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What are the benefits of dates? Here are 25 amazing benefits that the body can’t do without

Dates are the fruits of the palm tree that is grown in tropical regions of the world. There are many different types of dates and they are dried. Dates in general are distinguished by their sweet, sweet taste, but what about the benefits of dates? What does it guarantee to the body? Why should you eat it?



Dates are very rich in elements that the body needs and guarantee a huge number of health benefits. It is the most important food that you have to rely on. As for the details of the benefits of dates and what they provide, here is all of that below.

What are the benefits of dates ? 25 amazing benefits

25 – Dates are very rich in nutrients

Dates are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, antioxidants, and others, and they are also loaded with calories (the calories in dates are close to the content of dried fruits in them), and on average, the nutritional content of each 100 grams of dates is:

The food component the value One measurement The proportion of the daily requirement
Calories 277 Calories 14%
Carbohydrates 74.97 love 58%
Proteins 1.81 love 3%
Fats 0.15 love Less than 1%
Cholesterol 0 Milligrams 0%
Dietary fiber 6.7 love 18%
Folate 15 Micrograms 4%
Niacin 1.61 Milligrams 10%
Pantothenic acid 0.805 Milligrams 16%
Pyridoxine 0.249 Milligrams 19%
Riboflavin 0.06 Milligrams 4.5%
Thiamine 0.05 Milligrams 4%
Vitamin C. 0 Milligrams 0%
Vitamin K. 2.7 Micrograms 2nd%
Sodium one Milligrams 0%
Potassium 696 Milligrams 16%
Calcium 64 Milligrams 6.5%
Copper 0.362 Milligrams 40%
Iron 0.9 Milligrams 11th%
magnesium 54 Milligrams 13%
Manganese 0.296 Milligrams 13%
Phosphorous 62 Milligrams 9%
Zinc 0.44 Milligrams 4%
Carotene 89 Micrograms
Xanthine 0 Micrograms
Lutein 23 Micrograms

24- Good content of dietary fiber

Getting an adequate amount of dietary fiber is very important to the health of the body, and every 100 grams of dates contain approximately 7 grams of fiber that promotes the digestive process, controls blood sugar, provides you with satiety for a long time and also supports the beneficial bacteria in the intestine.

23 – antioxidants that fight disease

Dates can be considered a good source of powerful antioxidants that work to protect from various diseases in addition to fighting free radicals and protecting cells from damage that results from them, and the most important types of antagonists in dates are: flavonoids, which work to fight diabetes and Alzheimer’s – carotenoids that promote heart and arterial health and protect Eye.

22 – It promotes brain health

Protecting the brain and promoting its health can be one of the most important benefits of dates because it improves intellectual capabilities and brain functions in addition to reducing the risk of developing neurodegenerative brain diseases. It limits the accumulation of plaques in the brain by reducing the production of beta-amyloid proteins.

21 – Support natural childbirth

Eating dates during the few weeks before childbirth can promote childbirth and normal labor, stimulate cervical dilation and reduce the need for artificial induction, in addition to being effective in reducing the time spent during normal childbirth, especially during labor, by up to 4 hours less.

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20 – Delicious and natural sweetener

Dates are rich in fructose sugar, which is a natural sugar found in fruits, and this gives it its sweet caramel-like taste, which makes it a healthy and natural alternative to refined white sugar. And antioxidants and others.

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19 – You can easily include dates in your diet

The uses of dates are incredibly many! It can be eaten alone as a snack, and you can prepare various types of drinks and cocktails based on it with milk. It can also be added to baked goods such as cakes, cupcakes, pies, biscuits, etc., in addition to sweetening tea, coffee and sauces …

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18 – Dates stimulate bowel movement

Thanks to its high fiber content, it works to stimulate and stimulate bowel movement and thus it fights constipation very effectively in addition to reducing the attacks of Irritable Bowel Syndrome in terms of number, severity, duration and frequency.

17 – Fights cancer and protects against it

The benefits of dates, especially the antioxidants in them, do not stop at protecting cells from damage, but rather they reach the limit of fighting various cancers in addition to reducing the appearance of benign tumors by eating dates regularly.

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16 – Dates are able to raise the body’s immunity

The extracts of acetone and methanol present in dates have proven their positive effect in fighting bacteria and preventing their growth by raising the body’s immunity, in addition to the fact that dates are effective in reducing and preventing the side effects of valleys.

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15 – Helps fight diabetes

Dates are able to stimulate insulin production in addition to having properties that contribute to reducing the rate of glucose absorption in the intestine and thus reducing levels of glucose in the blood. This is very effective for people who suffer from diabetes, and thus dates work to reduce the effects of the disease.

14 – It can be a highly effective anti-inflammatory

The phytolites and flavonoids present in dates have a high ability to reduce inflammation that can occur by regulating and controlling inflammatory factors (inflammatory factors play a major role in the body’s defense mechanism against pathogens).


13 – It works to protect the kidneys

The renal activity is considered the most important for a person, and here comes the role of the benefits of dates because it has properties that are able to support and improve the health of the kidneys and support their work even in difficult circumstances, by reducing the excess of urea and plasma creatine present in the kidney, which supports and improves its health.

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12 – Ensures the promotion of bone health and strength

With age, the issue of bone health and maintaining it becomes increasingly important, and in order to ensure strong and healthy bones, you must provide your body with many of the necessary nutrients it needs, such as selenium, magnesium, manganese, in addition to copper and others … and fruits are the main source for them, especially dates.

11- Protecting and strengthening your nervous system

The benefit of dates in supporting and protecting the nervous system comes from being rich in nutrients such as potassium, and at the same time they are very low in sodium, which makes them the perfect fruit for the health of your nervous system.

Potassium supports communication between nerve cells and makes it easier, in turn, low sodium means less high blood pressure and keeps your nerves safe.

10 – You can have much better complexion

Antioxidants + Vitamin D + Vitamin C + Zinc + Vitamin E and others… This combination excels at the best cosmetics and skin treatments. Eating dates ensures a radiant complexion in one color and healthy, rejuvenated cells away from dark circles, spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

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9 – Ensures strong hair and limits its fall

The benefits of dates in this regard are many and come from being the best natural alternative to drugs and supplements that are taken to strengthen hair and promote its growth, thanks to the proteins in dates and the most important thing is the role of iron, which promotes the health of blood circulation and improves the flow of oxygen to the skin of the head and hair follicles.

8- Protection from getting night blindness

Night blindness is the condition where it is not possible to see in low light and the main reason for it is a deficiency of vitamin A. Dates are a great source for obtaining vitamin A, which is characterized by the fact that regular consumption of it guarantees protection of the eyes and the absence of night blindness in the long term.

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7 – high content of essential vitamins

Vitamin supplements are among the drugs that most people consume, but your diet must be able to secure them, in general, you must rely on a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, in addition to introducing dates to it because it is a mine of vitamins.

6 – Provides you with a powerful boost of energy throughout the day

Dates have the advantage of being able to give you a strong boost of energy. Eating a few grains of it in the morning can make you feel energized throughout the day, and on fasting days, you can rely on it for the pre-dawn meal and you will notice a long feeling of satiety.

5- Good source of plant protein

It is important to get what the body needs from proteins to ensure the building and maintenance of muscles, in addition to protecting tissues and organs and keeping them with the same efficiency. There are many sources that provide protein and dates, the most important of which are as every 100 grams of it contain about 8 grams, which is approximately 15% of the daily need.

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4- Helps in gaining or losing weight

Dates are rich in calories, and in return they provide the body with protein, fiber, and other things. Therefore, the way you eat them is what determines weight loss or gain in general, as it helps to gain weight by introducing it as an addition to your diet. Fattens or is it effective in losing weight?

3 – Protects teeth from decay

Dates contain fluorine, which works to protect the teeth and strengthen the enamel and thus it is effective in protecting your teeth from decay and decay, but with this it is necessary to clean the teeth after eating dates, otherwise the result will be the opposite!

2 – It works to control blood pressure

Dates and its benefits do not stop here. Rather, it is effective in maintaining a constant blood pressure and preventing high attacks because it contains minerals such as potassium and magnesium, which play a very important role in regulating blood pressure.

1 – It regulates the level of sugar in the blood

Although dates are very rich in sugars, it does not lead to a rapid rise in the level of sugar in the blood, on the contrary, it plays a fundamental role in regulating it, and the reason for this is due to the dietary fiber it contains.

Dates are the best gift from nature for us! It is an important source of energy suitable for everyone, delicious with a sweet, sweet taste, and a high content of nutrients that the body needs, which contribute to protecting it and promoting its health.



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