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The full guide to studying in Australia

Australia is one of the best destinations for students, with 8 of the top 100 universities in the world, education is continually funded by the government, and its education system is modern and has the highest rating standards. In short, studying in Australia is the best option for everyone who wants to build their future.Studying in Australia will be a life-changing experience, Australia is the ideal place to learn English or take a professional course not only in a multicultural, dynamic and comfortable environment in the country but with high educational standards and interest that drive more students to come.


Did you know that there are multiple national regulations aimed at ensuring high standards of teaching standards in Australian schools and universities and laws to protect international students?

In addition, Australian schools offer completely different educational methods such as those that are adopted in the United States and European Union countries .

Strengths of the Australian educational system

The educational system in Australia has a set of strengths that distinguish it and make it one of the most prestigious education systems in the world, and these strengths include:

  • Too many schools, universities and vocational institutes, providing a suitable opportunity for everyone.
  • The most stimulating and sophisticated environment.
  • Continuous interaction between students and teachers.
  • The high standards required for teachers, all of them must be graduates.
  • Using modern teaching methods and advanced technologies.
  • An interactive curriculum, you do not need to learn by memorization, but student commitment is required to carry out research and projects and benefit from knowledge.
  • The Australian educational system provides different types of pathways to both domestic and international students.

The Australian educational system does not provide opportunities for those who want to attend schools or universities only, but there are many opportunities for those who wish to study the English language or attend vocational courses to learn an experience.

Study English in Australia

For international students who wish to study English in Australia, the courses are specially designed for those who want to improve their language abilities according to their daily use, and for those aspiring to obtain internationally recognized language certificates such as the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) test as well.

Professional courses in Australia

If you want to study in Australia on a professional course, this is an ideal option for those aspiring to obtain permanent residency.

You can guarantee your future by studying in Australia, one of the schools, universities or educational centers located in this country, it is one of the most beautiful and foreign-loving and dynamic countries, in addition to that it is a multicultural country and its educational system is at the forefront of educational systems around the world.

Study general English

This course is most sought after by international students who come to Australia, it is suitable for everyone, it includes classes from beginner to advanced level and is especially suitable for those who want to improve their English.

Courses can be attended on a weekly basis, and there are both full-time and part-time courses to adapt to the needs of students visiting Australia for work reasons. Many institutions also offer the opportunity to attend classes in the day or evening.

General English courses are divided into levels, and you can decide how much you wish to attend the course, bear in mind that on average you will need 8 weeks to progress from one level to another.

General English levels are:

Basic: This level is ideal for those starting their first time studying English.

Elementary: A level for anyone who possesses at least basic skills in English grammar.

Lower intermediate level: Average in English language proficiency. It allows general concepts of conversation and politeness to be understood in a limited way.

Intermediate level: level B1. It allows an understanding of everyday activities, but is not sufficient in a work or school context.

Intermediate high level: Level B2. Those who complete this level of English are able to independently express themselves, understand, take an active part in discussions, and independently use the language in both a practical and academic context. This is the minimum required to attend the IELTS preparation course.

Advanced level: Level C1. This is the level of someone who already has a high level of knowledge of the English language. It is the minimum level of ability to attend a university in Australia or to handle particularly complex work situations.

Proficiency Level: This is the highest level that can be reached, Level C2. At this level of language, you will be able to deal with any situation, you can fully understand the language in any environment within work or study, and you can speak energetically in almost the same way as indigenous people.

IELTS certificate

The IELTS certificate is definitely the most sought after in Australia and becomes mandatory when it comes to admission to higher education courses, whether education and vocational training or education at the university. It is also necessary to practice many professions and to request certain types of visas.

To get IELTS certificate, it is recommended to first take the IELTS preparatory course, by attending this course, you will get good access to the test and avoid having to take the test again and pay tax for this if you do not get the result you want.

In addition to preparing you for the test, the IELTS preparation course will still be very useful for learning a more professional level of English and its use in the field of work.


There are two types of this test:

Academic: ideal for those who want an IELTS certificate to pursue higher education courses.

General: Ideal for those who want to obtain an IELTS certificate for special type of visa application or for industry reasons.

In order to attend the IELTS preparation course, you need knowledge of English at an upper intermediate level. Like the General English courses, IELTS preparation courses also offer flexible formulas in terms of duration and timetables.

The recommended time for progression to one level is 12 weeks. The IELTS certificate is valid for two years since it was obtained.

Academic English

The EAP (English for Academic Purposes) course is the ideal course for anyone wanting to improve and master English for academic purposes.

It can replace the IELTS certificate as it provides direct access to university, graduate studies or masters.

This course is specially structured for those who need academic English and will provide you with the skills needed to move into university institutions not only in Australia but in all international courses offered in English.

Academic English courses are divided into three sections, according to students’ entry level:

  • Intermediate level.
  • Upper middle level.
  • Advanced level (higher).

This program focuses specifically on developing specific skills that will be required in the academic field as follows: writing short essays, critical writing, language research, discussion.

Cambridge English courses

This is the most sought-after degree in the European Union and is also available in Australia and is internationally recognized.

Cambridge courses include four types of certification:

  • Beginner – Preliminary English Language Test: Intermediate or First Level.
  • FCE – First Certificate in English: Upper Intermediate Level or B2 Level.
  • CAE – Certificate of Advanced English: Advanced Level or C1.
  • CPE – Certificate of Proficiency in English: Proficiency Level or C2.

Once you obtain a Cambridge certificate, it does not have an expiration date as in the IELTS certificate.

Cambridge English courses are not available in flexible time and duration formats and have fixed start and end dates with an average of 12 weeks per phase.

Business English

Intensive English language courses for all professionals who want to understand and deal with terminology used in the commercial field.

In order to attend these courses, you must have at least one “above average” English language level.

These courses are especially useful for workers who want to work in international companies, who want to expand their business abroad or who want to acquire more skills not only in written communication but also fluency in speech.

At the end of the courses, an exam can be taken to obtain the BEC (Business English Certificate) and the BEC is organized into three levels:

  • Elementary: B1 level or intermediate level.
  • Intermediate: B2 or upper intermediate level.
  • Higher: C1 or Advanced.

TESOL and CELTA course

This course is ideal if you want to become an English teacher abroad or if you are already a teacher and want an advanced qualification with international recognition.

These courses aim to teach English in an international context to non-indigenous teachers and focus primarily on language teaching methods.

Other concepts you will learn: How to teach the language, best methods of communication and learning, and how to follow students.

Often, theoretical lessons are accompanied by practical lessons in the classroom for international students supervised by TESOL teachers.


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