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Restaurants in Muscat


The succulent seafood, stylish and air-conditioned restaurants that people in Oman turn to from the heat outside are one of the attractions of this city.


We will discover the best restaurants in Muscat, the capital of Oman, given that Oman has developed infrastructure, luxury hotels, restaurants, and global influences. And although it has evolved from village to city in the past 40 years, Muscat has retained much of its ancient Arab charm.

In our article, we will learn about the restaurants in Muscat, the capital, and the most important foods that they offer, so come with us.

Restaurants in Muscat

Restaurants in Muscat

Once Oman became the most powerful commercial empire in the Arabian Peninsula, the Sultanate of Oman is no stranger to foreign influences, as it assimilates and adapts the flavors of the world to suit its Bedouin taste.

So it stands to reason that foods that are primarily Muscatis come from all over the world, from the local Indian chai called karak, to Indian vegetables, or Indian chiles, and local ingredients like fish and dates, which are being incorporated into the new Omani creations, through local innovations. , And expatriate cooks.

Muscat is a glamorous new city, and wholly traditional, which makes it a great adventure in a place to explore. Here, we will learn about the most restaurants in Muscat, to choose what suits your taste and your multiple options.

Ubhar dazzled

Everything at Ubhar is designed to be magical, drowning dinner in the mysterious and regal Omani past, with all its antiquity and history.

It shares the name of the old town, which is now presumably buried under the southern quarters of the city.

Both the decor and the food in this restaurant are a mixture of modern and historical Omani cuisine.

Desserts are one of the highlights of the restaurant, especially the offerings with the sweetness of algae, another unmatched incarnation of the famous Middle Eastern class.

Food lovers can try the Omani style biryani, although the menu also offers a large choice of traditional meats.

This Omani restaurant (with seating on tables, not on the floor) offers a great menu, camel meat features among other traditional meats, when you eat try to leave room for dessert, which is frankincense ice cream, and the sweetness of pasta.

the beach

Al Shatea Restaurant is the closest restaurant located on the beach, that can take you to a true beachside excursion in Oman, while still enjoying the luxury of serving high-quality dishes, with stunning views of the Gulf of Oman.

The dishes complete the look, with the seafood menu, inspired by international cuisine, such as mussels with caviar, lime, carpoco nuts, and grilled fish.

The restaurant is open from September, to May, for dinner only, making it ideal for enjoying the best views, from the sunset and the fishing that took place today.

This first class restaurant, with a wonderful Arabic ambiance, demonstrated by fire pits and hidden lighting, serves exciting, complex cuisine in a luxurious beachfront location, with a French pastry chef in the hotel’s in-house restaurant, it is the best choice in the Sultanate.

Bin Ateeq

Bin Ateeq is a good compromise between authentic cuisine, with Omani hospitality, and dishes that can be accessed by visitors from all over the world.

The real highlight of this restaurant is the floor-level seating, with traditional majlis, Omani cushions, in brilliant and harmonious colors, in which guests can sample lamb, appetizers, and hummus (and roast wheat with meat).

This restaurant is one of the few restaurants, which serves authentic Omani food in the traditional way, with sitting on old carpets in private rooms with TV.

Duke’s Bar Muscat

What could be more perfect than a cold drink, delicious food sourced from the finest producers, and cooked with great attention to detail, Duke’s Bar takes you, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, to a restaurant that is a bar in Oman, where he can provide for these simple and important needs. Especially for British residents of Muscat.

Monthly menus keep pub food fun, with a good selection of lamb chops, kebabs, tagines and curries.

Duke’s Bar is definitely one of the best bars in Muscat, and has a pub food menu that rivals many British establishments.

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Tché Tché

What started as a popular Jordanian café ten years ago is now the bastion of café culture, snacks, and fine meals in the Arab world.

The Amman branch is located in Muscat and offers a great variety of salads, breakfasts, sandwiches, fokhara, and even some hookah smoking devices.

Tché Tché, a growing trading company, continues its interest in opening branches in most capitals of the world, where after it opened new branches, it took an interest in improving the quality, and the type, in each of its sites.


When the craving for meat becomes intense and spices are too much, try Begum Restaurant, where Begum serves hearty, cheerful, moist dishes, and Mughal cuisine from biriyanis to kormas.

The crowds that regularly fill this restaurant are loving, enthusiastic, and proving that Indian cuisine is a longstanding popular choice in Muscat.



You should have a night of high-quality Omani culture, by going to the Royal Opera House in Muscat, and enjoying a delicious meal at Angham Restaurant.

The restaurant offers good service, and Omani dishes such as Harris, Lamb and Omani Lobster.

Unlike many high-end establishments, Angham does not have a license to serve alcohol, a fact that is compensated for by the many varied cocktails of many fruits, and fresh juices available.

End the meal with chewing gum ice cream and, if possible, visit the private dining room to see the restaurant’s stunning chandeliers crafted in the finest crafts.

This gorgeous restaurant next to the Royal Opera House offers the kind of haute cuisine that demands a special occasion, like a night at the opera, from silver napkin rings, to the carved wooden ceiling.

The Grand Lounge

The most powerful Turkish presence in Muscat can be felt at the Grand Lounge, where bread dishes, potatoes, kebabs and Turkish yogurts are served in an impressive large restaurant, which can serve food to countless crowds on any night of the week.

You will also enjoy the mandatory Turkish coffee, in the ornate silver cups, which is a wonderful welcome touch, for a meal in the suffocating Omani desert city, with Turkish culture and flavor.


Fusion offers various meat dishes, including meat grills on the table you sit at, for those who not only want to eat meat, but also cook their own meat dishes, right before their very eyes.

The selection of predominantly Asian cuisine, grills, sticky, and sweet desserts on the a la carte menu makes for more than a delicious meal.

But there is no competition for the pleasure of having a miniature grill between friends at your dining table.

Popan House

You know that you are in a unique place when the container of incense is full of incense, and the smell of incense rises in front of you, to fill the place with the flavor of ancient Omani art.

This delightful restaurant is located in a renovated Khan (to become a guesthouse), built 140 years ago and used for shipping, it is the best middle eastern choice in Muscat.

Kargeen Cafe

With a choice of al fresco dining and majlis style dining, or in small rooms, this excellent restaurant has spanned a yard of lit trees, to create a holistic Arabian experience, the best seafood options in Muscat.

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Lemon blossom

Seats, with colorful cushions, span the sidewalk at this excellent Lebanese restaurant, inviting diners to make it a night of a lifetime.

In other words, it is Lebanon in Muscat.

Premium place

Specializing in North Indian cuisine, the most excellent restaurant, it is more than just the best Indian restaurant in town, it is part of the Indian landscape, in Muscat.

It is perched on a hill overlooking the Qurum Nature Reserve, in other words India in Muscat.

the cave

This cave-like complex, made up of seven different restaurants, includes Al Manjour, an Omani restaurant that offers barbecue dishes (cooked, slow-marinated meat dishes) on the menu.

It is even more interesting that Aladdin clothes are all dressed up by all of the restaurant staff in this cave.

Blue Marlin Restaurant

Blue Marlin offers consistently delicious light tables at lunchtime, perfect after a boat trip from the marina, with cheerful, cloth-covered tables, under trolleys alongside the harbor, for the hobbyist the best breakfast, and as they say Omani in Muscat.

No brasserie

La Brasserie serves delicious French food in a small wooden den, in a restaurant across from the fish market in Mutrah, and is the perfect place for coffee and pastries as you stroll around on foot in Muscat.

Fast Foods Juice Center

East of the main entrance, to the Muttrah Souq on the Muttrah Corniche, this typical local-style restaurant, with tables on the sidewalk, is the perfect place for people who want to enjoy watching the country and enjoy the taste of shawarma, with a glass of salted milk and a cup of Liptin tea.

Owls & Dolphin Bar

This intimate, licensed restaurant, with large windows and a terrace overlooking the harbor, is a good place to enjoy Muscat’s old relationship with the sea.



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