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Planting roses in the garden or at home

Many people think that planting roses is a difficult process and requires a lot of experience, but it is really easier than you think, in this article, we will show you a set of practical tips that will enable you to grow beautiful flowers in the garden or at home.


Planting roses does not require experience in this field, it only requires adhering to a set of tips that we will mention for you below.

Why grow roses?

Roses are beautiful looking plants and very bright colors. In addition, most types of roses are fragrant and endearing.

Roses are a great addition to indoor or balcony décor.

Beautiful roses can simply be grown either on the ground in gardens or in special pots known as potted plants.

Roses do not require much care, as they are able to withstand low temperatures.

Caring for roses can bring happiness and inner comfort to a person, so having roses in the house will give you a feeling of happiness and that you are doing something useful.

The problem of agricultural pests

There is one problem that you may face during rose cultivation, which is that flowers are susceptible to infection with fungal diseases and parasites, which means that you have to monitor them permanently. Knowing if flowers are susceptible to pests before symptoms appear.

To ensure that your flowers are not exposed to pests, you should act automatically by preventing parasites and insects from getting to your roses. To do this, ask your agricultural pharmacist or agricultural expert how to protect your flowers from exposure to these agricultural pests and what materials can be used for this.

Tips for planting roses and caring for them

Here are a set of tips that will help you care for and take care of flowers, whether they are grown in your home in special containers or in your garden land.

First advice

Whether you choose to plant the roses on the ground or in a pot, you should plant the roses for a specific period of time when the temperatures are low or moderate.

The best time to plant flowers is from October to November, that is, when the temperatures are cool, or between January and February when the temperatures are moderate.

To ensure a successful planting of roses, ask your florist or roses when is the best time to plant these flowers and ask him to sell you varieties of roses that can withstand the vagaries of the weather and the climatic conditions in which they live.

The second tip

If you want to grow roses in your home garden, you have to prepare the soil well and add fertilizer to it in order to make it able to support the plants and flowers.

Fertilize the soil, especially during the spring and fall seasons. Remember that fertile soil will make the roses grow better and faster.

Also, do not forget to plant roses in sun-exposed soil to suit those roses, as some types of flowers prefer to grow in the shade, while some flowers prefer to grow in the sun.

To find out which flower preferences you want to grow, ask a florist or other agronomist.


Third advice

Before planting flowers, remove dirty and damaged roots and leave the flowers for several hours before planting so that they can breathe and expand. During this period, you can put it in a bucket of water before planting it.

Fourth tip

A suitable depth should be chosen for planting flowers, the best depth is 3-15 cm, and after planting the roses should be watered immediately.

Fifth tip

When watering the flowers, avoid spraying the leaves on the green and colored flowers, as this can lead to rotting and fungus growth on them.

Always remember that there are preferred times to water the flowers, the best time in summer is evening, and in spring, it is preferable to water the flowers in the morning.

Sixth tip

Every two years it is necessary to reclaim the soil in which you plant the flowers, by replacing them or fertilizing them to make them able to support the growth and nourishment of the plants. Soil reclamation is best done in the spring.

Seventh tip

There is an important point to pay attention to when planting roses, which is the importance of pruning these roses in order to eliminate the dry parts and enable the plant to grow better.

Eighth tip

If you want to pick or cut roses, you have to do so at appropriate times, when the plant is rich in sugars resulting from the photosynthesis process, that is, after the flowers are exposed to sunlight.

You should avoid cutting or cutting off very young buds, as these are the ones that will grow in the future to replace the cut parts.

To keep the cut roses, place them in a container of water. Do not submerge the green leaves in water, so that they do not rot.

Ninth tip

If you want to keep the cut roses, you have to put them in a container that contains water. The type of water is very important, as tap water is full of electrolytes and it is not useful, you must use water that is free of electrolytes (distilled water).

If electrolyte-free water is not available, you can simply boil tap water before placing the flowers in it.

The tenth tip

You must always make sure that all the roses are in good condition, if you notice that the roses are starting to wilt or are showing signs of parasites or insects in them, then you must act immediately, you can consult an agricultural expert, agricultural pharmacist or anyone with experience in growing roses In order to find out the best ways to protect your flowers and prevent the growth of parasites on them.

last word

By following the ten tips mentioned above, you can grow roses and ensure that they grow well. Note that planting roses is not a difficult process, but it requires constant follow-up whether you plant these roses in agricultural pots indoors, on balconies, or even when planting them in the garden.

Do not forget to use your roses to prepare useful things, you can use roses in preparing rose water or extract the essential oils that are used in perfumes.


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