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Study in Canada… Its features, conditions and the best cities in it


Studying in Canada after passing the baccalaureate stage is a good and wonderful step in the life of a university student, instead of completing his studies in one of the universities in his country that is not suitable and graduates thousands of unemployed students who are not qualified to enter the labor market.


But the student achieves this dream and avoids completing university studies in his home country. It is imperative to know all the information and steps that will help you complete your studies in Canada.

This is what we will explain to you, dear student and reader, in our article, where we will explain everything related to study methods in Canada.

Why study in Canada without other cities?

Studying in Canada means one thing for students, which is studying under a high and high-quality educational system, and this thing is a non-existent thing in many Arab countries.

In addition to the high-quality educational systems in Canada, this country has a very good reputation in all areas outside clean education, which makes it one of the ideal places to live in, as Canada has a very large geographical area, but in terms of population, its population is very small compared to its geographical area, As this matter makes it one of the countries with little pollution, and there are many areas that have not yet been touched by humans, the small number of people in them makes them one of the cleanest and most beautiful countries in the world.

Its population is approximately 40 million people in a country that is classified in terms of area as the second largest country in the world, making it one of the most good countries for immigration, as Canada has various immigration programs in order to increase its population, in order to compete with large countries such as China And America in economic terms.

Therefore, the student is welcome to Canada because of his classification as a future citizen in Canada who possesses strong educational talents and qualifications that help the country in the economic advancement and advancement of the imam.

This is the Canadian vision for anyone coming to it, as it retains people by providing all amenities, education and entertainment, as there is no better than Canada for students to complete the undergraduate level, and therefore studying in Canada is one of the good and important steps to build a good future.

What are the conditions for studying in Canada?

In order for the student to complete his university studies in Canada, he must obtain a permit to study in Canada, and the permit to complete the study in Canada is a document issued by the Canadian authorities through which foreign students are allowed to study in the country’s educational institutions, which are determined in advance and are known as dli .

In order for the student to be able to study in Canada and obtain a permit, all the following conditions must be completed, which are:

  • Register with a specific educational institution dli (where students can visit state educational institutions and universities through the Canadian authorities).
  • Proof of the student that he has enough money to pay for country visa fees, plane tickets and living expenses in Canada.
  • That the student has a clean life and criminal record and does not pose any threat to Canada’s security.
  • That the student enjoys good health through a comprehensive medical examination.
  • His ability to convince immigration officials that he is returning to his country after his university studies.

What are the best Canadian cities for university studies?

There are five cities in Canada that are considered one of the best study cities for foreign students, due to the great facilities they provide to students, and among these cities:

Montreal, Canada’s cultural capital:

The Canadian city ​​of Montreal ranked advanced among the best cities for students in the world, as it was ranked eighth in the world for the year 2015, and advanced to seventh in 2016 according to the QS rankings, and the reasons for this position are due to the large and enormous number of high-level educational institutions that were found in Montreal, including MCGILL University, which is ranked 24th in the world.


Toronto: Canada’s most beautiful and exciting Canadian city:

The Canadian city ​​of Toronto is ranked 13th in the world among the best cities for students, as it includes three of the best and most spirited universities in the world, as the University of Toronto ranks 34th according to the QS ranking for universities around the world, and it also includes York University, and also SENECA College, in addition to many educational institutions.

The city of Toronto is also distinguished by a large and prosperous business sector, which leads to attracting the side who wish to study in Canada, as the commercial activity in the city of Toronto helps students obtain employment and training opportunities part-time or full-time.

Vancouver: a wonderful coastal city:

Vancouver is considered one of the best and most important student cities in Canada, as it includes two universities that rank among the best universities around the world, and Vancouver is characterized by a charming coastal nature, which provides the appropriate and wonderful academic atmosphere.

Ottawa: A Model for Cultural Diversity:

The Canadian capital, Awtar, ranked No. 49 among the best study and student cities in the world, as it is characterized by bilingualism, in which the English and French languages ​​are spread equally, and it is a diverse model of culture, as it includes a large number of nationalities from all over the world.

Alberta, an academically leading city

Alberta is one of the student cities in Canada, and it is characterized by the abundance of green spaces and rivers, which allows students to do a lot of recreational activities outside school hours, it is not only this, and students can get easy opportunities to work, in addition to the internationally recognized colleges and universities, including the University of Alberta. Which was ranked fourth by the QS World Ranking.

What are the costs of studying in Canada?

The costs of studying in Canada in relation to Moroccan, Egyptian and Saudi students … etc are similar costs, as the expenses that they will spend inside Canada are similar to studying in their country except for those who want to live in luxury in Canada.

Where the costs of studying in Canada differ according to the city, as we find that the city of Ontario is one of the most expensive regions for students in Canada, in addition to the different types of diplomas and masters, and accordingly the costs of study differ.

Therefore, foreign students can obtain a bachelor’s degree at approximately 14,000 Canadian dollars, which is considered an average amount of annual tuition fees, unlike Canadian students, as the tuition fees for bachelors or masters do not exceed the limits of 6000 Canadian dollars.

But in the case of studying for a master’s degree, the study costs for foreign students vary and may reach the limits of approximately 42,000 Canadian dollars for one year, but this is considered natural, because the master is considered one of the higher university studies and its fees are more high.

Is it possible to study in Canada for free?

Many questions arise about the possibility of studying in Canada and benefiting from universities there for foreign students for free?

To answer these questions, we can say that there is no such thing as a free university study in Canada, because the educational system in Canada asks the student to spend a lot of expenses, as we mentioned in our previous paragraph.

But it is possible for a student to obtain a Canadian scholarship, which makes him study in Canada for free, but this is one of the things that not everyone can get.