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Tourism in Austria and its most popular attractions


If you want to make the most of your time on your next trip and combine nature with cultural tourism in a few days, without giving up relaxation or leisure, we recommend you to visit Austria. This jewel in the heart of Europe has the most beautiful cities in the world where the Alps are with landscapes that are breathtaking, in addition to history, culture and cuisine that you will not forget.


Join us on this tour of Austria as we tell you about the essential places not to be missed. Do not forget to put comfortable shoes in your bag, because in Austria you will never stop walking!

Tourism in Austria

Vienna: the most beautiful capital in Central Europe

Walking around Vienna is like visiting a large open-air museum. The Austrian capital is one of the most beautiful cities in Central Europe. One of the most important of its streets is Ringstraße, which is the street on which the city wall was once located, and today the most important buildings of the city are located: the city hall, the opera, the stock exchange, the parliament, the palace, the university, the history museum, and among the many other things in the Austrian capital, Vienna. You can visit other points of interest such as the city park (Stadtpark), the National Library or the Prater.

The latter is one of the oldest parks in the world, a space designed not only for children to have fun outside, but also for adults who view it as a haven in the hustle and bustle of a modern and dynamic city. It contains a large wheel, which is the symbol of Vienna, from which you can get beautiful views of the city. Although you can enjoy panoramic pictures of the Danube Tower, you can even sample Austrian cuisine with its revolving restaurants.

On your visit to Vienna you can’t miss the Casa de Mozart or three of its most famous palaces: Beldevere, Hofburg and Schönbrunn; The latter was the famous Sissi Empress Palace. Vienna is a beautiful city and a city that combines entertainment, culture, history and the first compulsory stop on this tour within Austria.

I also forgot to mention to you that Vienna in particular and Austria in general is known for the quality of its pastry shops and cafes, and when you visit Austria, you should not miss visiting some of these cafes.

Gem-turned-city: Salzburg

No visit to Austria can be considered complete and enjoyable without including a stay for even days in Salzburg , another essential stop.

Salzburg is the fourth largest city in Austria and is a city that has managed to be considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Because its streets closely combine ancient and modern architecture and nature. So Salzburg is a destination of contrasts where the wonderful Alps are and where music is always present, and that, along with this, Salzburg is the birthplace of Mozart , and also has the most famous theaters where famous music is played.

Among the main points of interest in Salzburg are the beautiful Cathedral and Hellbrunn Palace. The latter dates back more than 400 years, and although it was built to be the summer residence of Prince Marcus, it is now a public place surrounded by parks and numerous resources that will transport you to another era.

Another gem that cannot be missed is Hohensalzburg Castle, which is considered the best when it comes to protecting Europe from invaders, and although it was built in the 11th century, we can see all kinds of medieval decorative elements. Of course, nothing like visiting the Natal Mozart House where you can see how the original rooms were, as well as the instruments belonging to the late nineteenth century jukebox.

As you have seen, Salzburg is a city that gives more than just a brief glimpse into the history of Austria, therefore, if you are interested in knowing this city well and want to expand your information, we invite you to visit it and never miss it.


City of Hallstatt

City of Hallstatt

It is worth spending a few hours from your trip to Austria visiting this city. It is the most beautiful village in front of the Hallstätter See lake, and you will definitely like it and be happy in it. Clear bathing waters, low houses with slate roofs and mountains, lush vegetation and breathtaking tranquility, you will feel like you are in a fairy tale!

City of Innsbruck

The capital of Tyrol cannot be absent from any Austrian tourist guide, as it is one of the most charming cities in the country. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes with green slopes and mountains that are covered in snow in winter, it is very close to Stubai Valley. It is an ideal city to spend some time in Austrian nature, learn about country dishes, or do some shopping on your trip.

Alpine road

This road has two difficulties: the driving and the ability to pronounce its name in the local language, but it is well worth it. If you can rent a car during your stay, then you should walk in it to enjoy all the tourist activity there, in addition to the stunning views, this road will take you to remote places where you will not expect to visit. It starts from the village of Heilengenblut and from there you will see lakes, valleys and snowy mountains, with thick blue skies clouds while you drive. And all this creates an authentic and captivating scenery of nature.

Swarovski Museum

Swarovski Museum

If Austria is a country where music and nature predominate, we must also emphasize that it is a country associated with jewelry, especially fine jewelry because it is the birthplace of the famous Swarovski brand. In Wattens, you can visit the museum dedicated to these famous jewels, see the museum’s souvenir shop, stroll through its beautiful, well-kept gardens, and of course, take some “wonderful” memories from your trip to Austria.


The Nazi camp in Mauthausen

We leave aside the beauty and brilliance of Swarovski crystals to end our tour in Austria by visiting one of the other most beautiful landmarks, in this case not for its beauty but, on the contrary, the Nazi camp in Mauthausen. Tens of thousands of prisoners were killed by the Nazis in this concentration camp. It’s a devastating but essential journey to avoid one of the most bitter events in human history that is almost in limbo.

last word

Austria is a country that can be discovered little by little, and it is a country characterized by every city, every landscape, and in which wonderful pictures and views are printed on the retina, and if you want to know this European jewel, then bring your bags and write these tips, because your next destination is Austria.



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