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Small business ideas. Top 20 Profit Projects

When seeking to work on your own project, the problem often lies in finding a good idea and then choosing the appropriate idea from among the available options, between small, medium and large projects, and between projects that can be worked on on your own or projects of a larger size that need assistants there are many Options.



Therefore, in order to help you reach the right idea, here is a list of 20 options for small business ideas that you can choose from, of course you can choose based on your desires, experiences, available financial resources, and which projects you can implement.

List of small business ideas

1 – An educational center

A project as an educational center that provides educational courses in various academic and scientific fields and helps students in their different academic stages is not a big deal, and anyone can work on this type of project with some simple experience.

Especially if the person has some experience in educational affairs. All you need in such a project is a workplace that contains halls that can be used as classrooms, in addition to contracting with teachers and trainers from various specialties and some marketing for the center to reach the target audience.

2 – Home services center

Such a project can provide services related to the entire home needs such as maintenance, repair and restoration, all you need is the availability of the center in a place and a good marketing for it, and then contracting with technicians and specialists in various fields such as carpentry technicians, woods, electricals, home appliances maintenance and other things that may be needed. Any home and then can provide these services for an adequate fee that makes a good profit margin.

3 – A supermarket

One of the most popular projects among people looking for small business ideas, like the rest of the projects on this list, the project may need some capital at the beginning of the launch phase, until the project begins to generate returns.

4- A care center for domestic animals

In this project, services can be provided such as food for domestic animals, tools and tools used for these animals. Veterinarians can be hired at the center to provide animal health services and other such supplies.

5 – Perfume store

It is sufficient for this project to provide a suitable place as a perfume store and then contract with a perfume supplier to bring to the store the products that will be displayed in the store, and it is not necessary to be limited to perfumes, but rather to trade in other products and goods close to this area. In addition to gift wrapping services, as fragrances are often presented as gifts on various occasions.

6 – Office supplies store

As the previous type, you need in this project a suitable place that can be used as a store and be in a suitable area as well, preferably in the markets, in addition to contracting with suppliers of office supplies to obtain the products necessary to display in such a store. Certainly, you will get a good profit margin by buying and reselling products at a higher price.

7 – Electronics maintenance center

A center for the maintenance of electronic devices can be a very profitable project in light of the increasing use of various electronic devices, and here it is not necessary for the project owner to have experience in maintaining these devices, but a maintenance technician can be employed to work on the project. In this project, it is necessary to have a good marketing plan or the location of the center must be located in a vital area that guarantees getting customers and clients.

Here is a list of 20 small business ideas you can choose from

8 – Fast food kiosk

If you are good at preparing food and have some talent or experience in that, you can invest this matter in a small business project such as a potato kiosk, sandwich, burger or ice cream sale, for example, as such a project does not need a lot of capital and you can work It on your own. The important thing in this regard is where the booth will be located, and you can use a small transfer cart as well, to start your business in any vital area of ​​the city you live in.

9 – Food distribution project

In this project, you will need a means of transportation for the goods to distribute them, and it can be a car or a small truck that suits the nature of the work, and then you will buy the foodstuffs from manufacturers to transport them to the consumption areas and sell them to local stores and supermarkets at a price higher than the purchase price, achieving an acceptable profit margin.


10 – Gift shop

Initially, it needs some capital to equip the store, such as the place and the decorations in it, and other supplies, in addition to the costs of the goods and primary products that will be displayed in the store. And maybe some costs for marketing.

11 – Sports club

Also among the ideas of small commercial projects is the establishment of a sports club, whether for men or women, or even for the two together, such as for men in the morning and for women in the evening period or vice versa. Usually, this type of project needs a good amount of capital, not a little, as the sports equipment and equipment are somewhat high.

12 – Electronic store

Some believe that a store of this kind needs a lot of capital due to the high prices of electronic and technical devices and tools, but in fact, if you think about this project, you will not need more than just initial costs such as preparing the store and its supplies. As for the prices for devices that are displayed in the store, you will get it almost for free, because it will be for display only. When selling, you will get the products for sale that you will sell first and then pay for the company later.

13 – Online store

It is not necessary for you to have a lot of experience in the technical field and building stores and websites in order to start your e-commerce, you can hire someone to build the store that you want and then with some additional experience that you can learn in a short period, so that you can display the products that you want to sell in Store, and the sale begins.

14 – Selling household foods

Top 20 Small Business Profits

One of the projects that do not need a head or a workplace, but you can start from your home kitchen, the most important thing for this project is the good marketing of this service represented by home-made foods. Of course, it is not necessary to start from your home, but you can start your own restaurant, for example if you want, or you can start from home and market your foods through social media.

15 – Printing on fabrics and cups

If you think to work on this project, you will need a specialized printing machine for this purpose, and you may need to hire someone who is familiar with design in order to sell the appropriate designs, whether on clothes, sheets, bedspreads, mugs and other needs that can be printed on.

16 – Create an application for smartphones

If you have an application idea that you think is good and can achieve a wide spread, you can search for a suitable programmer to convert it into an application, and then there are a number of options to profit from this application such as displaying ads in the application, selling the application directly, or providing a paid service within this application .

17 – Establish an electronic blog

Small business ideas

This may not be a convincing project for some and may suit others, as it is one of the projects that can be started without any need for capital, whether large or small, requires some simple experience in the field of website management and content management, and then the person can start adding content to the site or You can hire others to add content. As for the profits, they can be obtained from many ways, such as displaying ads on the site, promoting products within the site’s content, or from affiliate marketing.

18 – Trading in used tools

Buying used tools and then reselling them from projects that can make a good profit. Resale used tools can include electrical and electronic appliances, household items and furniture parts.

19 – Child custody

You will need for this project a place suitable to be a nursery in addition to some assistants, preferably teachers or teachers of kindergarten specialists, in addition to the requirements for that from suitable decorations for the educational and entertainment activities required by this form of projects directed to children.

20 – Party organizing office

Organizing weddings, birthdays, engagement parties and other events can be one of the most successful commercial projects if you have sufficient experience in this regard, and even in cases where you do not have much experience, you can master this field in a short period and you can use the expertise of others by hiring an experienced person. To work with you.

Here was our list of small business ideas any one could work on for people looking to start their own business. Of course, any of these projects will need to be well planned, organized, studied and prepared in addition to marketing, which is almost one of the most important factors for the success of any project. You can learn more about business marketing in its various forms from any of these articles.

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