for women and men

Oud is the name of a tree through which incense and perfumes are extracted, and it is a very luxurious species, and one of the finest in terms of natural perfumes, and our Arab world has been famous for it from ancient times to the present day.



It is worth noting that the Gulf countries are among the most traded countries in the Arab world as a whole. Here, we will learn about the incense of oud, its types, and the finest perfumes extracted from it.

Oud incense

Incense is a mixture of plant resins that are aromatic, in addition to a number of oils of the original plant nature that create a smell when burned, and there are many different types of incense and it is used for many different and different purposes.

Among the most famous of them is the Arabian Oud incense, which is very famous in the Gulf and Arab region and its original uses, which are East Asian countries, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Guinea, and it is originally from a type of trees that are grown in high areas and are distinguished by their wonderful and beautiful scent that It smells through its wood when it comes into contact with fire, and also the variety of trees from which the oud is produced.

The oud is placed on a censer in order for it to cause a wonderful and distinctive smell when it is burned through special incense burners, and among the most famous types of oud is saffron, sandalwood, amber, musk, henna, jasmine, and Arab homes use incense in the process of perfuming and fumigating homes. And clothing, due to its wealth of powerful and effective benefits and act as sedatives, so there are many regular and health benefits of the Arabian Oud.

The best types of women’s oud perfumes

A lot of passion has emerged from the houses of designers and fashion in the last years of their interest in oriental scents, this thing pushed them to produce women’s perfumes of oud and have a high price, which are types inspired by the magic of the East, and the reasons for the high price and value of these types of perfumes are the density The perfume is high in it and its strong stability on the skin and body, in addition to or musk, amber and oud from the very luxurious Arab scents and types, and among these types:

Oud by Cartier, Les Heures Voyageuse

In 2008, Cartier celebrated the 100th anniversary of its release of the first perfume group, which was known as les heures voyageuse, but in the same year they decided to celebrate the process of issuing a brand of new oud perfumes, and Cartier issued 3 different types. Of the oud perfumes, they are oud, rose oud, and musk oud.

Tom Ford Oud Wood

This perfume is described as always godmother and distinguished, as the designer used the most rare types of Arab scents and p = strange to produce this fragrance, it contains oud wood, sandalwood, amber, coconut palm, cardamom, bean tonka.

Oud is by Dior Oud Ispohan

This type of fragrance was inspired by the special, charming scent of oud and literally blended with the flowers of abdanum, in order to produce an exotic feminine fragrance unparalleled with an oriental identity.

Oud by Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Desert Oud

This perfume is part of an aromatic group, but this perfume in particular carries mysteries and oriental treasures, as it is made of oud wood, amber notes, and a little musk.

Oud perfume by Elie Saab Essence No. 4

This perfume is among a wonderful series of wonderful women’s perfumes, and this fragrance consists of black pepper, benzoin incense, oud.

 Oud by Givenchy Oud Flamboyant

It is one of the latest perfumes issued by Givenchy, and it is a moon of several original oriental scents which are oud, leather, and abdominal flower.

 Oud by Gucci Oud

This fragrance carries a wonderful blend, combining charming oriental ingredients and modern scents, and it includes notes of pear, rosberry, saffron, Bulgarian flower, orange, oud, and patchouli flower.

Oud by Saint Laurent Splendid Wood


This perfume is the fourth fragrance issued by this brand, and it is based on oud mainly and mainly, and it was inspired by the Middle East and was mixed with cedar wood, cardamom, and thyme.

 Oud perfume by Chopard Rose Malaki

The Chopard brand launched the women’s fragrance, which was called Broz Malaki after the masculine oud was very popular.

 Valentina Oud Assoluto Oud perfume

This type of perfume contains a variety of different scents, such as orange blossom, cardamom, oud, Bulgarian rose, leather, saffron, and vanilla.

 Oud perfume is by Narciso Rodriguez, Amber Musk

It is a kind of high-end types of oriental scents that are intended for women, and it consists of orange blossom, musk, oud, amber, patchouli flower, leather, vanilla, incense, amber.

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The best types of oud perfumes for men

There are many men who like to do perfuming with the best and most beautiful types of perfumes, and this thing indicates the personality of the man, so the more the type of perfume and its distinctive smell, the more it indicates the elegance of its owner, and the types of men’s perfumes are varied and different, but the best perfumes are the original Arab perfumes, including perfumes. Oud, which is loved by a large number of men, in addition to its ego that has won the admiration of many Western men, so these types have become their favorite, and they are constantly importing them, in addition to manufacturing similar ones to them due to the great spread achieved by these types of perfumes, and from the best types Oud men’s perfumes, namely:

A very old classic Dehn perfume from Abdul Samad Al Qurashi

This perfume is one of the types that are outside of this type of competition because it is a perfume from the oud and it is the origin of the oud perfumes found in the countries of the East, and it is aged for 150 years, it is also a perfume that is characterized by its very high stability that can last for several days. His bottles are very small in size but very expensive.

Tobacco Oud perfume from Tom Ford

It is one of the very distinctive perfumes in terms of smell, and it was released in 2013 and it is one of the best perfumes that many men choose, and it consists of tobacco, sandalwood, batushi, spices, whiskey, with this mixture we get an original and distinctive oud scent.

Perfume Dehn Oud from Arabian Oud for men

It is one of the perfumes issued by the Arabian Oud Company, which is distinguished by being the owner of the most famous brand in our Arab world and also in the world, and it consists of Sioufi wood, Bikenbaro, royal luxury, and it suits summer clothes and is very famous and has high strength and is loved by many men .

Creed Himalaya Oud perfume for men

This perfume is characterized by the fragrant woody scent, it is widely spread in the markets, and distinguished by its presence and high stability for a number of days, and it is considered one of the distinctive gifts for important personalities due to its luxury and great strength in the markets, in addition to the great luxury and elegance of the packaging.

Creed Melissimi Imperiale perfume for men oud scent

It is one of the types that are well suited for events and parties because it gave it a very wonderful delight from the very distinctive scent of oud, and it is one of the perfumes that are extracted from the aromatic orchards in Sicily overlooking the sea, and it is characterized by its marine scent made from salty fruits, which are lemon, tangerine, musk , Bergamot, was launched in 1995 and is at the forefront of perfumes to this day.

Belved perfume is the scent of oud for men

It is one of the wonderful men’s perfumes and is very fragrant, and it contains musk, and gives its owner a wonderful elegance, and it is made of black pepper, cardamom, citric material, labdanum gum, aromatic spices such as cumin, in order to impart a unique aroma.

Black Oud perfume for men by Lacurient Mazoon

It is one of the perfumes that are intended for men, and it is suitable for businessmen and employees in high and prestigious positions, and it was released in 2012, and since then to the present time this perfume has recorded the highest sales in the market, and it is composed of nutmeg, cumin, incense, labdanum, Oud, sandalwood, vanilla, amber.


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