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The method of using the brahman … For perfect skin and beautiful velvety makeup.

If I had a magic wand the first thing I would do was get everyone to apply the correct primer method before makeup! … This wish will protect your skin and keep your makeup looking perfect for the longest time.



Yes, primer is essential in your makeup bag! This is for an important reason, as it is a mediator between the skin and makeup in order to finally achieve a beautiful appearance, velvety skin and perfect make-up, and it simultaneously works on both: Dealing with skin problems – ensuring its protection – preserving makeup and showing its splendor, so the primer must be used properly.

What does a primer give to your skin and your makeup?

If you want to have smooth and bright skin, primer will be the most important in your makeup bag as it guarantees many benefits for skin care and protection, as well as for the care and protection of your make-up. As for those benefits provided by the primer, they are:

1- Narrowing of large pores

Large pores do not stop at the point of an annoying appearance, but rather can pose a threat to the skin, as they are open gates to external factors such as dust, bacteria, cosmetic residues, and others that can reach deep into the skin.

On the other hand, primer on the one hand works to narrow the pores, that is, it gives you an ideal appearance of the skin, and on the other hand it forms a layer that separates the skin and make-up, that is, it protects the pores from cosmetics, sweat, dust, etc.

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2 – It gives your skin a silky texture

The primer contains highly effective moisturizing ingredients in addition to the nutrients that the skin needs, and this guarantees a lot: it deals with dry skin and saves you from roughness and dullness and gives it a silky texture.

3 – Ensures professional and velvety makeup

Your skin is silky and smooth and the pores are hidden is another benefit of itself, which is the perfect, velvety makeup look that you will get instead of the rough, dry and dull look, rather than the look of potholes and pores.

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4 – Brighter and clearer makeup colors

Putting shadows on your eyelids and a lot of them, however, do not have the desired effect and give only faded colors, perhaps the worst feeling you may feel while standing in front of your mirror! But this is over, because primer makes the colors and effects of cosmetics stronger, more beautiful and more vibrant.

5 – You will need less makeup

Applying primer to the skin prepares it to receive make-up and prevents it from absorbing it, and in particular it prevents the oils in the creams from absorbing in addition to that the colors will be clearer and the products are more effective, so a small amount of makeup will be more than enough and will give a better result than the large amount that you were applying before the primer. .

6 – Suitable for all skin types

You might think a primer is intended for oily skin, but it’s not! The benefits it guarantees are needed by all skin types, and for sensitive skin, a water-based primer can be relied on instead of a silicone-based primer.

Also, you can apply it to your entire skin in case it is oily, but in the event that you do not suffer from many problems and will not apply full make-up, and in the event that your skin is not oily, you can suffice with applying a primer to the T zone, chin and eyes.

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7 – deals with the signs of aging

Primer does not contain anti-aging properties and does not treat wrinkles, then!

Primer is able to hide the signs of aging by narrowing lines and reducing their size in addition to masking pores, thus giving you younger-looking skin.

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8 – Light and gentle on your skin

If what is on your mind about primer is that it is an additive layer that could be heavy on your skin then you never have to worry, why? Because the primer is so light you won’t feel it at all, and besides, you only need to apply a very small amount which will be more than enough.

9 – The method of applying primer is very easy

How many benefits can be gained in just a few moments! Because primer is very easy to use, it is applied before make-up and after moisturizing cream, provided it is stretched and distributed well, depending on the hands.

10 – deals with the redness of your skin


You can suffer from redness of the skin as a result of a large number of factors, the most important of which are pimples, allergies, superficial burns, skin burns from the sun and others … On the other hand, thanks to its natural ingredients, the primer works to calm the skin and deal with redness and reduce it.

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11 – Limits the oils of the skin and sweat

Not only oily skin, but all skin types suffer with the oils that are secreted and the shiny appearance that results from them along with sweat, and what these fats cause when they accumulate between the pores of irritation, pimples and black and white heads, and here comes the role of the primer because it works to reduce oils and sweat It regulates its quantity.

12 – Make-up that glow for longer

How can using primer make makeup stay on skin for longer with the same radiance and luster? Primer achieves this in a number of ways, on the one hand it limits the oils and sweat that cause makeup to runny and on the other hand it prevents the skin from absorbing oils from the creams and thus keeps it moist.

13 – Hide the grain with high efficiency

It is not just a matter of primer’s tremendous ability to reduce irritation and redness of pimples and calm the skin, but rather it forms a layer separating the skin and pimples from makeup in the sense that it protects it from the influence of products, dust and other external factors and leaves it safely.

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Types of primers and how to choose from them

Types of primers and how to choose from them

There are many types of primers, the most important of which are:

  • Eyes and lips primer and is intended for delicate skin, which is the most sensitive.
  • A misty primer in the form of a light transparent cream that smooths the skin, deals with its problems and conceals imperfections.
  • A color-correcting primer, which is a primer that comes in several colors, each color is distinguished by its ability to deal with specific problems to cover them, for example the blue color works to hide the paleness of the skin – the orange color hides dark circles – the green color deals with redness – the pink color revives tired skin.
  • Anti-aging primer, which is a primer with protective properties against wrinkles in addition to sun protection factor and other healthy and natural ingredients.
  • Pore-tightening primer deals with oils and sweat, concealing large pores and fine facial pits.
  • A moisturizing primer that guarantees smoothness and treats roughness, chapping and dullness.

How to use primer

How to use primer

The method of applying primer is very simple. It depends on only 3 steps, namely:

The first step – clean your skin

Your skin must be clean, away from accumulated oils, sweat, impurities and dust, so the first and basic step is to clean the skin with the appropriate lotion, and this is done by distributing a little water on the skin and then rubbing it with a little lotion and waiting 30 – 60 seconds and then clean Skin with water and dry it gently.

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The second step – moisturizing the skin

Although primer has moisturizing properties, that doesn’t mean you should skip a moisturizer! You have to apply a small amount of cream (the size of one small top) and spread it over the skin well, and then wait about 6 – 10 minutes until you are sure that your skin gets the moisture it needs.

The third step – applying the primer

Finally, after the end of the minutes that follow the moisturizing cream, you can apply the primer, and you should apply a small amount equivalent to the size of a raisin, and then spread it over the entire skin depending on your fingers because the temperature of the hands is able to increase the effectiveness of the primer and stimulate the skin to obtain the benefits from it.

You must wait 6 – 10 minutes after finishing the distribution of the primer in order to ensure the maximum benefit from it, otherwise it will mix with the foundation and ruin your makeup!

After the end of the few minutes allotted for waiting, you can move on to complete your make-up and apply sun protection cream, foundation, contour, highlighter and more … With the importance of cleansing the skin well at the end of the day by relying on lotion.

Notes and errors on how to use the primer

Notes and errors on how to use the primer

There are a set of points, observations and errors that must be taken into consideration when using a primer, namely:

  • You should not apply a primer directly after a moisturizing cream without waiting a few minutes, as this causes the primer and moisturizer to mix and not evenly distribute the primer.
  • You should not apply the cream base after the primer immediately without waiting because it will deprive your skin of the benefits of the primer will alter the strength of the cream base was difficult with the ever encounter Macaiajk time.
  • Primer should be applied with hands and not relying on brush or sponge, because the heat of the hands helps the primer and enhances the benefits it guarantees.
  • Even if the primer includes sun protection factor, it is necessary to apply sun protection cream when you go out under its rays.
  • You can rely on the regular primer for eyes and lips, but you need to make sure all ingredients are gentle, light, and suitable for delicate skin.
  • Primer guarantees protection for your skin, so you do not have to look at it as a cosmetic, but rather as a base for your make-up.
  • Even if you do not apply makeup on your skin completely, you can rely on primer and be satisfied with it in order to obtain the appearance of a bright and vibrant complexion.
  • You must choose a primer that is appropriate for the nature of your skin, i.e. relying on moisturizing primers for dry skin, oil-free primers for oily skin, and primers with natural ingredients for sensitive skin …
  • You should also take into consideration the problems your skin suffers from in order to choose the right primer.
  • You should try primer on a small area of ​​your skin and then note its effect and make sure that it is safe and does not cause sensitivity to it (this step is essential not only with regard to using primer, but with all products and products).

You deserve to fall in love with your skin! So make sure to use a primer because it will really make you love how you look and your complexion, every time you look in the mirror, every time you pass your hand across your face, and with every hour that passes, your makeup will remain the same without any damage.



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