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Tourism in Iceland is a land of beauty and nature


If you want to go to a place that does not belong to this world, do not hesitate to go to Iceland immediately, as the cold weather is to the presence of this country in the middle of the ocean, to the languages ​​that its inhabitants speak wherever you go, and the wonderful and charming tourist areas, all this makes you head to Iceland To learn about its most important tourist attractions that amaze you and make you enjoy the magic surrounding it.


Island of Iceland


The Republic of Iceland, known as the Land of Ice, is a European island located in the North Atlantic Ocean on the edge of the Central Atlantic.

It is the eighteenth island in the world, and the second largest island in Europe after Great Britain , it is a volcanically and geologically active country with unique, varied and colorful landscapes of black lava, red sulfur, blue geysers, rivers, waterfalls, bays, fjords and a valley of green

It has a population of 320,000 people and a total area of ​​103,000 km2.

Its capital is Reykjavik and it is the largest city in the country, and it is home to more than two-thirds of the country’s population.

Best time to visit the sights in Iceland

Iceland site

If you have decided to be your destination to get to know the various attractions in Iceland, the first thing you should do is to choose the most appropriate period to go with what you want to see and do.

We advise you to choose the summer period when the days in that period are long and bright, or to choose the snowy period in the winter when the night shines with the northern lights, where you can try winter activities in it.

Residence in Iceland

Iceland is an expensive country as you can understand this before leaving the airport.

The currency used in it is the Icelandic krona, but you can easily exchange US dollars or euros into Icelandic currency or you can use credit cards as this is very common.

There are many alternatives to staying in Iceland from luxury hotels to exquisitely designed homes, and the countless number of campsites set aside by locals.

You can visit the entire island smoothly for easy access to many places.

The best way to travel around Iceland is by renting a car or taking a carriage, as it is one of the countries where you can walk easily.

Icelanders are friendly, considerate and always smile at the tourist’s face.

Tourism in Iceland

After knowing some general information about this beautiful country, let’s take a tour of this beautiful country:

Tourism in Reykjavik, the capital

The capital of Iceland

The starting point is to visit the capital, Reykjavik, as this modern, clean and flat city can be easily reached on foot.

Among the most visited tourist attractions in the country is Hallgrímskirkja Church, which has its own architecture and since it is the highest building in the city, you can go to the summit and enjoy the unique view of the picturesque Reykjavik capital.

The city of Reykjavik is located in the heart of the northern side in Iceland and is a vivid picture of the contrast of geographical puzzles full of countless surprises. Despite the small area of ​​this city compared to most capitals of the world, it is the largest city in this country as it is located to the north, making it one of the world capitals located in The far north and one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the world due to the fact that it uses only geothermal and hydrothermal energy.

Even within this small space, Reykjavik is keen to provide entertainment to its citizens and visitors through its distinct cultural energy and diversity of landscapes, so whether you visit this city during the summer or winter, you will find it difficult to resist its charm, as it is like a wonderful paradise for adventure lovers and has an ideal atmosphere.

Reykjavik’s vibrant global culture, friendly and fun-loving people, natural spirituality, delicious cuisine and lively nightlife make it a must-visit.

In Reykjavik you can also find great restaurants, cafes and bars and you can also get very beautiful gifts to carry with you for your loved ones when you return.

Blue Lagoon

And Iceland is famous for its geothermal activity, and of course the Blue Lagoon (Blue Lagoon) where you really can’t visit Iceland without swimming in the Blue Lagoon (you need about 40 minutes drive from central Reykjavik).

The Blue Lagoon is a hot natural lake in Iceland, which is visited by many people who want a healthy recreation and many tourists to enjoy the surrounding natural areas.

It is also for healthy recreation, where doctors treat patients with physiotherapy, mental health care and fun physical games.

A tour of the Golden Circle and a relaxing spa in Reykjavik

In fact, the Golden Circle consists of three amazing natural sites in southwest Iceland which are Thingvellir National Park, Geyser Geothermal area and Gelfoss Waterfall.

Indeed, amazing, unique and well-known sites all over the world, all located within a two-hour drive from the capital Reykjavík, so visiting the three sites can be combined into a one-day program.

Geysers are a rare natural phenomenon, and the Golden Circle is an important destination because it has an active geyser that is easily accessible with a high probability of seeing it erupt.

National Park Thingvellir

It is a national park in the municipality of Blaskowabegs in southwestern Iceland, about 40 km northeast of the capital Reykjavik.

Thingvellir is a site of historical, cultural and geological significance, and it is one of the popular tourist destinations in Iceland.

This wild park is one of the best tourist attractions in Iceland and it deserves a visit because it is very beautiful and magnificent and contains a number of lakes and waterfalls and the (Silvera) Canyon whose waters are among the purest waters in the world and from the severity of its purity you see the bottom of the rift and in it the extension of the continental rift separating the continent of America and Europe .


You can also see the stage on which the nuclear disarmament treaty between America and Russia was signed.

Lake Gökulsarlon

Gökulsarlon is one of the most famous and largest glacial lakes in Iceland, and it is located at the southern end of the Vatnajökul glacier between Skaftafel National Park and Höfen.

This lake appeared for the first time between 1934-1935, and the lake expanded to at least 18 square kilometers of water per day due to melting Icelandic glaciers.

Elephant rock

Elephant Rock Iceland

On the island of Himae, in southern Iceland, a boulder strangely resembles a gigantic elephant scattering its trunk into the sea.

Himae is the largest island in the Vestmann Archipelago, a group of small islands that geologically make up volcanoes.

The devil volcano erupted in 1973, prompting the locals to pump cold water from the sea over the lava flows to cool them, which threatened to destroy the harbor that is the life of the village and its inhabitants, causing the huge elephant-shaped rock to inadvertently form.

Elephant Rock, which is located on the coast of the island, attracts many visitors.

Observe the aurora borealis from Reykjavik

Have you ever heard of the Aurora Borealis? These very amazing astronomical phenomena unfolding before our eyes in the clear sky?

The Northern Lights are tantalizing displays that are discovered in the fall or early during special cloudless nights in the spring.

Aurora Borealis is a natural climate phenomenon that occurs due to solar flares in Iceland more specifically, where conditions are most favorable because the sky is often very clear and there is not much brightness in the horizon that interferes with its colors (such as the lights of large cities), and also because this phenomenon It is located in the northern region of the island below the ideal latitude depending on climate, location and time.

You will be able to attend an incredible moment where unusual, unrealistic shapes with their colors and patterns are formed by artistic imagination.

The Aurora Borealis is a journey to the land of imagination in an unexpected world where you will be able to escape from the beauty of the world to be surprised by a beauty that dazzles, attracts and fascinates you.

You can watch the show from the Northern Lights by taking a boat by taking a cruise, or by watching a documentary showing the astronomical phenomenon in a special center for that, although we choose for you to watch it with your own eyes while you are sitting in a hot area and sipping a cup of hot tea.

Ice cave

Ice Cave of Iceland

After exploring the heart of the volcano why not go exploring the interior of Iceland’s glacier?

Glaciers are the temporary structures that appear at the edge of glaciers and are incredibly beautiful views from the inside.

This cave is located on the Svínafellsjökull glacier at Jell Lake in Skaftafell National Park in Iceland.

The crystal cave dates back several centuries and was formed by the confluence of the Vatnajökull Glacier and the Icelandic coast.

Under strong pressure, the snow contains almost no air bubbles, and this causes it to absorb almost all of the light in the day, leaving only a blue glow. The rain that pulled snow on the surface of the glacier.

When rainwater and meltwater flow, a glacier and waterfall flow form through a gap in the glacier as the accumulated water flows through the formation of long snow pockets with an outlet at the end of the glacier.

The sediments in the water, the sediments carried by the wind lead to the clay coloration on the bottom, the reflection of the ice cave wall, leaving the top of the cave cavity giving a dark blue color.

You can safely enter this cave in winter (October to May), especially when freezing temperatures cause the ice to harden.

Also in this place you can hear the ice creaking constantly, this does not mean that everything will collapse, but because the cave moves with the glacier where whenever the glacier moves a millimeter, you can hear very loud sounds.

Taste the local cuisine

Iceland may not be famous for its cuisine but there are some real discoveries of Icelandic cuisine here.

You will have the opportunity, for example, to taste a roast or boiled lamb head, and a plate of great shark (hakarl).

If all of these dishes do not suit your taste, know that you will also find more classic dishes that impress you and amaze you with their taste and flavor.

A trip to the center of the earth

Have you ever wondered what a volcano looks like from the inside? And have you ever wondered if it is possible to visit it?

Thrihnukagigur is a few kilometers from the Icelandic capital Reykjavik, where you will start your visit to him accompanied by a private guide, during the trip you will have the opportunity to go down to the heart of the volcano at a depth of 122 meters and enter one of the three rooms in which minerals are melted in the volcano through a hole with a diameter of only 3.5 meters.

This is the only place on Earth where you can take the elevator to go down into the melting chamber of the volcano.

It is an exceptional experience from traveling to the center of the Earth where the last eruption and lava appearance of this volcano was 4,000 years ago and it will not erupt any time soon.

The rock room and its corridors are on an area equivalent to three basketball courts and can hold nearly three statues of freedom.

The tour inside this volcano includes a 3.2-kilometer hike through the lava field to the crater, then after wearing a helmet and seat belt you will climb aboard a crane as an open elevator to finally infiltrate the crater, which will take about five minutes.

Inside the volcano you will have time to explore and take pictures while in a real volcano.

This tourist attraction, Thrihnukagigur, was first opened to the public in the summer of 2012, and the tour takes 5 to 6 hours, and during this day you will have the opportunity to sample Icelandic meat soup while you are in the cave.