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Schooling is in your hands and in a fun and sophisticated way to perceive

What if the lessons could have been more fun? And if the students desperately want to follow their lessons on their own? The result will be amazing, and the matter is not impossible, as this is what Edraak platform actually achieved after Her Majesty Queen Rania launched the educational curriculum, starting with mathematics for all grades, so that the student learns and enjoys at the same time.


How can your child learn what he takes in his classroom for free while at home? How can he excel at the same time he spends in front of a phone or computer screen while being at the height of the fun? How can you follow it? This and much more is what Edraak offers for school education, and here are the details.

Edraak platform for school education

In September 2018, the first phase of school education was launched on the Edraak platform , and now the success of the platform has been completed, by providing mathematics to all grades that simulates the curriculum of Egypt, Jordan, Syria and other countries in an enjoyable manner that can communicate information to students in a scientifically studied way Suitable for their age groups, with tons of videos explaining the lessons.

And the matter does not stop at the limit and explanation of lessons, but rather the possibility of follow-up and organization by the learner student and his guardian who is able to notice the development of his level, in addition to the teacher who can supervise his students. Thus, it is possible to distinguish between 3 areas included in the school learning platform, namely:

1 – Edraak for school education – teachers

Educators can create virtual classrooms by adding student accounts, and organizing an educational program based on existing scientific materials in their current format or by arranging them in line with students’ level.

The most important thing is the possibility of following up the students through data showing the development and level of each of them, allowing the teacher to determine the best way to raise the performance and increase the skill and level of everyone based on the capabilities of each student.

2 – Edraak for school education – students

With ease and a lot of fun, students can learn by either choosing the class and getting the curriculum that relates to it, or by choosing the study axes that interest them.

All there is to it is choosing the class or topic, then taking a glimpse of the information contained in the lessons and the video clips and their number, and after that the country is chosen to obtain the appropriate curriculum, and then enroll in the class and immediately you will go to the educational videos with the presence of axes tabs Curriculum to move between lessons smoothly.

In addition to tests and exercises that can be solved by making sure that the lesson is understood after watching it or during that, with each correct answer that is chosen, an explanation and explanation will be attached to increase the depth of understanding of the information, in addition to displaying your result, progress, completion of the curriculum and your completion of the content.

3 – Edraak for school education – parents

Your son will never be alone with the phone, as he is safe on Edraak platform and under your supervision, by adding his account to your home page, you will be able to help him through this enjoyable and useful experience, in addition to that you will be constantly informed of his activities, progress and development.

School education in an advanced style

School education in an advanced style

The educational method in Edraak is developed that simulates each age group and follows what suits it based on studies and research. Children in the first grades are most interested in following children’s programs and cartoon characters, so the math lessons assigned to them are designed to simulate these characters, while at an older age they are designed An additional puppet character named “Curcuma” will be the mediator between the teacher and the students and make understanding the lessons easier for them.

On the other hand, the student’s presence in the comfortable place he is accustomed to among his family in addition to the amount of pleasure he gets during his learning of the lessons that pertain to his class and his sense of challenge and enthusiasm with the increase in his level and the indicator of his completion of the curriculum all of this plays a big role in the student’s desire to learn not only because these Lessons will be tested with them, but because they are valuable information in a way that respects his mind and simulates his creativity and amazing abilities.


Edraak and Continuing Education Platform

Edraak and Continuing Education Platform

You will not be able to register in Adraak and stop at the school education limit because you will find a lot of what interests you in the continuing education platform, regardless of your age and whatever your field, you will be able to enroll in a course that can develop your abilities, skills, knowledge and learn at the time you want and the possibility of issuing a certificate of completion at Successful completion of the course.

All there is is to search for the field, find the right course for you, then register and follow it for free, and you will be able to notice your progress in a graphical form with the discussion forum feature, and the most important is the questionnaire that aims to develop this platform in order to advance more and more and until it achieves its goal in the best way in providing knowledge For the Arab world.

How to learn to perceive?

How to learn to perceive?

It is very simple in just 3 steps, anyone from anywhere in the world can learn in the best advanced Arab e-learning platform, and these steps are:

The first step – logging into the Edraak platform

You can access Edraak via the “ Edraak ” link via various internet browsers.

Second step – create an account and log in

 You can register in Edraak in a simple and easy way by entering your email, username, name and choosing your password. You can also register directly by relying on your account on Facebook or Google, and then you will have to activate the account and log into this account every time to continue. lessons.

The third step – entering the world of knowledge and learning

After creating your account in Edraak, there is nothing left but to enter and enjoy this world, which will provide you with a lot of knowledge and experience in various fields, and you will be able to use all the features it provides from school education and continuing education.

Edraak platform

Edraak platform

In fact, this should have been the first thing we talk about, but with “Edraak,” it can be said that what this platform offers in terms of developing education in the Arab world is the most important thing that describes, talks about and knows about it, more than any words that can be written.

Edraak was established at the initiative of the Queen Rania Foundation, and the aim was to develop the field of education in the Arab world to become the most important platform that elevates the knowledge and thought of the Arab learner regardless of distances.

As for the learners there, on the Edraak platform, they witness how this site was a way to achieve their dreams and ambitions, and how it was a way to increase their knowledge in areas that interest them.

In the end, it can be said that the Edraak platform is really what students in the Arab world deserve, and with it they are safe and their bright future as the approaching and their years of study are the years of childhood as they should be so as to equip them with love and enthusiasm for science and learning.

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