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Top sites offering online medical courses – free and paid



Medicine is one of the most prestigious studies in the world, and its study is one of the most difficult, as it possesses a vast amount of information.


If you are a medical student or pharmacist, or any related to the subject of medicine, or you love learning the principles of medicine, then in our mini search you will find many organizations and sites that offer online medical courses, including free and paid ones.

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What are the most important sites that offer online medical courses?

There are many organizations and universities that offer many medical courses, the most important of which are:

Harvard university

The Faculty of Medicine at Harvard University , many courses Altdrebh in the field of medicine, for example:

  • Cardiovascular disease.
  • Endocrinology.
  • family Medicine.
  • Emergency Medicine.
  • Digestive system diseases.
  • geriatrics.
  • Internal Medicine.
  • Lifestyle plus mind-body medicine.

You will find many courses through the link from here .


It is one of the most famous medical organizations in the world, as it ranks second after the World Health Organization.

Register quickly by creating a TCEO account, where after creating the account you will be able to search for the required courses and obtain a certificate.

Enter the site and follow the instructions through the link from here .

Stanford University

Through the Stanford University website , you can register for many medical courses. Stanford University is the second most educated university, after Harvard University.

Go to the site and search for the medical course you want from here

World Health Organization

The World Health Organization offers some medical courses, some of which may be free. The World Health Organization, of course, is in no need of an introduction.

You must create an account on Open WHO and log in, in order to be able to search for the medical course you want, through the link from here .

German University of Munich

The University of Munich offers many medical courses related to the field of nutrition. Each course is divided into several units.

Hurry up, register and start the course you want, through the link from here .

British Ministry of Health

The British Ministry of Health offers many medical courses aimed at doctors, and it also believes that the courses it offers will change the medical concept for all doctors.

Register through the link from here .

Educational platforms

There are many educational platforms that include many prestigious universities and famous sites, including:

Lecturio platform

The Lecturio platform helps all those interested in medicine to become well-known healthcare providers, as it has the most important tools and technologies.

It has different subscription plans, where it is possible to register for 3 months at an amount that ranges from 33 dollars per month, and it is possible to register for 4 years for 11 dollars per month.

Choose the appropriate course for you, through the link from here .

Medvarsity platform

One of the largest educational companies for healthcare principles in Asia, offering nearly 150 clinical and administrative courses for nurses and doctors, and it covers many specialties, including:

  • Diabetes.
  • And emergency medicine.
  • Heart disease.
  • nutrition.
  • Health care information such as mental health, etc.

The cost of the program varies from one to another, but ranges from 115 to 2700 USD.

To search for the course you want, enter the link from here .

The Coursera platform

The Coursera platform offers multiple courses in the field of medicine, including:

  • Related to antibiotics. You can register for the course from here .
  • Helping to diagnose and predict a patient’s future health. You can register from here .
  • Infectious diseases, how dangerous are they, how can they be dealt with, and some important things related to them. To register, click on the link from here .
  • Anatomy and its implications. Register now from here .
  • Heart rhythm, breathing, body temperature and blood pressure as well – all of this you’ll learn in the course. To register, enter the link from here .
  • How feelings and emotions are formed in the nervous system, how human behavior works, and things related to the nervous system are all here .
  • Types and causes of cancer you will learn through the course, to start click on the link from here .

YouTube platform

There are many channels that offer many courses available on the YouTube platform, through which you can learn many things related to medicine, from principles to more specialized things. There are many channels, the most important of which are:

  • Dr. Karim Ali channel, where he presents many medical things that can be learned and benefited from. You can watch all of his episodes through his YouTube channel, Basem Fikr Tani .
  • Dr. Berg channel, which is a very powerful channel. You can watch all the episodes on his YouTube channel, which is called Dr. Berg in Arabic .
  • Knowledge and health channel, as it provides valuable and very important information, that can be greatly benefited from. You can watch all episodes by going to the channel from here .




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