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Use of sunflower oil for hair and its benefits


Our hair suffers from pollution every day, and lack of care can make our hair look dull and brittle. But sunflower oil extract will restore lost health to your hair without making your hair greasy. As it is a powerful antioxidant, nutrient and provides additional vitamins for your hair. Applying sunflower oil directly to your hair can make your hair more greasy.

Excessive oil can affect our hair, so it is best to learn how to make a sunflower oil shampoo and mask for hair. Applying hair products and cosmetics with sunflower extract to the hair will make the hair more resistant to frizz and damage.

Sunflower oil benefits for hair

When you think of homemade hair oils, the first thing that comes to mind is olive oil. Despite surfing the internet and chatting with other women in the natural community, I discovered that sunflower oil has more than one benefit for your hair. Among these benefits:

Reducing hair loss:

Sunflower oil contains ingredients that can delay and prevent hair loss, such as oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid, and sunflower acid rich in menthol, which is an important ingredient in anti-dandruff products. Therefore, it is used in most shampoos that treat this problem.


One of its important qualities is that it prevents the microorganisms in the atmosphere from affecting the hair, which keeps it in good condition. So it is used in shampoos and other hair products.

It is used against itching:

It occurs when there is abundant dandruff or oil on the scalp. Its glycine and menthol content work against these types of problems.

Helps maintain healthy hair and acts as a conditioner:

Although it has not been scientifically proven, most people who have tried it on their hair say that like other oils, it is a good conditioner for the scalp and the rest of the hair. It can be controlled, which reduces daily hair loss and improves hair follicles.

How do we use sunflower oil on our hair?

Sunflower oil can be used for hair by:

Oil bath:

Massage the scalp and hair with the oil, tie a plastic bag over it to keep the heat in and make it more energetic and after 20 minutes or more, then rinse the hair. This is the basic principle. Some will tell you that the longer you leave it on, the better. But do what you think is appropriate.

Head massage before shampooing:

Simply massage the oil on your scalp, or you can use it mixed with aloe vera or two drops of essential oils. The selection is wide according to the characteristics you are looking for, from time to time. He recommends adding powdered sugar to this mixture to exfoliate the scalp.

Thus, we promote blood circulation in the scalp, help hair growth, and smooth out the rest of the hair, thus helping to keep the skin healthy and free of dandruff, which is nice. I do this once a week.


Protect the ends before shampooing:

Running shampoo to wash all parts of long hair can cause the ends of the hair to dry, so we recommend that you wet the ends of the hair with oil before washing the hair, as the oil works to protect the ends of the hair from damage. It also works as a treatment and gives shine to dry hair.

Hair treatments with sunflower oil extract

Sunflower oil extract contains all the properties of sunflower in an aqueous medium. It is ideal for hair treatments as it prevents the hair from greasing. And it has many benefits for hair, and here are a few of them:

  • Sunflower extract has scalp moisturizing properties, giving hair softness.
  • Anti-alopecia.
  • It prevents and delays hair loss due to its linoleic acid and palmitic acid content, among others.
  • Anti-dandruff, this plant extract contains menthol, which is known for its anti-dandruff benefits.
  • Hair growth, it contains oleic acid that stimulates hair growth and strengthens it.

Sunflower oil shampoo for hair

Take care of your hair with a very complete sunflower oil hair treatment. It consists of two very simple products that are made with sunflower extract. Hair mask and shampoo for intensive hair care. You can use it for all types of hair. All the ingredients you need to make hair cosmetics can be obtained at home.

We start with a basic organic shampoo with sunflower oil and aloe vera extract, so we can achieve more hydration. The natural keratin we use to make this shampoo helps eliminate frizz and reduce styling.

How to make sunflower shampoo at home:

Preparation is very simple and will only take a few minutes.

  • Weigh out 238 grams of Organic Basic Shampoo in a clean, sterile container. Add 6 grams of sunflower extract, 4 grams of aloe vera extract, and 2 grams of natural elastin and mix all ingredients well until well mixed for a few minutes.
  • Finally, add a few drops of the selected aromatic essence, mix with the herbal extract, it remains only to fill in the prepared shampoo and it is ready for use.

In the case of the mask:

We prepare it with monoy oil, which is a tirare infusion in coconut oil. Provides more protective and repairing properties to hair. Additionally, the mask contains elastane.

the ingredients:

Ingredients you will need to make the mask, hair base mask, 190 g sunflower extract, 7 g monoy oil, 3 g elastin, 1 g vitamin E, 1 g charomex, 1 g pack of 200 ml cream.

Step-by-step to make the mask with sunflower extract:

Start with 190 grams of hair mask in a large bowl or jar. In another bowl, weigh the monoy oil and sunflower extract and take it to lightly heat in a water bath. Until the monoy oil becomes liquid.

Add to this container 1 gram of elastin and 1 gram of vitamin E. Mix the mixture until all the mixture is combined and put in the prepared jar. Thus, the mask is ready for use, and it is used once a week, if the hair is very damaged, and the mask can be used two or three times in the same week.



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