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What are the benefits of black olives and what are their most important ingredients?



The greatest tree throughout history that was mentioned in the Holy Quran is the blessed olive tree, as it is one of the perennial trees rich in benefits that has accompanied man through the ages to the present day.


We now in our current age depend a lot on our food on materials that contain the nutrients that we need to protect our bodies from the damages of other materials, the most important of which is black olives, as they are extracted from these blessed trees, and olives are foodstuffs that must be included in our diet on a daily basis. To get the super benefit from it, it contains many important elements, the most important of which are:

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The most important benefits of black olives for health and the body

The olives mentioned in the Qur’an (and the evolution of the years). This is an indisputable divine indication that it contains many benefits that contribute to increasing health and thus increasing years of life. Among its most important benefits are:

  • It has a role in improving blood pressure and protecting the heart from diseases.
  • Black olives protect against mental illness, stroke and Alzheimer’s.
  • It has an effective role in improving vision, strengthening eyesight and treating various eye diseases because it contains vitamin A.
  • It contains fiber, so it has an effective role in solving problems of gastrointestinal diseases.
  • One of the most important benefits of black olives is that it prevents the accumulation of fats and limits the increase in harmful cholesterol, although olives contain fats, but they are beneficial for the body.
  • Black olives are a natural remedy for arthritis and joint pain.
  • Black olive oil, which is extracted from black olives, is used as a body fat for an infant to moisturize his body and protect it from harmful bacteria.
  • Black olives fight micro-organisms, which are not seen by the naked eye, so it has an effective role in fighting infections.
  • It is used in slimming, as it activates the cells responsible for producing chemicals that contribute to burning fats.
  • It contains vitamin E, which plays an important role in lung function and protection.

Can we distinguish black olives if they are commercial or natural?

Most of the people who live in areas where black olives are grown, can simply tell the difference, but for people who live far from growing it, it is difficult for them to distinguish whether the black olives are commercial or natural, as people who are accustomed to eating commercial black olives cannot distinguish the taste. It is natural, but to know the difference between them there are signs that may help you to know this, including:

  • Black olives contain a good amount of oil, so by touching it can appear in front of us, as we can feel how oily it is.
  • This can be known by its delicious taste, as black olives have a wonderful taste.
  • If while we are purchasing we find seedless black olives, that is a clear sign that they are commercial olives.
  • There are black olives in the market, the blackness of which is unnatural, which can be known from sight, taste and touch, in addition to what he mentioned.

The benefits of black olives in terms of aesthetics?

  • The greatest natural moisturizer is olive oil, which we extract from it, where we note most of the hair care products and body moisturizing included in the composition of olives.
  • Eating black olives provides complete hydration to the body and nourishes the hair.
  • Black olives fight the signs of aging because they contain antioxidants that fight aging.
  • Maintains skin health and protects the skin from exposure to skin cancer, and protects it from ultraviolet rays.

Are there damages to black olives?

It is known in life that anything that exceeds its limit turns against it, despite all the benefits that we have mentioned, there must be harms related to the way we consume any food, no matter how good it is for health. The most important damages that may be caused by excessive consumption of black olives are the following:

  • A severe increase in blood pressure, as it contains a high percentage of salts, especially black olives soaked in saline solution, and this helps to raise blood pressure, as it is not recommended to eat more than 5 pills per day.
  • Excessive consumption of it may cause harm to the pregnant woman, because it contains somewhat high amounts of sodium, and excess sodium may cause harm to the pregnant woman and her fetus, but even so, eating black olives may not cause this, unless it is consumed in very large quantities and in the long term, but there is no Scientific evidence confirms this.

Benefits of black olives in the treatment of cancer

  • There are international studies confirming that eating black olives helps fight breast and colon cancer and limits its spread.
  • There are other studies according to which the olive peel contains 80% of oleic acid, as this acid is specialized in fighting and neutralizing cancer cells and limiting their spread.

The summary of speech

Our bodies are a trust and a gift that God has bestowed upon us. Our health is our responsibility, so it must be preserved.

The main door to entering the world of health comes from food in the first place, as your selection of nutrients and choosing the right amount is very important, as the lack of a simple element in our diet may turn your health life upside down, so it is better not to be underestimated.

In the event that eating black olives and following it is not used as a treatment plan or the emergence of a severe terminal disease, then you must consult a doctor and take the appropriate medicine.

Can you imagine! This little black pill, which resembles an iris of the eye, can give you this huge amount of vitamins and golden elements!

 God placed his secret in the smallest of creatures and things.




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