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Study in America – Everything you need to know to complete your studies there


The United States of America is still the number one study destination in the world for international students, as it is the most country in the number of universities in the famous QS ranking for universities in the world, as it has about 150 universities within this classification, and more than 1.2 million international students studied there during 2017.



Studying in America is one of the most prominent places to study various types of majors, including popular majors such as engineering, administrative sciences, medicine, and less popular majors as well.

If you have an idea to study there and pursue the major you want, then it is possible and you have the right to pursue your ambition, here we will learn about the steps of studying in America in detail and what the student must do to get a place in any of the American universities.

Higher education in America

Study in America - All you need and know to complete your studies there

Between the higher education system that we know and which is the same in most of our Arab countries and the education system there – America – there are many points of difference and similarities. In terms of the duration of study, for example, most undergraduate programs need 4 to 5 years in America, as well as Arab education systems, as well as for master’s and doctoral programs, but it may take longer in some doctoral programs, as the study period reaches about 5 years.

Also, one of the points of difference with regard to American universities is the start and end dates of the academic year, it is known that the beginning of the academic year in most American universities is in August, while universities in the Arab region often start their academic year in September.

Do not forget the requirements that universities require from international students who apply to study in them, as it is known that American universities impose more demands on students as we will know in the following lines of the article.

Requirements to study in America

The requirements for studying in the United States of America vary between each university, of course there are some common requirements and there are requirements that are specific to one university and not another, so international students who want to study in America are always advised to confirm the requirements by communicating with the university directly that they intend to study In which.

And you may even find that there is a difference in the requirements in the same university, as the requirements may differ according to the major you intend to study. But in general, the requirements that you can find in most educational institutions and institutions in America

  • The language test is the TOEFL test, and some universities also accept IELTS, which measures the student’s proficiency in the English language and his language ability, and this is a prerequisite in all American universities and it is required of all international students coming to America to study.
  • The SAT test is a form of US university entrance examination designed to measure the student’s cognitive and intellectual skills, and the student’s ability to coexist and be in harmony with the American environment and culture. There are two types of this test: the SAT and the SAT cognitive test, which is also a prerequisite for American universities.
  • Some universities may require other tests, such as the ACT exam, which is also designed to identify the cognitive and scientific skills of the student, as well as other types of entrance exams.
  • Personal proofs and official papers, which are required in all cases, regardless of the destination of study, and include personal photos, a valid passport, birth certificate, and academic or academic certificates obtained by the person.
  • Financial evidence, as the student must provide proof of his ability to bear the expenses of studying and living in America throughout the study period.
  • A motivation letter in which the student explains why he wants to study in America and the goals he aspires to achieve from his studies there.
  • Recommendation letter, and this is from one of the educational authorities with which the student has studied, such as the school from which he obtained his high school diploma, or a recommendation from a university teacher with whom the person had studied.

These are the most important requirements for studying in America, which the student must take into account when seeking to complete his studies there.

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Tuition and life costs are there

Study in America - All you need and know to complete your studies there

Also, with regard to costs, they differ from one university to another and between one state and another of the US states, for example, the costs of studying at Harvard University are definitely higher than in other less well-known universities, and with an academic level.


With regard to tuition fees, the student should expect fees between 5,000 to 50,000 US dollars, depending on the university he is considering studying in. As for the cost of living and daily living expenses of food, drink, housing and transportation, the student will need between 8,000 to 12,000 US dollars annually.

The student may need more expenses if his academic major requires attending educational courses in addition to the university curriculum, or purchasing books and other study supplies.

There are some ways in which a form of financial assistance can be obtained, such as loans obtained from banks, and these must be returned by the student later. The other form of aid is scholarships.

These grants are of all types, some of which are complete and cover all tuition costs and some partial cover a part of the costs, in addition to conditions specific to each grant that the student must meet, and even with the full availability of the conditions, the student does not necessarily get the scholarship.

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Applying to American universities

The first thing to consider when planning to study in America is the time, students always estimate a wrong time for the application process, so you find that they either miss the opportunity to register for a whole year and thus delay until the next year, or are late in the start of the academic year.

Study in America - All you need and know to complete your studies there

For most universities, the academic year starts around mid-August. As for the registration process and submitting the required papers and certificates to the university in which the student intends to study, there are two periods for registration, the first period during the months of September and October, and the second during February and March.

Before these appointments, the student must have completed all required papers, exams and certificates, including translation of official papers and personal evidence into English in case the original copies were in a second language other than English.

These dates are general, it is always preferable to check the available dates directly from the university in which the student plans to study.

The papers and application for registration are submitted to the university directly through the department dedicated to international students, which can be dealt with online. There are some universities that follow a unified system of study applications for international students and therefore you can apply to more than one university with the same student, so make sure of the university’s website directly and what information it provides in this regard to know if you have to apply through the university or through a central application system.

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Study visa to America

The visa available for international students to study in America is of the F-1 type, and it is applied for after obtaining the acceptance letter from the university.

The visa is applied for through the United States Embassy and its consulates in the student’s country. As for the papers that can be requested for this process, they differ according to the student’s nationality and the country from which they come from. Applications may include personal interviews at the embassy, ​​questionnaires, and personal evidence in addition to fees that may reach about 160 Dollars, and then the embassy will inform the student of the date that he must wait to obtain the visa.

In all cases, the student will not be able to enter the United States until 30 days before the start of his study program, although he can obtain a visa about 120 days before this date.

So we got to know everything related to studying in America in terms of the educational system, universities, requirements for studying there, tuition and living costs, and the mechanism of applying to American universities.



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