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Poems about Kuwait in classical Arabic

Words sometimes fail to describe one of the landmarks of the world, a land that was and still is a platform for other cultures and sciences, a homeland whose name has spread everywhere.



The State of Kuwait, the Solid Shield, the old name, will be the focus of our conversation in this distinguished article that describes the State of Kuwait with the pens of the pioneers of Arabic poetry.

State of Kuwait (kuwait)

The State of Kuwait is located in the southwestern part of the continent of Asia, bordered to the north and west by the State of Iraq, on the east by the Arabian Gulf and to the south by Saudi Arabia. Its capital is Kuwait.

It was named with this name because Kuwait is derived from the word kot meaning fort or fort. The system of government is democratic and emiri under the leadership of the Al-Sabah ruling family.

Poetry about Kuwait in Arabic

Kuwait this resonant name that many poets and writers sang, today we will shed light on some of the most important poems that illustrated the features of that country, revived its cultural heritage and illuminated the way for generations to live life in freedom, honor and sincerity.

Every year, many festivals are held and a large number of poets from the Kuwaiti Writers Association participate in the celebrations and national holidays that are held in the State of Kuwait.

Among the first poets to sing in Kuwait was the great poet Suad Sabah, who presented to us a poem entitled (We are here), which was a sublime patriotic message to her beloved country Kuwait, in which she said:

We are here

This land is from water to water .. ours

From the heart to the us

And from the ah to the ah .. to us

Every pin if my bloodied

He is in my heart

We are here

This land is the mother who nurses us

They are the tent, the coat, and the shelter

And the garment that conceals us

It is the ceiling to which we live

It is the chest that warms us

It is the letter we are writing

It is the poetry that writes us

Whenever they shoot an arrow at it

I choked into my heart

Sinbad was a great Gulf sailor … from here

And those who participated in the journey of dreams, they are our children

And the paddles that split the waves were from here

We know this sea very much … just as he knows us

On his blue waves we were born

And with the fish in the sea we swam

And with the boys in the neighborhood, we played … we stayed up, and we fell in love

This land called Kuwait

Allah’s gift to us

The satisfaction of the father and mother is upon us

How much we planted her land, date palms and hair

How many young people have been displaced in her valley

And we sifted its sand inch by inch

And on the crystal of her eyes, we sat and passed by

This land called Kuwait

The threshing floor of wheat that feeds us

The blessing of the Lord who has honored us

And the hand of God guards us

We have known a thousand love before her

And we knew a thousand love after her

Is me

What we found a woman more charming

We never found a home

More tender, no chest mercy

This land called Kuwait

It is from us .. and for us

Every pin if I hit it … is in my heart

This land called Kuwait

We paste it in atoms

We are this pearl hidden in its depths

We are these red dates in its palm trees

We are this dormant moon on her balconies

It is a fragrance sailing in our blood

And lighthouses lit up tomorrow

It is another heart in our heart

The Kuwaitis are here to stay

The Kuwaitis are here to stay

And all the honorable Arabs will remain here

Kuwaitis in the name of God .. in the name of the sword

In the name of land, children, and history

We stay here

We cover up the gap that catches us

We cut off the palm that is hitting us

Among the most prominent poets who participated in the festivals is Dr. Fatima Al-Abdullah, who expressed her love and loyalty to her motherland through a poem in which she said:

Pearl of the seas, star of the sky


Kuwait, our love and our security

We cuddled warmth in the rain

To pay a visit

And our light and joy to look at

And our home, our honor and our pride

A stable soul haven

Today, yesterday and tomorrow

By the prosperity is prosperous

Real time:

The country of good and light

And the house of glory and the fence

Kuwait, love unites us

This love is legendary

Glory to my city borders

Its coasts to the creek


Warba, then Boubyan

And Jahra by Al-Jouri

She also boasted of her country, saying:

Compete with me for your love, people

I cannot withhold his love

Your heart inherited verses

Tell the secrets of his affection

For a prince, we were a symbol

And father is distinguished by his wisdom

And tenderness dwells in kindness

The walls of his city houses

As for the poet Walid Al-Qallaf, who wrote two poems to be sung in the State of Kuwait, (Kuwait Beauty) and (Painting of Beauty), his words were an abbreviation of the highest stages of wanderlust and wealth in the homeland Kuwait, saying:

You are from a land of epic glory

And the stirrups walked with your beautiful mind

And the bright full moon addressed you with love

And I was only where he was addressed

And around you hopes paint an aura

The stripes of drinkers are clear

As for the poem of Beauty Painting, he said:

Today we are all protected by soldiers

And on your righteous approach

And of choice, the sun gave direction

You have a veil from its beautiful light

So let’s gracefully cost you

Oh, God reward you from reverence

The poet Noura Al-Malifi also recited a patriotic poem that shook within us the euphoria of faith and surrender to a free country, generous people, and pure land, where she said:

For the sake of a sailor spent and his brother

On the land, the evil was struck

The ghost of the shroud

What he knew

Is the dawn of one

The consolation of a people will not be separated by the body

The poet Salem Al-Rumaidi also created a very distinctive poem, as it can be read in classical or colloquial Arabic, entitled (Bouh Al-Yasmeen). Where he said:

I asked and answered immediately myself

About the horizons on Badri and Shamsi

And on the wind Tamazuj and lavender

And the musk perfume I mixed with my soul

(Kuwait Al Ezz) is the title of a poem by the poet Abdullah Al-Anzi, through which he expressed his love for his homeland and its great connection to his free land, where he said:

Kuwait glory, O Dar Al-Maali

Oh, a monument to beauty

I see you Dora brightened .. with light

Beyond all imagination

As for the poet Nada Al-Ahmadi, she described Kuwait with the most wonderful words, saying:

O land of love, oh land of peace

Oh my presence in you my love and harmony

Whatever the inspiration of the revelation of praise disappeared

My love for Kuwait stays ahead

As for the one who was very sharp towards those who wreaked havoc in these countries, the poet Noura Al-Failakawi, she said:

From here here are my elders

I am not in pain and homelands are in the liver

Love revives the heart high

And your love for you, if it bleeds, no one will

As the poet Faleh bin Taflah said, describing his love and love for Kuwait:

Since childhood, passion and leadership

And my feelings of loving her are increasing

I was enthralled by my soul, a lofty palace of love

In it loyalty is a pillar and pillar

And her passion grew in my heart just as

The flowers grow on its branches

The poet Raja Muhammad Al-Jassim Al-Qahtani boasted of the State of Kuwait through fine verses in which he wrote:

I can be proud of Kuwait

He who caught you raised it gives praise

Shine bright as she rose

Glow with its small features is intelligence

(Darling Kaf) is the title of a poem by the poet Ghazi Al-Sharaf who dedicated it to his beloved Kuwait, where he said:

I love you with life

I was born with a passion for pushing boundaries

Kuwait pulse manifested my loyalty

I love you, dear to be

As for Mahmoud Othman, he addressed Kuwait with a wandering spirit and a submissive soul, so his words were sweet and his language was eloquent, (Wadad in the vein of victory) the title of his poem in which he said:

Okwit O good scattered bounty

In every house there is Ammar

You have affection for you

Good hearts and jars connected

The poet Sami Thabet also sang in Kuwait, describing it:

This Kuwait melts in my lips today

The salve of love in the breath and the lung.

In conclusion, the poet Muhammad Sarkhouh, who wrote his poem entitled To My Country, said proudly:

I saw you yesterday

Among the wasteland

And in the midst of loss

And after the extension of the migration


As a whirlwind of screaming confused

Snarl at the soul .. between

The graves

In the end …

Our country is a lofty, sublime country, which gave a lot to its children without any compensation, the tender mother and the wise father were brother and son, she was our history, our present and our future, she was and will remain the beacon that we demand and love.


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