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Tools used to beautify tortillas and cakes you know

The process of beautifying cakes and gateaux has special arts, and a talent for innovation and innovation unique to the specialists in the manufacture of sweets, which made the housewife crave their imitation of making these shapes, and it was the best solution in what is known as the cosmetic of cake and gateaux.



These tools made the task of the housewife easier, so she made various sweets and decorated them like a specialist in making sweets. Here we will learn about these tools and how to use them to decorate our sweets.

Tools used to beautify cakes and gateaux

There have been many ways to beautify cake in recent times to make it look appealing, and to produce such interesting shapes and perfect their arts, it is imperative to identify tools used to beautify cakes and gateaux, and these tools are:

The crossbow

Tools used to beautify cake and gateaux ... Get to know them

This tool is considered one of the basic tools by which many foods of various kinds are prepared, such as sweets and bread of all kinds (rolling out the dough to make pizza, bread, pies, etc.), and it is preferable to use the plastic rolling pin of different sizes in order to spread the sugar and almond pastes, which are used to beautify cakes and gateaux.

Dough Cutter

You find many dough sectors in many shops specializing in the sale of candy ingredients, and the sectors differ in terms of their size and shape, and also differ in terms of the material that makes them (plastic – metal), and they are used to make it somewhat easier to cut dry dough.

Wheel tool for cutting dough

Tools used to beautify cake and gateaux ... Get to know them

This wheel is used to cut the dough into square, long or flat strips, and we also find it in the shops that specialize in selling candy ingredients and decorating tools, and it is also used to cut the edges of dry pastes, and adjust the edges of the cake to be even from the bottom.

Whipping cream tool

Tools used to beautify cake and gateaux ... Get to know them

This tool is one of the main tools used in cakes, as it works on whipping eggs or creams that are used to beautify cakes, gateaux and cakes, or to fix sugar dough or to fill the cake from the inside, and it has several different uses at home, such as whipping eggs to make an omelette.

Metal easel

This holder is like the mesh made of (Stainless Steel), you can put the cake on it if you want to pour chocolate on it from the top, or you can use it to put shapes made of sugar to dry, such as shapes of roses, twigs and cartoon shapes to beautify the cake and gateaux for children.

Cream bag


Tools used to beautify cake and gateaux ... Get to know them

The types of bags differ in terms of their quality, there are light cream bags that are used only once and the price is low as well, and there are bags made up of strong cloth or plastic material that you can use several times after washing them, and are characterized by the ease of decorating the cake with cream, and the cream bag is used to decorate the surface Torte and gateaux in various shapes by cream.

This video explains how to use the cream bag to beautify cakes and gateaux

The top of the cream bags

There are many types of heads that are installed at the front of the cream bag, and each of these heads has a different shape from the other, to obtain the best results from decorating the cake with different types of drawings and sizes, and many shapes are available in shops and markets, and the heads of these bags are sold either separately. Or as complete sets.

Among the shapes of these heads: “the shape of roses, the shape of trees and the shape of stars” and many other shapes that beautify the cake and gateaux.

Cake makeup base

Tools used to beautify cake and gateaux ... Get to know them

The cake decorating base is one of the most important cake beautification tools that make your task easier for you, which is usually made of plastic, and is characterized by its height with a lift neck, and the possibility of rotation to facilitate the process of distributing the cream on the cake, and is characterized by its different lengths and different sizes to suit all sizes of cakes and gouges.

Sugar paste drilling sticks

Digging sticks are used to form sugar dough and to engrave on them with different drawings. There are many different shapes of digging sticks that you can also find in shops that specialize in selling candy ingredients.

Small shapes to form sugar paste

Tools used to beautify cake and gateaux ... Get to know them

There are also several different sized shapes to form different drawings, such as roses or tree leaves, hearts and other shapes, used to beautify cakes and gateaux, available in the market, and there are plastic and metal ones.

Silicone mold

Tools used to beautify cake and gateaux ... Get to know them

You can use silicone molds in many different shapes in size and shape to prepare a cupcake or cake, and you can put it inside the oven or freezer safely, and the molds can be transferred from the oven to the freezer directly as it is not affected by changing the temperature, it is non-sticking without greasing the bottom with oil or ghee As usual, it is easy to clean.

Just place a tray of metal under the tray so that it does not spill into the oven, carefully reading the instructions to know the temperature the core can handle; Because each type withstands a certain temperature depending on the quality of the silicone.

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