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Tips and ways to eliminate bed bugs once and for all


Many people suffer from the presence of bugs around their homes, and bugs are a small insect with a brown color and a flat oval shape, and the length of one bug is approximately six to nine mm, and it is a household pest, and it is spread all over the world, and lives for about two months for three months This is in the event that there is a lot of food that is suitable for her, and during this period she goes out once a week to search for food.


Bed bugs feed mainly on human blood, where they bite a place on the skin, and at the site of the bite, ulceration appears that causes severe itching of the skin.

Many people associate the appearance of bedbugs with the lack of adequate hygiene in the home, but often the bugs may appear as a result of raising pets in the home, or buying used furniture without checking it and making sure that it is well clean.

The real problem with the bugs is that their feeding is continuous on the blood of the residents of the house, which causes them to have sensitivity and severe persistent skin itching after exposure to the bite, and although it does not transmit diseases, it is necessary to get rid of it as soon as possible, and in our article this we will mention to you the best effective ways to eliminate bugs The mattress is final.

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The best way to eliminate bed bugs permanently

Cleaning the furniture at very high temperature or very low temperature

Cleaning at high temperatures helps to permanently eliminate bed bugs and eggs, as well as when exposed to low temperatures below 0 ° C.

So we must wash the furniture, clothes, sheets, dolls that are made of cloth at high temperatures exceeding 60 degrees Celsius, and we can also freeze the items that we cannot wash in the refrigerator freezer, and this is done after placing them in tightly closed plastic bags, and leaving them for a whole day, This is to ensure that bedbugs and eggs die permanently.

Steam cleaning

We can use a special steamer device to eliminate bed bugs that are present in the house, especially large furniture, such as beds, books, and storage, and this is done by exposing them to steam a number of times at a temperature of more than 60 degrees, and we must focus on small places and corners, cracks that the bugs desire By staying in it and laying his eggs.

Cleaning with baking soda

Baking soda contributes greatly and effectively to eliminating bedbugs and eggs, as it absorbs moisture from their bodies and dies, and we can use it in the following way:

  • We spread a thin layer of soda all over the house, especially in the corners, crevices, and narrow places where bugs can easily settle.
  • Leave the baking soda for about a week.
  • The house is cleaned well by using a vacuum cleaner, with the aim of getting rid of the deadly insects and eggs, if any.
  • We repeat this process a number of times until you are sure that the bugs are completely eliminated.

Cleanse with ginger, chili and oregano spray

Home remedies can effectively get rid of bugs, especially when using aromatic herbs, spices, hot pepper, and ginger, as the strong smell is enough to eliminate them permanently, and they are used in the following way:

  • We mix a small spoonful of chilli pepper, grated ginger, oregano oil in a bowl.
  • We add the vessel to the ingredients, and raise the bowl on the pot until it boils.
  • Leave the ingredients for 7 minutes on the fire.
  • We put the solution in a spray bottle, then spray the places where the bugs are, the corners of the furniture, the book frames, the beds.
  • Repeat the process several times a week, until the bugs are completely eliminated.

Cleaning with tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is considered an antibiotic, as it is an antiseptic, and it contains many anti-fungal and anti-virus properties, so we can use it in the process of eliminating bed bugs, due to its anti-parasite properties. Tea tree oil inhibits their growth and kills eggs, and we can use it. In the following way:

  • We mix about 20 drops of crude oil with a universe of water, and then put it in a spray bottle.
  • We shake the packaging well so that the ingredients mix with each other.
  • We supply furniture, top, cabinets, pillows, curtains in mix.
  • Repeat this process several times a week until the bugs are finally eliminated.

Cleaning with black walnut tea

Black walnut tea contains many anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, in addition to its ability to repel insects, so we can use it to eliminate bed bugs, and this is done by placing used tea bags around the house, linens, cupboards, and beds, in order to get rid of bugs And eggs.

Lavender oil cleaning

Lavender crude oil has been known from centuries ago for its ability to eliminate the bugs of a number of insects, and it is a natural way to eliminate insects, including bed bugs, due to its toxic properties that help eliminate bed bugs and their eggs, without harming humans and pets in the home. .

We can use lavender oil as a spray, and it is sprayed on the sheets, clothes, and furniture to eliminate bedbugs and eggs, and it contributes to protecting the infection of bugs again.

General tips for preventing bed bugs

There are many methods that we have to follow to prevent bed bugs, and we can limit them to the following steps:

  • Check furniture, luggage and pillows periodically for insects.
  • Checking the furniture and the sockets used before entering the house, to ensure that they are free from any kind of insects and their eggs.
  • Covering household furniture, bedding, and boxes with protective plastic sheets, to prevent bugs from infiltrating.
  • Arrange home furnishing as often as places to reduce clutter, and reduce places where insects can hide.
  • Put the pillows and luggage that are infected with bugs, in plastic bags, and then put them in a high temperature drying machine to kill the bugs and eggs.
  • Close cracks, openings in the corners of the house, walls, in order to discourage the movement of bugs in these places.
  • Using insecticides, or resorting to teams specialized in this field, to spray the house with special pesticides to permanently eliminate the bugs.



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