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The love of guidance. Your comprehensive guide to the benefits and harms of Rashad love


In this simple guide, you will learn about the love of cress and its uses, how it can be obtained, how to grow it at home, and other information that you must discover now.



Rashad’s love and qualities

The cress bean is a herb that belongs to the family of the cruciferous, that is, to the family of cabbage, turnip, mustard and radish. It grows on the surface of the soil planted in it with a height ranging between 10-30 cm and not more than 50 cm.

Rashad is characterized by many branches emerging from the herb, in addition to the fact that its seeds are small in size and resemble sesame seeds with a reddish-brown color, and it can be grown without soil in the water after feeding.

Cress seeds are suitable for different climatic regions, that is, cress seeds can be planted on all days of the year, but the best crops of cress bean are in the winter season.

It can also grow in various parts of the world and this is what helped spread it, but it is believed that the origin of Rashad in the regions of West Asia, Ethiopia, Morocco and Eritrea, and then began to spread in Europe as it abounds in the Mediterranean regions of Turkey and the Levant and on the banks of rivers naturally .

Rashad’s love in English

There are many names that the cress plant is famous for, the most important of which are: cress

The literal translation is: (SEEDS OF AL-RASHAD), and the correct English name for cress is Garden Cress, scientifically known as Lepidium sativum.

The nutritional composition of the cress pill

Rashad is one of the richest types in important nutrients, but poor in calories and fat. This is what made Rashad the first in terms of the benefits and benefits it provides to the body.

As for the nutritional composition in the love of Rashad, the following is a detailed explanation of the nutritional value according to the formulations in each 100 grams of Rashad.

Nutritional composition within 100 grams of Rashad Nutritional value
Water 89.5 grams
Calories 33 calories
Protein 2.6 grams
Fats 0.7 g
Carbohydrates 5.5 grams
Calcium 81 milligrams
Iron 1.3 mg
Magnesium 38 mg
Phosphorous 76 mg
Potassium 606 mg
Sodium 14 mg
Zinc 0.23 mg
Vitamin C. 69 mg
Vitamin B1 0.08 mg
Vitamin B2 0.26 mg
Vitamin B3 1 mg
Vitamin B6 0.247 mg
Vitamin B 12 0 milligrams
Folic acid 80 μg
Vitamin K. 541.9 μg
Vitamin A 6917 IU
Sugars 4.4 grams
Fiber 1.1 g
Beta-carotene 4,150 μg
Copper 0.17 mg

The benefits of Rashad’s love for the body and the correct ways to benefit from it

You can use the cress pill for prevention or treatment of many diseases; Some studies have shown that counseling has an effective role in fighting harmful bacteria and killing them. It can prevent 3 different types of bacteria from growing.

It is also an antiviral, and it has an effective role in diuresis, and people who suffer from coughing, constipation or lack of vitamin C in the body can use it to prevent infection that may result from a weak immune system.

It is also used to treat fluid retention and accumulation in the body, and in this article you will find a summary of studies that confirmed the benefits of the cress pill on the body, and its uses in alternative medicine. You also find the most important caveats that you must take into account when taking a cress pill, and how to use it.

Rashad benefits for the body

Benefits of Rashad’s love for bones

The slightest health problem that can affect the bones causes us anxiety and panic, and even the slightest pain that penetrates the bones that can be felt ignites a wick of fear and tension due to the negative impact of that pain on the style and nature of life; Perhaps this is what makes you need preventive measures and natural remedies, or you need to know the benefits of Rashad’s love for bones and how it protects them.

In this article, you learn about the benefit of Rashad in treating bone and the correct way to use it to get rid of bone pain, and you will also find additional tips that help along with Rashad in getting rid of bone problems. (Benefits of Rashad’s love for bones and ways to use it)

Benefits of Rashad for the menstrual cycle

Many women are unaware of the benefits of the Rashad pill for menstruation and are unaware of its effective results. But after reviewing this topic and knowing the multiple benefits of Rashad, I promise you not to stop using it, especially on the days of your menstrual cycle. On this topic, you will learn about the recipes that can work like magic in cleaning the uterus and reducing cramps during the menstrual cycle.

Benefits of Rashad for the menstrual cycle

Benefits of Rashad’s love for hair

If you lose a large number of hair with every stroke, you are concerned about the lack of density of your hair, and if the scalp hurts you or the appearance of repeated dandruff; You have a feasible solution to hair problems using Rashad.

But in order to avoid the harmful effects of cress pills that may result from improper use Find out in this article the correct way to use it.

Rashad benefits for hair

Benefits of Rashad’s love for slimming

It is difficult to believe in the ability of Rashad’s love to slim, especially for people who use it to open the appetite or who know people who rely on it to treat anorexia. Therefore, it is necessary to take a careful look about the benefits of Rashad for slimming and how it can do so.


Rashad pills help you get the ideal weight, and in this article you will learn about the benefits of the cress pill for slimming and how to lose weight using it; Also learn about the harms of Rashad that must be avoided.

Using cress pills for slimming

Benefits of Rashad’s love for the skin

If you have heard about the benefits of cress’s love for the skin or not, what cress seeds can offer and what they can include for your skin.

If you suffer from pale skin color or if you suffer from skin problems, whether the cause of skin problems is health or psychological; You are sure that you will find a unique solution to treat all these problems using the cress seed. Also, learn about a distinct set of recipes that help in getting fresh and hydrated skin.

Benefits of Rashad for the skin

Benefits of love of Rashad with milk

This article talks about the most famous and widespread recipe, which is the Rashad Love Recipe with Milk, and the benefits resulting from this wonderful duo; The nature of milk is equivalent to the temperature of the cress, thus negating the most important damages that can infect the digestive system. To give the two cress seeds with milk its right, it must be highlighted and its benefits.

Benefits of cress with milk

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  • Rashad’s love for weight gain
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  • How to eat Rashad’s love and use it

How to use the love of Rashad and use it?

Thanks to what Al-Rashad contains of the nutritional content and important elements in it, it guarantees great health benefits that the body needs, but without excessive or negligence, i.e. adherence to the approved quantities. As for the method of using Rashad pills, the following list is sufficient to explain the matter:

At the beginning of the story with the herb of Rashad, its use was limited to the fact that cress is a fragrant plant, and then its use became widespread among kings and princes, and then Rashad pervaded everyone everywhere.

Thanks to the distinctive taste of Rashad, which tends to be hot and slightly similar to radish, it was used in salads and preparing various dishes, or the seeds were ground and dried and used as spices that provide a distinctive taste, or prepare sauces for seasoning meat.

Cress seeds can be eaten after roasting. Recipes can be prepared that combine cress pills with other ingredients that guarantee the body many benefits, such as honey, milk, cinnamon and others. You can also extract the oil of the cress seed and mix it with other ingredients and either drink it or massage the skin with it. The place can be fumigated with cress to obtain its aromatic smell and its ability to repel insects.

This article talks about how to deal with Rashad’s love in detail. Where he explains to you how to eat the leaves, stems and seeds and how to use cress seed oil.

Does the love of Rashad raise blood pressure?

To everyone who wonders about the effect of cress pills or seeds on blood pressure, here is this simple article that talks about what studies and scientific experiences have proven, including scientific and personal, regarding the effect of cress seeds or seeds on blood pressure. In addition to a set of tips on how to use Rashad for blood pressure patients.

Does the love of Rashad raise blood pressure?

How to grow cress seeds at home

One of the easiest seeds that can be grown at home, it only takes a few minutes of work and a period of no more than 3 weeks until they are ready and you can harvest them.

Steps to grow cress seeds at home

First step: You have to obtain cress seeds from a trusted location.

The second step: Divide the used clay into two parts and leave a part of it aside, then place the first section in a suitable container and then add water to the bowl so that it is floating, then spread the seeds over it.

The third step: Wait a few moments for the soil to absorb the water, then distribute the second section of the clay, and add a little water afterwards. After a few days, young shoots will appear, although the fast-growing cress needs several weeks.


Must be diligent and adhere to watering. And after the cress grows, it must be watered after making sure that the soil is dry to avoid rotting the seeds. After 2-3 weeks, the cress will be ready and it is cut, keeping several centimeters above the soil, and it can be repeated 3-4 times, and then replanting.

It is true that a cress is small and its seeds are smaller, but it is a mine and has a lot of information and facts about it, and now you can plant it with you and discover more of its facts.

Damages love for Rashad

Everything has benefits and harms, and rashad has many benefits in more than one chapter, so it must also be noted that the rashad pill has disadvantages as well. In this article, you learn about these disadvantages that you can be exposed to because of its nature, its misuse, or because of choosing an unsecured type. You also find a simple explanation to avoid this damage and how to treat it if it occurs.

Damages love for Rashad