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Ten most popular universities to study in America


Education in America is considered one of the basic responsibilities of the state and its governments, so education in America is compulsory according to the policy of each state. As for the educational program applied, it is mandatory education for groups whose ages range from 6 to 16 years, but the education system remains Applicable and continuous for up to 12 academic years.


In America, the student obtains a high school diploma at the age of seventeen or eighteen, and many universities in America that extend the study period for four years, in addition to many institutes, are spread in America.

Ten most famous universities in America

America has a large and wide group of the oldest and best academic educational institutions that attract many foreign students from all over the world, and for many years the universities in America ranked first in the rankings of the best universities in the world, according to the QS global ranking, and it is worth noting that a large number of American universities have occupied the first ranks in this classification, which indicates the strength of the educational system in America, and the following are the ten most famous universities and institutes in America for the year 2019-2020, namely:

Harvard University

Founded in 1636, and thus is one of the oldest American universities, the university has a huge campus in both Cambridge and Massachusetts, and it is one of the oldest and most distinguished universities in the fields of law, medicine, business, and ranks third in the QS world ranking.

Stanford University

Stanford University was able to maintain its second position in the world according to the QS world ranking for the year 2019, and the university is located in Silicon Valley, California, and is famous for its entrepreneurial spirit, in addition to the graduation of a large number of distinguished and successful entrepreneurs such as the founder of Netflix, the founder of YouTube, and the founder of WhatsApp and Google.

University of Pennsylvania

This university was founded in 1740 in Pennsylvania by Benjamin Franklin, one of the founders of the United States of America, and it is one of the research universities as it is one of the members of the famous and well-known ivy leagu in America. Then, she was able to advance and occupy the tenth place, and score high points in the proportions of students and faculty members, as this is one of the important criteria that are taken in the QS ranking in the ranking of universities.

Columbia University

This university was established in 1754, and it is also considered one of the research universities as it is a member of the Ivy League, and this university was established according to the royal charter issued by George II of Britain.

At the beginning of its foundation, the university bore the name King’s College, and with the passage of time its name changed to the name of Columbia University in 1784, after the American Revolution, the university had a good reputation, in addition to its graduation of a large number of famous American personalities, and among these personalities are three American presidents who are Barack Obama, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Theodore Roosevelt, and the university ranked 16 in the QS world ranking, in addition to scoring the 100/100 mark in the proportions of students and faculty.

Yale University


The University of Pale is located in the state of Connecticut, and it is also a member of the Ivy League, this university was founded by the British in 1901, and it is considered one of the oldest universities in America, and ranked 15 in the QS World Ranking for 2019, as it is considered one of the strongest universities specialized in Law, and is ranked ninth in the world by academic reputation.

Cornell University

Cornell University was founded in New York in 1865, and it is one of the private universities in America, and it is also a member of the Ivy League, and since its establishment, the university aims to contribute to various applied and theoretical knowledge.

Cornell University was able to maintain the 14th place in the QS world ranking, and ranked second in teaching veterinary medicine worldwide, and was one of the first universities to grant specialty degrees in America.

Princeton University

As is the case with previous universities, Princeton University has maintained the rank of 13 in the QS world ranking. Princeton University is considered one of the prestigious universities that was established in 1746 and is considered one of the oldest universities.

This university is distinguished in the fields of literature, arts and humanities, and ranked 7 globally among universities that study these majors.

University of Chicago

The University of Chicago was able to maintain its ranking among the top ten universities around the world, and ranked ninth in the QS World Ranking, and the University of Chicago was established in 1890, and since its foundation began to focus on research, for example the Department of Physics of the Chicago Community is proud of its work on the process of developing the first self-sustaining nuclear reactor. Human made.

California Institute of Technology

The California Institute was founded by King’s College in 1891, where it appeared as a technical and vocational school, and the primary goal of the institute was to serve the community through research that is related to education. California maintains its fourth place in the QS World Ranking.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

It is one of the best educational institutions in America, and ranks first among universities in the world and America, and is ranked first in the QS world ranking for the seventh year in a row, which is an important matter that no university or academic institute could achieve before.

The institute was established in 1861 n and was initially a small organization for science lovers in order to spread their knowledge around the world, and today it has developed into one of the most famous academic institutes in America, as it includes about 11 thousand students from undergraduate and graduate studies.

We have mentioned to you the ten best universities in America, but of course there are many more, as we mentioned. About 157 universities in America have been included in the QS World Ranking for the year 2019, which helps students traveling to America and wishing to complete their studies to choose between dozens of existing academic institutions , Which provides many scholarships that help achieve the dreams of many students and reach their goals.