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Top 20 bases in the coordination of accessories with dresses


Accessories can give your clothes life or cause them to die! They are small pieces, but they are the basis for your entire elegance, so the matter of coordinating accessories with dresses is not done in any way and how agreed, it is based on 20 rules that you must adhere to if you do not want your dress to die.



If you are looking for the right accessory for a new dress, or you want to renew an old dress based on accessories, and of course you want to be at the top of elegance, modernity and sophistication, then you are here in the right place.

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The rules for coordinating accessories with dresses

Matching accessories with dresses can seem a little complicated, but it is simply based on 20 secrets.

20 – Do not exaggerate the number of accessories

Accessory is a must have with dresses, but without exaggerating the number! You can wear 3 or 4 pieces of accessory but more than that the look will be clumsy.

The matter does not stop at the extent that the accessory pieces are within the limits of the 4 only, but they must be consistent with each other in terms of shape and color, so it is not possible to combine a silver necklace with a large-sized watch and a gold color with a plastic bracelet!

19- Do not wear a whole huge set of jewelry

If you are going to wear 3 or 4 pieces of accessory they should be compatible with each other, so matching sets or sets will be an ideal choice!

Unfortunately, this is not always ideal, but in one case, which is that the accessories that make up the group are small soft pieces, but if the pieces are large, you will have to abandon some of them.

18 – Sash with collar coat

A scarf is a winter accessory and can go great with a coat that you will wear with the dress, but wait!

Yes, the scarf is a wonderful piece, but it must fit the collar of the coat, so you should avoid wearing an oversized scarf with a coat with a huge collar that has a lot of details.

17- Matching the color of the bag and shoes is not a prerequisite

Although matching the color of the bag with the shoes may be one of the most famous and most popular fashion trends, but it is time to abandon it and forget about it, especially with dresses and in the following cases:

  • If the color of the shoes matches the color of the dress, the whole coordination will need an additional color.
  • The color of the bag should be calm if the color of the dress and shoes is strong, and vice versa if the dress and shoes are a calm color, the bag should be a strong color.
  • The previous rule holds true even if the shoe color does not match the dress.

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16 – Decide what you want: a strong dress or a strong accessory

To convey that the base is based on integration, it is not possible to combine a strong shiny dress with strong, eye-catching accessories, which will be a bit loud.

When coordinating accessories with dresses, a state of balance must be created. If the dress is in a strong color and design, full of details, the accessory should be calm in order to allow the details of the dress to attract attention.

If your dress is simple and calm, you can give it a strong boost of vitality and elegance by adding large-sized or shiny and strong accessories with many details.

15 – You may have to ignore wearing the watch

Painted watches are great and especially those that are designed to be jewelry pieces, like these watches you can always trust with dresses.

But for regular watches that you can wear to work or university, the matter is different with dresses and you should ignore them completely, as such watches are able to make the dress look weaker and less in value and luxury, and this is the last thing you would want right!

14 – Big or small and soft rings?

There is no rule telling you that you should only wear small and delicate rings or only go with oversized rings, so how would you choose?

The whole thing does not depend on the dress itself, but rather on the shape and length of your fingers and balancing with the rings, so if your fingers are small and short, you will have to choose the small soft rings so that they give a longer appearance to your fingers, but if your fingers are long or wide, you can adopt large rings to make your hand appear thinner. .

13 – You must choose the color of the gloves carefully

You can comfortably rely on neutral colors, but when it comes to colored gloves, choose the color carefully.

Make sure that you rely on a color that matches at least one piece of your clothes, such as choosing gloves with the same color belt, bag, glasses, lipstick, etc.…. Besides, some formal dresses include gloves, mainly made of light or semi-transparent fabrics.

12 – Avoid black accessories with pastel dresses

Adding pastel colors as accessories to black dresses is very elegant, but the same does not apply to the reverse, so black should be avoided in coordinating accessories with pastel dresses

On the other hand, you should support pastel colors by choosing accessories in light colors, such as: white: nude – beige – pastel shades themselves …

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11 – Accessories in traditional colors and patterns

Usually, the accessory pieces with traditional designs and patterns are of many colors, and therefore they can never be coordinated in a random fashion with colorful dresses and have many patterns and details.

On the other hand, such accessories of a traditional character can be wonderful if they are coordinated with dresses in neutral colors such as: brown – beige – gray – black – white … They are able to achieve the best balance with them.

10 – You should choose your comfort in terms of shoes

Fortunately this time, shoes with wide heels are back to be the most important of modern fashion seasons, so a comfortable shoe will be a stylish shoe at once.

High-heeled shoes are painful, but high-heeled shoes are comfortable because the body weight is distributed evenly over the entire shoe area. Conversely, balance is lacking when a two-centimeter-high heel is worn with very little space.

9 – Your nails should be neat and clean

Nails are an integral part of your look, but as far as they are concerned, there is something more important than their length and color! You should focus on keeping your nails neat and clean, what does that mean?

Your nails should be all one length, preferably short or medium length, away from the claws, and they must be carefully cooled and soft-edged, in addition to taking care of cleaning them regularly, removing impurities and dirt stuck underneath them, and dealing with their yellowing.

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8 – Choose the mineral that matches your skin tone

Do you have to rely on the silver or gold accessory? Your skin tone is what determines this.

If you have brown skin, the golden accessories will be more in line with it, but if your skin is white, then the silver accessory is the best, and you are lucky if you have brown skin, then both silver and gold accessories are suitable for you.

7 – Coordinate accessories with dresses according to the occasion

Basically, you chose the dress that matches the occasion, and the same goes for choosing the accessory.

If the occasion is of a formal nature, the accessory must be formal and simple, but if it is an important occasion such as a wedding, engagement, graduation, or birthday, you can choose the most shiny, bright and attractive pieces of accessory in line with the clothes, but if the occasion is normal So choose a simple, quiet accessory.

6 – The belt can make a big change

You can renew old dresses and pieces and give them a lot of elegance by adding one piece to it, it is the belt but it must be chosen correctly.

If the dress has drawings or inscriptions, then the belt must be adopted in one color, which is the color of those inscriptions, but if the dress is in one color then you can adopt a strong color belt or belt with many colors or inscriptions … As for the dress with an official stamp in black on Example then you can choose a metal belt.

5 – The appropriate accessory of glasses

One of the last pieces that began to impose its dominance strongly among the pieces of accessories, it is the accessories of glasses, meaning the chains that are attached to the arm of the glasses, but how can you choose the appropriate ones?

  • It should be elegant and simple design, far from exaggeration.
  • It should basically match the glasses, so if the glasses have a golden frame, gold chains must be chosen, but if the glasses have a silver frame, then the silver chains must be adopted.
  • The previous rule applies to all other accessories, so the eyeglass chain must match with it.

4 – You must remember the masks and turn them into an accessory

In the current period, masks are an essential part of the accessory pieces, and you can coordinate them beautifully, away from the classic shape and color of the muzzle.

You can choose the masks in the same color as the dress or the same color as the accessories, but if the color of the dress is neutral, here you can give it life by relying on a strong or bright color for the muzzle, and vice versa, that is, you have to rely on a calm and neutral muzzle color if your look is full of interesting details.

3 – Veils, dresses and accessories

If you are veiled, then the appropriate dress must be chosen before the accessory, the dress must be in a comfortable length and shape without the need to wear a lot of pieces with it in order to convert it into a veiled dress, and it is also important to choose a color matching the veil or a degree close to the color of the dress.

The shape of the roll of the veil must be taken into account when choosing accessories, especially the necklace, if the roll will be large, then the necklace must be long so that it appears and is not completely covered by the hijab.

2 – Hair or veil accessory

The basic rule governing the choice of hair accessories or hijab accessories is that they match the rest of the accessories in terms of color. As for the design, it must match the fabric of the dress and with the shape of your hair or the way the veil is rolled and clothed.

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1- The necklace that fits the dress

The necklace must complement the collar of the dress, so if the collar is in a V-shape, the necklace must take a close shape so that it covers your neck, but if the collar is narrow, you can skip the short necklaces or rely on long necklaces or necklaces designated for collars, and also it must be in line with the rest Accessory pieces and with fabric for the dress.

They are simple rules, but you can be sure that they will make a big difference and will move your look and dress to a more elegant, luxurious and sophisticated place.




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