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The best country to study and work to complete your studies abroad

Everyone dreams of studying at a prestigious international university that has its academic standing and reputation among the international universities, but unfortunately, not always the winds flow as the ships of one of us desire, and not always the conditions are favorable to our ambitions, goals and what we strive to achieve.



When it comes to studying abroad, the tuition costs are the first thing that stands in our way as an obstacle. It is known that the prestigious universities with high academic standing have high fees and study costs in them, and none can be afforded.

Even if we are looking for medium-level universities in terms of global and academic ranking, the fees and costs of studying and living in that country remain equally difficult for the majority of students from our Arab countries.

And more than that, even if we search for countries that have a free or semi-free higher education system, such as Germany, for example, and whose tuition fees are almost the lowest among the various European countries, the cost of living and accommodation there remains high, given the Arab living conditions and student levels of these. Countries.

Therefore, some, as in your case, dear reader, are looking at the countries in which the student can work and study at the same time, here in our article we will get to know the best country to study and work at the same time, but we will get acquainted with the list of countries that allow foreign students to work and study.

The best country to study and work


Germany is one of the best European countries for study and work. There you can work up to 120 days full-time during one year, and you can work up to 240 days part-time during one year as well. This means that you can work around 20 hours per week for the duration of your studies.

Add to that Germany, one of the top 20 global economies, and it is the first European industrial machine where you can work in many fields, whether with a specialization related to your studies or other than your studies. In addition to that, studying in German public universities is almost free of charge, and students are not charged high fees, whether German or foreign students.

Also, Germany has a special agency to employ students in government institutions and the public sector in addition to their studies. One of the biggest obstacles you may face when you want to study there is that the study is in the German language.


The best country to study and work to complete your studies abroad

The Australian National University in the capital, Canberra, ranks 24th in the list of the best universities in the world, in addition to the fact that Australia has about 15 other universities among the 250 best universities in the world according to the Top Universities classification .

Australia allows international students as well as Australian students to work 20 hours per week during the academic year and work full time during vacation periods. Of course, the fees here are more than in Germany, and what can be counted as an additional advantage to studying in Australia is English, which is the official language in the country.


The best country to study and work to complete your studies abroad

It can not be said that it is the best country to study and work completely given the advantages available in both Germany and Australia as we knew in the previous lines, but you can also work alongside the study in Brazil, where the study visa in Brazil allows its holder to work part-time in a field related to the specialization The course the student studies.

Or it is possible to work independently and full-time and not necessarily in the same field or academic specialization, but this is allowed for a period of four months each year, i.e. vacation period only. But to study there, you must master Portuguese, which is the official language in the country.



The best country to study and work

The experience of studying in Spain may be one of the best experiences that you will experience in your life, the mild weather and the culture in which you will notice many aspects of Arab culture in addition to the siesta that the Spaniards are famous for will make this experience unique.

During your studies there, you can obtain a work permit from the local authorities, which entitles you to work part-time for 20 hours every week in a field related to your academic specialization, and you can work for three months every year full-time to be during the vacation periods. And definitely study there in Spanish.

United kingdom

The home of the English language and culture and the long history of ancient universities there are such as Oxford, Cambridge and Westminster, which makes the United Kingdom one of the best countries to study and work there and the first choice for the aspiration of many students around the world, and you can add to that law that allows students to work part-time for 20 hours every week Which makes the United Kingdom among the best countries to study and work.

As for the tuition costs of university fees and the costs of accommodation and living, the matter differs from one university to another and one city and another, and the fees are usually different depending on the country to which you belong, as students from European Union countries have special fees that differ from international students from other countries.

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South Africa

The best country to study and work to complete your studies abroad

If you are looking for a different culture and experience than what is prevalent in European and Western countries in general, you may find your way in South Africa, it is true that there is culture and the English language is the predominant, but you will find some differences in terms of the nature of the educational system, popular culture and even the costs of studying and living there.

Also here, as a student, law allows you to work part-time alongside your studies, provided that the work is related to the field you are studying as a form of training alongside your studies.


The best country to study and work to complete your studies abroad

France is also not only on the list of tourist countries, it is a good study destination as well, and there you can work alongside your studies part-time according to the law that allows you to work annually up to 964 hours per year, and you can work full-time on holidays, provided that they do not exceed the specified limit of hours for the year the one.

But do not forget that in France you have to pay about 20% of the income you achieve as taxes, as for the general average wages there, it is about 10 euros per hour, and certainly studying there in the French or Romance language as some call it.

United State

The best country to study and work to complete your studies abroad

Once you obtain a study visa in the United States, you can work alongside your studies part-time for up to 20 hours per week on campus only, meaning you can work within all institutions affiliated with the university in which you study, including the university’s restaurants, libraries and stores within it.

If you want to work outside the university campus, this requires you to obtain a work permit from the Immigration Department, and this cannot be applied until one year after your arrival in the United States, and you will not be allowed to work except in a field related to your academic specialization. Of course, you can work full time on vacation times on campus as well.

These were some of the best countries in which you can work and study at the same time for students who aspire to continue their studies abroad.

Each of these countries has its own characteristics and advantages that it enjoys from other countries, and often the student also has special factors in it to choose the appropriate country to complete the study, so it is necessary to carefully study these options and know which will be the most appropriate for you and your stage of study in it.


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